Gabrielle Union Ex Husband: The Untold Story of Gabrielle Union’s Marriage


Gabrielle Union Ex Husband

Gabrielle Union Ex Husband: Actress Gabrielle Union has been a regular in Hollywood for two decades now. With her next project, Spectrum Original Series LA’s Finest, she is taking on a new position as executive producer in addition to starring as Sydney “Syd” Burnett, an “unapologetic” cop who is fresh to the LAPD.

Syd and her partner, Nancy (get it? ), lead tangled lives, and it is made obvious in the pilot that Syd refuses to be tied down, as she is shown with a guy and a woman on separate mornings following a one-night stand. However, Union is now happily married, but this was not always the case. Here are the pertinent details concerning her past marriage.

Here’s What You Know Her From

Union sprang to prominence in the late ’90s and early ’00s after playing in recurring parts on 7th Heaven and Sister, Sister and in popular teen films such as 10 Things I Hate About You, Love & Basketball, and Bring It On. She continued acting on television and in films, inventing the part of Syd in the 2003 film Bad Boys II (LA’s Finest exists in the same universe but is not a direct sequel).

Union’s career has flourished throughout the years. She has appeared in films by Tyler Perry, including Think Like a Man, and starred in and produced the 2018 thriller Breaking In. Union has also dominated the small screen, starring as the title character for five seasons on the famous BET sitcom Mary Jane.

Gabrielle Union Ex Husband

What We Know About Union’s First Marriage

From 2001 to 2006, Union was married to sportsman Chris Howard. In 1999, when she was gaining acclaim for her parts in the teen above rom-coms, they first met.

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She was 28 when she got married, and she stated that she was “all about getting the ring” at that age. Union stated in a Wired Autocomplete interview that she walked down the aisle to “Endless Love.”

Why Did They Get Divorced?

The union appears to have been in a hurry to get married. She has stated in the past that she “had not been making wise decisions” to further her personal life and career. She shared this attitude during a recent conversation at The Wing in Los Angeles.

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“The reason he loved me in my previous marriage became why he loathed me,” stated Union. She claimed that it was because she had a life outside of the marriage, which made Howard feel as though she didn’t “need” him. She further implied that Howard may have strayed by stating, “Meet my other girlfriend,” while repeating statements he made at the time.

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