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Gate Season 3 Release Date: Is Gate Season 3 Cancelled?

In Japan, ‘Gate’ is known as Gate: Jieitai Kanochi night, Kaku Tatakaeri. It is a fantasy anime series based on a manga and a light novel of the same name. On April 12, 2010, the light novels written by Takumi Yanai and illustrated by Daisuke Izuka and Kurojishi were released for the first time.

The concluding volume was issued on December 22, 2011. In July 2011, the series was turned into a manga illustrated by Satoru Sao before its conclusion. Since then, three spin-off manga series based on the original have been published. The show’s popularity is undeniable, and now fans want to know when the next season will air.

Season 1 of the anime began on July 4, 2015, five years after the publication of the light novel series. The second season premiered on January 9, 2016, less than a year after the season one premiere on January 9, 2015. Fans want to know where the third season stands in terms of its release date and plot.

gate season 3

When Will ‘Gate’ Season 3 Premiere?

In comparison to previous seasons, the second episode premiered on January 9, 2016, while the season finale aired on March 26, 2016. Fans are optimistic about the possibility of the third season of Gate, despite the lack of an official announcement, because there is ample time for the show’s producers to renew the series. We estimate that the third season will premiere sometime in 2022. Before getting our hopes up, let’s await the official announcement.

What Is The Plot Of ‘Gate’?

The show juxtaposes the contemporary and fantastical worlds. One day, a doorway from another world emerged in modern-day Tokyo, allowing warriors and monsters from another world to enter Japan and launch a full-scale assault on Earth. On the other hand, Japan struggles to defend itself against the invaders who rapidly set the Ginza district ablaze.

The Japanese Self-Defense Forces then decide to launch a counterattack and drive the invaders back to where they originated. The JSDF establishes a forward operating base (FOB) on the other side of the Gate to prepare for and negotiate with the invaders after they are finally expelled.

The episode focuses on a 33-year-old man named Youji Itami, who is selected to be a member of a special reconnaissance unit sent to the Special Region as part of the JSDF task force. During their exploration of the Special Region, Youji and his squad begin to selflessly aid the inhabitants, especially Princess Pina Co Lada, in their fight against an old and ferocious dragon and a band of marauders. Soon Youji and his crew, and by extension, the Japanese army, earn the respect of the villagers.

In the beginning, Youji’s desires began to materialize. However, the situation deteriorated when he discredited Crown Prince Zorzal. Crown Prince, feeling betrayed and humiliated, takes it personally and forms a faction against him. He assumes command of the Special Region armies and seeks to exact revenge on Japan. He ruins the locals by deceiving his men into camouflaging and wreaking devastation on the populace so that he can declare total war on Japan.

gate season 3

The Japanese force planned a rescue expedition to free Princess Pina Co Lada, Emperor Molt Sol Augustus, and anti-war senators from the Imperial Capital despite this setback. As long as they must deal with Prince Zorzal and the Gate, which connects two different realms, Japanese forces continue to face an interminable dilemma.

What to Expect From Season 3?

The JSDF came out on top in the second season. To begin, Youji Itami deters the two worlds’ impending battle. He also saved and safeguarded Princess Pina Co Lada.

Itami exiled the capital’s nemesis, Zorzal El Caesar, maintaining excellent relations between the Imperial Capital and the Japan Self-Defense Force (JSDF). Youji Itami also prevented the two Worlds from collapsing due to the Gate. As a result, Gate Season 3 may simply continue the storyline from the first season.

Nonetheless, Zorzal, the first season’s adversary, managed to flee the battlefields with a few of his troops. As a result, he may return in the third with more powerful alliances.

There are also other storylines in the Gate manga. One of them is based on the Maritime Special Defense Force of Japan (JMSDF). As a result, Gate Season 3 might depict more naval warfare exploits. As a result, various options may become available if the production house so chooses. Netflix has the anime available.

gate season 3

Who Are The Characters?

The major characters in the anime series are Youji Itami, Princess Pina Co Lada, Rory Mercury, Lelei la Lalena, and Tuka Luna Marceau, even though there are many others.

What To Expect In Third Installment Of Anime Series?

If we go by the book, the third season would most likely adopt the ‘Gate: Weigh Anchor novels, which center on the Japan Maritime Self-Defense Forces rather than the JSDF.

JMSDF has traveled to the other side of the globe to do research. However, something fascinating occurs in the later volume’s novel series, which opens a portal to the Xenomorph homeworld, with monsters quickly infesting the Special Region. This will only happen if A-1 Pictures can get a license to use the Alien franchise for Season 3 of Gate.

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