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Girl From Nowhere Season 3 Release Date: Is Nanno Alive in Season 3?

Girl From Nowhere is a 2018 anthology TV show in Thai that follows the life of a young woman who comes from nowhere. It is made by Sour Bangkok. Chicha Amatayakui, who has been the main character of the show since the first season, tells people about it. Nanno, the character she plays, is a fascinating woman who goes from school to school and can learn about each student’s own story of lying and being dishonest.

Is There Going To Be the Third Season of Girl From Nowhere?

Even the most popular shows on Netflix don’t run for more than one season. This means that Netflix will release season 3 of Girl from Nowhere in the summer of 2022, about a year after the second season.

Girl from Nowhere Season 3 Plot

Nano goes to different private schools, but not because she has trouble making friends or doing well in school. The girl sees how many teenagers and teachers are too easy on themselves and act like jerks. They push and hurt other people, make them have sex against their will, take bribes, and do a lot more.

Everyone is scared of the girl because of how she looks and what she believes. She decided to punish people who do horrible things. When they treat her badly, she treats them badly back, and they start to fear her. She moves schools so that she can hurt as many people as possible. But what gives her the right to act as a judge or even a god? She no longer has interests or goals; now, she only cares about karma. Maybe she acts this way because no one helped her when she was weak?

Girl from Nowhere Season 3 Release Date

The Netflix Network hasn’t said what will happen with the TV show “Girl from Nowhere” yet. But based on what happened in the past, the Girl from Nowhere third season might come out on Friday, May 5, 2023.

Schedule for Girl from Nowhere Season 3

3×01 Episode 1 May 5, 2023
3×02 Episode 2 May 5, 2023
3×03 Episode 3 May 5, 2023
3×04 Episode 4 May 5, 2023
3×05 Episode 5 May 5, 2023
3×06 Episode 6 May 5, 2023
3×07 Episode 7 May 5, 2023
3×08 Episode 8 May 5, 2023

Is Girl From Nowhere on Hulu?

Does Hulu have Girl From Nowhere? No. Girl From Nowhere is on Netflix. You can find it in the section called “Thrillers.”

Girl From Nowhere Season 3 Overview

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Girl From Nowhere Season 3 Trailer or Teaser

At this time, there is no official trailer for season 3 that can be seen. We are still waiting for Netflix to say, something official. Press releases and social media sites have so far shared the following trailers and other promotional materials:

Girl From Nowhere Season 3: Where To Watch?

Even the most-watched shows on Netflix don’t have many episodes. The third season of Girl from Nowhere is likely to be on Netflix in the summer of 2022, about a year after the second season.


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