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GM tops Q4 vehicle sales, chip woes eased, but Toyota’s new US King

General Motors (GM), Toyota Motor (D.M.) And Honda Motor (HMC) Recorded stronger-than-expected U.S. auto sales in the final quarter of 2021. As chip distribution improves, GM will further boost 2022 industrial sales.

Ford Motor (F) And Stellandis (STLA) Are also in the pipe. GM shares rose on Tuesday, while Ford rose to a new long-term high.


As expected, Toyota has surpassed GM as the best automaker in the United States for 2021. General Motors has had the sales crown for decades. The milestone for the Japanese automaker was that it managed tighter distributions from chip shortages than most competitors, with firm sales to its Toyota and Lexus brands.

The pace of US auto sales is very slow

According to Jedi Power and LMC Automotive, annual sales of new vehicles in December are expected to reach 13 million. This is 3.5 million units less than a year ago, up 200 million units from November.

Cox Automotive forecasts December vehicle sales speed or seasonal adjusted annual rate (SAAR) of just under 11.4 million.

Here’s how automakers performed against expectations in Q4 2021. The results show sales volume, as well as volume growth or decline.

Toyota Motor

Q4 2021 Sales Appraisal: 459,329, down 30.5% against Q4 2020 and 24% against Q4 2019.
Results: Q4 474,378 vehicles for sale. For the full year, Toyota sold 2.3 million vehicles, 10% more than in 2019.
Toyota stock rose 7.4% to 200.18, now out of 182.94 Buy point. On Tuesday, the Japanese automaker said it aims to build and license its own software platform for the next-gen vehicles by 2025. Tesla (DSLA)

General Motors

Q4 2021 Sales Appraisal: 414,544, down 46% against Q4 2020 and down 43% against Q4 2019.
Results: Q4 440,745 vehicles sales down 43% year-on-year. For the full year, GM sold 2.2 million vehicles, down 13% due to semiconductor shortages.

General Motors expects economic growth in the United States and improves semiconductor availability. GM said in a statement on Tuesday that it would help increase the total light industry sales in the United States from 15 million in 2021 to 16 million in 2022.

Dealer inventories rose to 199,662 at the end of the year, up 55% from a record 128,757 at the end of Q3.

GM stock rose 6.3% to 65.08 The stock market today, Briefly topping the 65.28 buying point. On Monday, GM stocks rose above the 50-day mark and hit the trendline break. The researchers named Goldman Sachs GM and EV stock Buy in 2022, with Tesla (DSLA) On Wednesday, GM is set to unveil its Silverado pickup electric truck, which could compete with Ford’s F-150 Lightning.

Ford Motor

Q4 2021 Sales Appraisal: 507,695, down 6% against Q4 2020 and 15% down against Q4 2019.
Results: See later.
Ford shares rose 11.3% to 24.25 on Tuesday, hitting a new 20-year high. Tuesday morning, Ford said the F-150 Lightning will produce twice as much as full electric trucks, In the midst of hot demand.

Stellandis, formerly Fiat Chrysler

Q4 2021 Sales Appraisal: 395,605, down 21% against Q4 2020 and 27% against Q4 2019.
Results: See later.
Stellandis stock added 3.8% on Tuesday, 20.26, a day after recovering from its 50-day high.

Honda Motor

Q4 2021 Sales Appraisal: 278,625, down 24% against Q4 2020 and 31% down against Q4 2019.
Results: Q4 sales of 287,206 vehicles.
Honda Motor shares up 2%. The shares have returned above the 50-day tax, but are below 200-days.

Chip shortage, vehicle stock

By 2022, analysts see an improvement in vehicle production and sales due to a global chip shortage.

“But it takes time to put shelves back in dealerships,” said Charlie Chespro, senior economist at Cox Automotive.

In the current first quarter, Cespro expects “modest gains” in new vehicle sales. In the second half of 2022, he said, “a very strong market must emerge.”

Thomas King, head of data and analysis at Jedi Power, said small improvements in vehicle exports would be offset by consumer demand. As for car stocks, King said, “2022 will be another year of pricing and profitability.”

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