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Halsey Net Worth: Who Is Halsey’s Current Boyfriend?


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halsey Net Worth

Halsey Net Worth- Halsey is an American singer and songwriter with a $20 million net worth. In 2014, she secured a recording contract with Astralwerks, having begun composing songs at the age of 17. Later that year, Halsey released her debut EP, “Room 93,” which reached No. 3 on the “Billboard” Heatseekers chart. Her debut album, titled “Badlands,” was published in 2015 and debuted at number two in the United States and Australia, as well as in the top ten in Belgium, Canada, Ireland, New Zealand, the Netherlands, and the United Kingdom.

As the featured vocalist on The Chainsmokers’ 2016 number-one single “Closer” in more than 10 countries, Halsey’s career soared to new heights. In 2017, she released her second solo album, “Hopeless Fountain Kingdom,” which debuted at number one and went platinum.

In 2019, Halsey was featured on “Boy with Luv” by BTS, which gained approximately 75 million views in its first day alone. As of this writing, the song has over 900 million YouTube views. Midway through 2019, Halsey released the music video for “Nightmare,” and by April 2020, it has been viewed more than 99 million times.

Early Years

Halsey was born Ashley Nicolette Frangipane in Edison, New Jersey on September 29, 1994. Her mother, Nicole, is an emergency medical technician, while her father, Chris, manages a car dealership. Frangipane grew up in multiple cities with her younger brothers Dante and Sevian, and she played cello, violin, and viola before switching to acoustic guitar at the age of 14.

When she was 17 years old, she attempted suicide and was hospitalized for more than two weeks due to bullying in high school. Frangipane was then diagnosed with bipolar disorder, began drug abuse, and became involved with a 24-year-old guy who resided on Halsey Street in Brooklyn. 2012 saw her graduation from Warren Hills Regional High School and the start of her songwriting career.


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Frangipane initially enrolled at the Rhode Island School of Design, but withdrew due to financial constraints and decided to attend community college instead. Later, she dropped out of school and her parents kicked her out of the house, so she began living in a lower Manhattan basement with “degenerate stoners” and occasionally lived in homeless shelters.

Personal Life

Halsey has characterized herself as “tri-bi”; she is classified as biracial, bisexual, and bipolar. From 2015 to 2016, she dated Norwegian producer Lido, and from 2017 to 2018, she dated rapper G-Eazy; the duo collaborated on the song “Him & I,” and the relationship inspired her 2018 hit “Without Me.” Additionally, Halsey has dated alternative rock musician Yungblud and “American Horror Story” actor Evan Peters.

She was diagnosed with endometriosis in 2016, and she believes that a miscarriage she experienced the year prior may have caused the problem. Halsey was on tour when she experienced a miscarriage, but rather than cancel that night’s performance, she persevered through the anguish so as not to compromise her career. In 2017, she underwent surgery to alleviate the endometriosis-related pain.

Honors and Candidatures

Halsey received the Rising Star award at the 2016 “Billboard” Women in Music Awards. In 2017, “Closer” won her the iHeartRadio Music Award for Dance Song of the Year as well as the “Billboard” Music Awards for Top Collaboration, Top Dance/Electronic Song, and Top Hot 100 Song.

Halsey has also received the GLAAD Media Award for Outstanding Music Artist, the Global Award for Rising Star, the American Music Award for Favorite Pop/Rock Song (“Without Me”), two Teen Choice Awards for Choice Summer Female Artist, and Choice Collaboration for “Boy With Luv,” and two iHeartRadio Titanium Awards (for “Bad at Love” and “Him & I”).

In 2019, she was awarded the Hal David Starlight Award by the Songwriters Hall of Fame, and in 2017 she was nominated for two Grammys: Album of the Year for Justin Bieber’s “Purpose” and Best Pop Duo/Group Performance for “Closer.”


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Musical Career

Each of Halsey’s albums has been increasingly popular over her illustrious musical career. Her debut album, Badlands, is certified double-platinum, and five of her tracks have received noteworthy distinctions. According to Variety, the song Gasoline is double platinum, Hold Me Down and Control are platinum, and Yong God and Drive are gold.

Three tracks from her second studio album, Hopeless Fountain Kingdom, have been certified: Bad At Love is five-times platinum, Now Or Never is three-times platinum, and Walls Could Talk is gold.

Her third album Manic, which debuted at No. 1 on the Billboard 200, was a career milestone for her. In addition to Without Me, Graveyard and You Should Be Sad have also attained platinum certification.

Her record label, Capitol Records, stated with pride that Halsey had sold more than 500 million RIAA-certified units of her albums to date, making her the best-selling female artist of 2020.


Halsey has spent most of her time working on music, but she also enjoys making cameo roles in films. In the 2018 box office-topping romantic film A Celebrity Is Born, starring Lady Gaga and Bradley Cooper, the star made a special appearance. Halsey portrayed herself at the Grammy Awards, presenting an award.

The film grossed $436,2 million globally. She recently provided her voice for the 2021 film Sing 2, whose cast includes Matthew McConaughey, Reese Witherspoon, Taron Egerton, and Scarlett Johansson. The voice of Porsha Crystal, a spoilt yet gifted wolf, is provided by Halsey. The film was a box office success, grossing $218.3 million worldwide.

Halsey blended her passions for music and film when she took her fans on a visual trip through her fourth studio album. She wrote and starred in the HBO Max film Halsey: If I Can’t Have Love I Want Power, which incorporated music from her fourth studio album of the same name and portrayed her as a young, pregnant Queen Lila.

According to Billboard, the film debuted in IMAX theatres after the album’s release, grossing $1 million at the box office, and HBO Max later bought the rights to release it online.

Brand Endorsements

Halsey, a musician renowned for speaking her mind to her fans, has become a sought-after figure for corporate endorsements over time. She has become the face of numerous brands in the cosmetics and food and beverage industries. When MAC Cosmetics teamed together with the singer for the Future Forward Collaborations, it was one of her earliest noteworthy partnerships. Halsey introduced the $19 grey matte lipstick with a matte finish. In 2017, she promoted a commercial for the new Jeep Renegade SUV including her song Bad At Love.

According to Cosmopolitan, her narrative of adversity and suffering was an inspiration to many, and Budweiser chose her to star in their Make Your Name–Be A King documentary showcasing her turnaround into a successful musician. She even sold products, like hoodies, sweatpants, and t-shirts, through the arrangement. Recently, the celebrity teamed with Magnum ice cream to introduce a new Ruby flavor containing white chocolate, raspberry, sesame seeds, and jelly.


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Business Ventures

Halsey, a fervent campaigner who believes in the use of cruelty-free goods, launched her cosmetic business, About-Face, in January 2021. The brand’s appeal among its followers has increased as a result of a conversation about boosting self-confidence through the use of creative items.

Her brand sells goods in the categories of eye, lip, and face care. Elle said that in April 2021, she unveiled the Daytripper Collection in About-Face, which brought new and vibrant colors of eye makeup and lip gloss with prices beginning at $20. The collection was inspired by the colorful music festivals of the 1970s.

Due to her talent as a singer and songwriter, Halsey has gone from uploading music covers online to touring for millions of fans. Halsey is a young musician who is just getting started and has a prosperous career, brand endorsements, and business ventures ahead of her. Last observed releasing the expanded version of her HBO Max film Halsey: If I Can’t Have Love, I Want Power.

Who is Halsey’s Current Boyfriend?

Alev Aydin

Halsey announced in January that she was having her first child with her 37-year-old partner, Alev Aydin. Six months later, Halsey tweeted a gorgeous family portrait of the three of them in the hospital, just days after the birth of their son Ender Ridley Aydin. “Gratitude.

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Halsey Net Worth
Net Worth: $20 Million
Date of Birth: Sep 29, 1994 (27 years old)
Place of Birth: Edison, New Jersey, U.S.
Gender: Female
Profession: Singer, songwriter

What Is Halsey’s Nationality?


Her mother is of Italian and Hungarian ethnicity, while her father is predominantly African-American with distant Irish roots. There are two younger brothers named Sevian and Dante in her family. Halsey played the violin, viola, and cello before switching to the guitar at the age of 14.

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Halsey is shown aboard ‘Mdama’s ship with her left arm removed after Requiem is destroyed. She offers to aid Jul ‘Mdama in exchange for vengeance against the UNSC, believing that both Palmer and Fireteam Majestic were dispatched to kill her.

Is Halsey Married to Alev Aydin?

The source continued, “Marriage is not even the primary focus. Ultimately, what matters most is that the kid is healthy and that [Halsey] has a good relationship with the father of her child, and [Halsey] loves and adores Alev right now. They are deeply in love. Mar 11, 2022