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Qr Code for Higala App in Cagayan De Oro | Download Qr Code

QR code for the Higala application The local government of Cagayan de Oro inaugurates Cagayan de Oro city. It is a mobile application built to locate contacts throughout the city.

It is being created by the City Management Information System Office and will be handled by the Cagayan de Oro City Tourism and Cultural Affairs Office.

What Is the Higala Qr Code Scanner Application?

The software is capable of gathering personal data from users who have registered. It is made up of both visitors and inhabitants. This procedure was used to track pedestrian traffic entering service entities such as businesses and offices.

Additionally, it alleviates the bother of filling out paper forms at each location you visit and enables contactless admittance to locations with entry limitations. The compiled data can be utilized in the event of emergencies, which frequently occur out of the blue.

higala qr code

How to Scan the Qr Code for the Higala App?

Because it can be used directly from your web browser, there is no need to download a QR code. Instead, create a Higala QR code login and begin using it.

How to Register a Qr Code for Sigala?

Any browser (Mozilla Firefox, Google Chrome, Safari, or Google Internet Explorer) is compatible with this application;

  • To register, go to this link Cagayan de Oro
  • Your full name.

    Your mobile phone number will be used to send you an e-verification code.


    Verify that the data privacy consent box is checked to ensure that your data is used safely.


    Now click to verify that you are not a robot.


    Additionally, input the code that was sent to your phone.


    After completing the form, users must click the submit button.


    Create a password for your account and enter it.


    Select the Save option to apply the changes to your profile.

  • It will take you to your home page, where you can sign in and participate in a variety of activities, such as
    • By scanning a certain QR code,
    • While perusing the profile,
    • From the My QR code menu, generate your QR code and check your history.
  • To create a QR code, click My QR code and wait a few seconds.

After it is generated, people can access it by following the procedures below;

  • Enter your username and password to access your application.
  • Scan QR codes by clicking on the Scan QR code tab and holding it directly in front of the QR code you wish to scan.
  • Once the QR code has been scanned, select the Read QR option. a
  • Following that, complete the health declaration form, which requires you to respond to the following questions:
  • The user’s body temperature If you have visited a country other than the Philippines in the recent 14 days.
  • If you own a vehicle or use public transportation.

Finally, click Generate Ticket and present it to the establishment.

higala qr code

How to Obtain a Qr Code for the Higala App in Cagayan De Oro City?

To obtain the QR code, simply follow the instructions above. Once you have it, you may easily utilize the app.

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