High Rise Invasion Season 2 Release Date: Is High-rise Invasion on Netflix?


high rise invasion season 2

Do you wish to learn about the Japanese manga series High Rise Invasion: Season 2? Therefore, read the article here!

Grand Crew is a Takahiro Oba-created Japanese drama on Netflix about a high school student named Yuri Honj who is transported to a world filled with high-rise buildings and the associated bridges.

She is then pursued by mysterious figures wearing veils. She later discovers that her sibling Rika is also trapped in this world. Is it possible that we are misrepresenting the situation?

Based on the manga collection of the same name by Tsuina Miura, ‘High Rise Invasion’ is a sight to behold with its wacky assortment of evildoers, from concealed executioners to butcher cooks attempting to style blood from innocent patios explorers.

Season 1 of ‘High Rise Invasion’ premiered on Netflix in February 2021; here is everything we know about season 2.

high rise invasion season 2

About High Rise Invasion

The release date of High-Rise Invasion’s second season will be determined shortly. Numerous unsatisfying stories culminated Season 1 of High Rise Invasion. A manga and anime series that began airing in Japan 16 years ago.

There is a possibility that High-Rise Invasion will be the most popular anime of 2021. This film, based on the manga “Skyscraper Invasion,” is titled “Skyscraper Invasion.”

The show was produced by the animation studio Zero-G. Certain tall skyscrapers are connected to overpasses, and “veiled individuals” kill their unbalanced and fleeing prey. In addition, we witness her struggle to survive in this abysmal world.

In the “strange place” where the anime is set, there are high-rises and overpasses. Yuri Honj, a student at a secondary school, accidentally enters this strange world.

She must now avoid veiled individuals while searching for her sister Rika, who has also been transported to this realm.

Following its release, the series has received positive reviews, with critics praising the show’s innovative movement and unpredictable plot. There are already numerous rumours about a potential second season. This is precisely what we had the option to investigate.

High Rise Invasion Release Date

Since the first season premiered in February 2021, it’s likely that the second season will premiere in March 2022; however, it’s also possible that we won’t receive season two until later if manufacturing issues arise. Everything hinges on whether or not manufacturing can regenerate.

We will notify you as soon as we learn more about the revival of the High Rise Invasion. To tide you over until then, you can watch the first season of the show on Netflix!

high rise invasion season 2

High Rise Invasion Season 2: Cast

  • Yuichiro Umehara has been cast as Sniper Mask.
  • You may identify Yuri Honj character by the name Haruka Shiraishi.
  • It is Kuon Shinzaki, aka Akira Sekine, who plays this role.
  • Shiki Aoki will take on the role of Mayuko Nise.
  • Junya Enoki is the real name of Rika Honj.

The Plotline of the Series High Rise Invasion Season 2

The first season of High Rise Invasion concludes with Yuri and his friends escaping Mamoru Aikawa’s insurance. Yuri destroys the Swimmer Mask prior to repairing Great Angel’s abilities and granting her control over him as a Closer to God.

Mamoru observes that Rika and Yuri are related, and when he reaches the final option, he answers affirmatively. Finally, Yuri vows to seek out and destroy this evil location. This concludes the episode:

The search for Rika could continue in season 2. Yuri could certainly develop new abilities. The next season may also feature the game’s master and leaders.

We had separate plots and subplots in the subsequent season because we could have completed the first season for free. The likelihood that Yuri and her sister Rika will join, for instance, can be used as a subplot in the second season.

As there are still over 100 episodes remaining, we can anticipate the manga being unwound in the following season. The first season contained 149 of 258 total parts.

Season 2 of High Rise Invasion contains important information that you should know. You must enjoy this post, right? You may ask us questions in the comment section. If it is not too much trouble, please stay with us for further updates!

Trailer of the Series High Rise Invasion Season 2

Season 2’s trailer has not yet been confirmed or delivered. This segment will be updated when we receive information from the creation side. You can view its previous season here until then!

Where Can You Watch High-rise Invasion Season 2?


High Rise Invasion, based on the manga of the same name by Tsuina Miura, was the first Original anime series to debut on Netflix in 2021.