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Hilary Hoover Net Worth: Hilary Hoover is Engaged to Brooke Eden


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hilary hoover net worth

The past year has been a whirlwind for Brooke Eden, both professionally and personally. The country music diva confirmed her engagement to her longtime lover after coming out to her fans. Additionally, Eden is receiving praise for her songs “No Shade” and “Sunroof.” She even promoted Pride Month by performing on Today on NBC.

Hilary Hoover, the girlfriend-turned-fiancee of Brooke Eden, has not been far from the action. Long before their relationship became public, she has been by her side throughout her entire career. In addition, interest in Hilary Hoover has not diminished. This Hilary Hoover wiki provides additional background information.

Hilary Hoover’s Family

Hilary Hoover was born in Indiana on September 26, 1989, and is a native of the state. She is Sally Whitehead Hoover and Tom Hoover’s daughter.

She and her siblings Griffin, Grant, and Abby grew raised in Carmel. While her family resides mostly in Indiana, Hilary has relocated to Nashville, Tennessee.

What is the Relationship of Brooke Eden?

Hilary Hoover’s Education and Career

Following her 2008 graduation from Carmel High School, Hilary Hoover enrolled at Purdue University in Indiana. In 2012, she obtained a Bachelor of Arts in Communication and Management.

Before his college graduation, Hoover worked briefly with the sports production crew at NewsChannel 5. In 2012, she began her career in music management as an editorial assistant at All Access Music Group. Initially, she was in charge of radio promotions for the country division.

In the same year, Hoover joined Broken Bow Music Group as the northeast regional promotional director, a position she held until 2016. She temporarily held a comparable position at Stony Creek Records.

She is a promotional director for singers such as Trisha Yearwood and Garth Brooks in 2016.

Hoover and Brooke Eden collaborate outside of their professions. They are both business owners and property investors.

Hilary Hoover and Brooke Eden’s Relationship

Both Hilary Hoover and Brooke Eden met in the Broken Bow area. Their relationship began on December 8, 2015. By the holiday season, they were both wearing similar necklaces. “50/50” was engraved on the bracelets Eden gave them to symbolize their partnership.

The release of Eden occurred in January 2021. Since disclosing her relationship with Hoover, fans have eagerly awaited news of this couple moving their relationship to the next level.

Five years into their relationship, both parties planned grandiose proposals and chose their engagement rings jointly. After some discussion, they agreed that whoever was ready could submit their plan first.

On May 13, Hoover proposed to her lover by flying her to Sedona, Arizona. And despite some regular airline travel complications, Hoover contrived a stunning proposal, which Eden accepted.

However, Hoover did not wear her engagement ring throughout the entire trip. After returning to Nashville nine days after the initial proposal, Eden proposed to her fiancée on the rooftop of the Virgin Hotel on Music Row. After the proposal, several members of Hoover’s family and their closest friends surprised her.

Brooke Eden and Hilary Hoover are still satisfied with their newly engaged status and have not yet disclosed their wedding plans. They did allude to something around 2022 if Hoover’s burgeoning career permits.

hilary hoover net worth

Hilary Hoover Is Engaged To Brooke Eden

The dating between Hilary and Brooke began on December 8, 2015. According to Eden, she had purchased the two ’50/50′ necklaces before Christmas of that year.

Hilary says that this gesture was exemplified in their May 13 suggestions. Yes, proposals were made by both parties.

The couple had been discussing an engagement for quite some time. Hoover explains to the PEOPLE, “I told her I was going to make her go first.” Then, maybe two or three months ago, I looked at her and said, ‘I can see you’re ready at any moment.’ And she’s like, ‘I am.’ And I respond, “Alright, then all bets are off. The sequence can be whatever you like.'”

And strangely, Hilary was the one to make the initial move into their Nashville home, presenting her with a note that notified her of their upcoming vacation. Until they reached their destination, Hilary’s thoughts were better conveyed in writing form through several greeting cards she sent.

Hilary chose to improvise as a result of the sudden change in her plans and the loss of the luggage containing all of her proposal-appropriate attire. She popped the question at the private pool of the resort where they were staying, around dusk, while both women were wearing swimsuits.

On the other side, Eden had arranged a surprise proposal for their trip. On Saturday, they prepared for what, according to Eden, was a PEOPLE interview. However, there were no reporters on the rooftop terrace when they arrived. And Eden quickly broke character by announcing, “Yes, I’m proposing to you.”

Dolly arrived at the scene with the rings fastened to her collar. Several of the couple’s closest friends and family members emerged from a nearby stairwell to drop additional surprises. The pair had spent months searching for rings before settling on stacking rings. Hilary selected five rings, including two diamond pavé bands, one with turquoise accents, a diamond solitaire band, and a tiara-shaped band.

Eden selected four rings: two diamond-studded, tiara-shaped bands with a third, a diamond solitaire, and a V-shaped gold band to cap them.

Hilary Hoover Job, Net Worth

Supposedly, Hilary Hoover has a net worth of at most $500,000 (before May 2021). She is a radio promoter who is currently (2021) employed as Garth Brooks’ director of promotion. Hilary is also affiliated with Trisha Yearwood, an American singer, actor, author, and television personality.

Hilary appears to have built a special, non-professional bond with Garth Brooks, whom she refers to as her “boss,” her “Nashville dad,” her mentor, and her friend. She occasionally posts about him on social media.

Prior to partnering with Brooke Eden, the alumna of Purdue University also worked at Eden’s record level. They actually met at about the same time. Glassdoor determined that the typical salary for a ‘Radio Promotions Director Job’ in Nashville is $53765 per year, yet information about Hilary’s compensation was not yet available.