Free Agency: Magic need Urgency

Often when it comes to free agency in the NBA fan bases are left gasping for air when the trades and signings begin. Through the whirlwind that will be the next few months Orlando Magic fans hope to land “the guy” in the city beautiful. The logical next question is: Who is the guy? Let’s take a look at players that Orlando should consider signing this offseason.

  1. D’Angelo Russell  Point Guard ▪ Shoots: Left 6’5", 198lb 
    My personal interest in D-Lo has been well documented throughout twitter and the Offseason: D-Lo article that I wrote earlier this month. I still believe that his ability to take players 1-on-1 off of a dribble and his ability to create for others is something that the Orlando Magic desperately need this offseason. Frankly, those two abilities should be what Orlando looks to find this offseason. D-Lo has come a long way from his younger days in Los Angeles where he did have a situation involving Swaggy P (Nick Young) over a video recorded in the locker room concerning Young’s relationship with hip-hop star Iggy Azalea. I bring this up because it is supremely apparent that Jeff Weltman and John Hammond (WeltHam as the Magic fan base affectionately named the front office duo) value high character guys just as much as their abilities on the court. D’Angelo Russell would undoubtedly be a veteran voice in the form of a young man as he is only 23 years old, and would not be 24 until February of 2020. Things become a bit complicated when it comes to contracts and making D-Lo a Magic. Firstly, Brooklyn has to sign Kyrie and renounce the restriction on Russell. Once this happens teams can make their pitch at the all-star combo guard. Second, Orlando would have to either stretch Timofey Mozgov, and if they decide to bring back Vooch and Terrence Ross, it would have to be at discounted values as length on the contract is something our front office should offer more so than max dollars, namely in Nikola Vucevic’s situation.


2. Tomas Satoransky Shooting Guard | Point Guard ▪ Shoots: Right 6’7”, 210lb
Satoransky is one of those guys that has immense potential. When I watch him play some of the skills that jump off of the page for me is his athleticism and his ability to see plays develop before others do. He is insanely crafty. Orlando would benefit from Tomas’ play in a similar fashion that D-Lo would help Orlando, spreading the floor, and creating for others. Satoransky has been in the league for quite some time and it seems like he is entering his prime now. At 27 now (28 when the new season comes around) he is a bit older than the guys on the team but with Orlando’s recent draft of Chuma Okeke youth is something that can quickly become a detriment to the Magic’s development.

Tomas is a player who makes those around him better and while it is possible that Markelle Fultz comes back healthy and may thrive in Orlando Satoransky is a veteran point guard who Orlando can sign at a far lesser dollar amount than some of the higher tier guys but who can thrive in our system and become a valuable second option at the PG position.


3. Seth Curry Shooting Guard | Point Guard ▪ Shoots: Right 6’2”, 185lb
Dell could shoot, Steph can shoot, so it’s only right that the shooting stays in the family. Seth Curry can light it up from deep! During the 2019 NBA Playoffs, Seth showed that he is not just the son and little brother of the prolific 3-point shooting Curry family, he can also create for others. By now you should have identified the central theme of the guys who I think Orlando should pursue this offseason (Shooters and ball movers). Seth did also play for the Lakeland Magic (Eerie Bayhawks during the 14-15 season becoming a D-League all-star). Orlando has defensive prowess coursing through the veins of this team thus far. We need players that will come in and get the ball moving, and when things are stagnant can spark the squad with some offense of their own and Seth is no slouch in any of these categories. He loves to get his teammate involved and can catch fire from deep pretty quickly. A bench consisting of Terrence Ross and Seth Curry would cause some problems for opposing defenses because the spacing will be a tough thing to deal with. His defensive awareness is great and he can stop and pop with the best of them. Curry would be a cheap alternative to some of the big name free agents who will come with big-time scoring.


4. Ricky Rubio Point Guard ▪ Shoots: Right 6’4”, 190lb
If you know Ricky you know he is a wonder for shooters! Rubio is a starting caliber Point Guard who has great range can play down-low with his deceptive speed and crafty handles. Ricky’s prowess however comes through his passing ability, but Rubio is also one of those players who can get hot and stay hot. He plays very well off screens and within the Pick & Roll plays that he’d develop with Vooch could be dreamlike. He does, however, show spurts of a shoot-first mentality which can be a detriment to the young guys on the squad. Rubio scores at a dcent clip, can get to the charity stripe and while he is there he will make you pay as he shot 86% from the line during the 18-19 season. If Orlando is looking for an established PG Who can score, get others involved and genuinely make guys around him better, then Ricky is that guy!


For the first time in a long time Orlando has a team that it can be proud of, and enthusiastic about. Our front office will have some big decisions to make this offseason and with the exception of D’Angelo Russell, I believe that WeltHam will prioritize value over big splashes. Only time will tell but this offseason can be one to remember for the Magic. Summer 2019 is sure to be an interesting one where the assertions of where our Front Office sees the future of this young team will be made.

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