Not a Single Vote: Aaron Gordon

On March 22nd the Defensive first and second teams were named in the NBA. At first glance, AG did not make the teams; which was expected, being that the Orlando Magic had 6 nationally televised games (5 on NBA TV & 1 on ESPN). The interesting aspect of the snub was not that he did not make the team, it was that Gordon did not receive a single vote. John Denton of the shared this tally of the votes received for each player in respects to first and send teams, ultimately totaling the votes. The glaring omission on this chart is Aaron Gordon. Not a single vote:


The interesting tidbit behind this is that according to Aaron Gordon had a total defensive rating of 105.1 for the 18-19 season, ranking him 14th in the NBA, 5th among Defensive first and second team winners.

Looking deeper Gordon averaged 3.1 points off of turnovers (ranked  9th among players who made a defensive team) while having ranked 4th in lowest usage rating among defensive teams.

Aaron Gordon arguably was one of the best defensive players in the NBA this season when looking at per 48 mins, and season totals. AG's statistical achievements on defense would’ve made him a top 15 candidate. For Gordon to not receive a single vote plays into the narrative that the nationally televised games are deciding the award recipients and real numbers are being ignored.

Snubs for all-teams are always going to happen, but objectively Aaron should have been in the conversation. His value to the Magic from a defensive standpoint is unquestionable. The Orlando Magic made the NBA playoffs as a 7th seed due to their defensive prowess, and Aaron was at the forefront of the defensive attack.

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