Orlando Magic Media Day 2019 - A Brief Review

The excitement at the Orlando Magic practice facility was palpable. The players were excited, the media members all chatted amongst themselves about the return of Markelle Fultz. And the day which was full of expectations met every single one except for one: The release of the Earned Jerseys.

Once in the practice arena, there were stations where you could see the jerseys and court designs. At the time there are 3 Uni’s that the Orlando Magic are slated to wear.


The Navy Blue Pinstriped (Icon) Uni’s will be used with the Icon and Core courts.:

The White Uni (Association) will be in use with the Association court as well as the Core court.

The Newly released Blue with partial pinstripes, resembling the Icon Uni’s will be used in conjunction with all three courts, so we can expect to see those jerseys quite often. The Earned jersey which are awarded to each team who makes the playoffs the prior season was not released at media day.

To simplify which jersey goes with which court, here court/jersey combo images posted by John Denton of the OrlandoMagic.com blog.


After seeing the court/jersey display the players filled the practice facility in groups of about 3-4 at a time. First up to the media section was

D.J. Augustin

who has become a fan favorite for his heroics namely the “Clutch God” three-pointer hit at the buzzer to win a tight emotionally intense game one of the 2018-2019 playoffs in Toronto, Being that he was most notable for that moment this past season many questions pertained to whether or not the Magic were still embracing that moment and recalling how great the last 31 games played out, to which D.J. replied “that was last year”, an attitude that is sure to once again bring out the best in D.J. When asked about Fultz Augustin sounded excited and positive about Fultz’s return. D.J. lauded Markelle work ethic a number of times and expressed Markelles willingness to learn and grow.

Coach Clifford 

came next. Cliff seemed to be temping down his excitement knowing that Orlando accomplished a lot the previous season, noting that the Magic should remain focused. Steve also expressed his interest in utilizing a 9 man rotation which with the depth that Orlando has 9 men who are required to show up consistently seems to be a simple task. Steve Clifford went on to share a tidbit about the Culture and tucking in your shirt.

Markelle Fultz

Fultz has been the talk around NBA Twitter between Orlando Magic fans. When Markelle took center stage the questions came in rapid-fire fashion. He expressed his excitement in joining the Orlando Magic, expressed his awareness of the hate that he receives on social media and his love for his teammates expressing that he will do whatever it takes to win and that he is always down to go the extra mile for his teammates. Then, the big question was asked: “Do you think you’ll be ready for the start of Preseason October 5th?”, Markelle responded with a resounding “Yes, thats what I’m planning for.” Markelle is appears to be ready physically, he loos strong, fit and his shot looks good. Now we ask, can he put it all together on the court come season time. As of now, all signs point to the answer to that question being, yes.

Watch a snippet of Markelle’s interview here:


Aaron Gordon 

is well aware of what his game was missing last season and he worked on that weakness. He says that he is ready now, a complete player. Gordon mentioned that he was well aware as were many fans that his defense was very good and it seemed as though his offense was catching up. But now, the offense has caught up. If Aaron is right and his offense is on par with his defense then Gordon may find himself amongst the All-Star cast come February. Gordon exhibited confidence and a new swag about him that wasn’t there before. He seems to be turning into a full-fledged leader, the face of the franchise.

Terrence Ross

Terrence was all in on the team as a whole and especially Markelle. Terrence, when asked about Markelle, said: “from what I’ve been seeing he’s going to be fine, I’m proud of what he’s done”. Ross also broke down where he spent the most time during offseason and he says it was defense, Ross specifically wants to step up his defensive intensity, and contribute to the team becoming more consistent. When asked if he believed that Orlando can keep up that 22-9 pace they had to end the season Ross replied with “that’s what we’re trying to strive for”.

Watch more of Terrence's interview here:


This Orlando team feels different, it feels like it tasted what winning is and is not willing to settle for anything less than that. The players are excited, the continuity is great, the beginning of the season schedule is favorable and this organization is ready to make that jump. So please make some noise for “Your Orlando Magic!

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