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Honey Trap Part 2 Ullu Web Series Release Date?

Honey Trap Part 2: Ullu App is putting out a new web series called Honey Trap Part 2 which has some thrilling and exciting parts. The Ullu app found out how well previous web series and their parts did. The main role in this web series is played by Hiral Radadiya. Watch all of the most recent episodes of the Honey Trap Part 2 web series on the ullu app, which is coming out on November 22, 2022.

The next episode of Honey Trap Part 2 will be available on Ullu App. The trailer for the web series has been released on the Ullu app. People had different reactions to it.

Honey Trap Part 2 Ullu Web Series Release Date?

22nd November 2022.


  • Hiral Radadiya (Vinita)
  • Ankush Kalyan (Saurav)
  • Nesha Gupta (Sharadha)
  • Imran Amir Shaikh (Nitin)

Story Ullu Web Series Honey Trap Part 2

In the last part of the honey trap, we saw that Vinita, who is unhappy with her marriage, gets a magical honey jar. By using this jar, she starts to get what she wants sexually.

In this part of the honey trap, it is shown that Vinita’s husband breaks the jar of magic honey by accident one day. Men don’t like Vinita because she doesn’t use magic honey, which is why they don’t want to be with her. What is she going to do? See part 2 of Honey Trap to find out.

Honey Trap Part 2

In the last few weeks, the Ullu app has given its subscribers back-to-back high-quality web series. Takk, Takk Part 2, Walkman Part 2, Samne Wali Khidki, and Shahad are the last two best web series on Ullu app.

On the Ullu app, you can watch all of the episodes of this web series. But there’s one thing that makes sure the Ullu app isn’t free. If you want to watch web series, it would be best to pay for a subscription. A subscription to the Ullu app starts at just 99 per month. If you like web series, you should buy an annual plan, which only costs $297 per year.

Honey Trap 2 Web Series Full Details

Here are the details of Ullu’s Honey Trap Part 2 web series 2022,

Series Name: Honey Trap (2022)
Season: 1
Part: 2
Episodes: 4-6
Type: Web Series
Online Video Platform: ULLU
Language: Hindi, Tamil, Telugu, Bengali
Release Date: November 22, 2022


There are 3 episodes in Honey Trap Part 1. Fans think that the next part of Honey Trap will have about two or three episodes. On the Ullu app, you can watch all of Honey Trap Part 2 online.


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