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Hopi Goldberg launches ‘The View’ with a direct apology for his Holocaust comments


“On our show yesterday, I spoke incorrectly. I tweeted about it last night, but I want you to hear it directly from me,” the comedian and actor said. “I feel a responsibility not to leave it untouched, because my words have upset many, and it was never my intention. I now understand why, and I am deeply, deeply grateful for that, because the information I received was so helpful, and it helped me to understand some different things. Helped. “

Goldberg was outraged by comments made in “The View” the other day, during a roundtable discussion. Tennessee school district decides to ban “Mass.” “The Holocaust is not about race” and it involved “two white groups”.

“The Holocaust is not about race, but about the inhumanity of man to man,” Goldberg told The View on Tuesday. “But it’s really about race, because Hitler and the Nazis considered the Jews to be an inferior race.”

She continued, “Now, words are important and mine are no exception. As I said, I’m sorry for my comments and I will be corrected. The Jewish people know, as you know, I stand by them because I have always done that.”

Goldberg also interviewed the CEO of the Anti-Defamation League, Jonathan Greenplot, one of those who spoke out against his initial comments.

“There is no doubt that the Holocaust is about the race. That is how the Nazis saw the systematic and ruthless annihilation of the Jewish people across continents and countries,” he said in an interview.

Greenblatt explained that although Jews in the United States do not exactly fit into the black and white binary view of race, they are another form of anti-Semitic racism they have long faced.

“Hitler’s ideology advanced the idea that the Third Reich, the Aryans, the Germans, a noble race and the Jews were an inhuman race. It was an anti-racist anti-Semitism,” he said. “Now it may not apply exactly or it may feel different from what we think about race in 21st century America, where primarily it is about people of color, but throughout the history of the Jewish people, they have been marginalized, they have been persecuted, they have been persecuted, because many of them are not just of different religions; , Really felt like a different race. “

It is estimated that 6 million Jews and 5 million were killed during the Holocaust, and anti-Semitism continues to this day. Weekend, two Chicago synagogues were destroyed, And the Anti-Defamation League warns of increasing attacks on the Jewish population. While most anti-Semitic incidents involve persecution and carnage, attacks have also taken place since 2016, when at least six people became deadly since 2016, including the Tree of Life prayer house in Pittsburgh.

CNN’s Bill Kirkos contributed to the report.