How Did the Character Luck From Black Clover Get the Name Cheery Berserker?


Black Clover

In 2015, writer and illustrator Yki Tabata introduced the world to his manga series “Black Clover,” inviting readers into a world of magic, action, and more. The plot centers on a youngster named Asta who, in a world full of people with extraordinary powers, lacks magic.

In spite of this, he compensates by undertaking rigorous physical training and harnessing Anti-Magic in the hopes of becoming the next Wizard King. Not expected, reaching his objective has not been simple, as he has experienced various personal barriers and adversaries attempting to thwart his ascension.

A few years after the publication of “Black Clover,” an anime version of Tabata’s fantasy work was released in 2017. In addition to attempting to retain the interest of veteran readers, it also aimed to attract newcomers to the series. In four (possibly five) seasons, it partially achieved both objectives due to a number of variables. The cast of intriguing people, notably Asta (Dallas Reid) and Mimosa Vermillion (Brynn Apprill), is arguably the most crucial element.

Luck Volta (Justin Briner) is one of the many famous characters featured in “Black Clover.” He is a skillful and highly fast combatant who uses Lightning Magic to vanquish his opponents and has been dubbed “The Cheery Berzerker.” This is how he acquired this nickname.

Black Clover

The Nickname Was Derived From the Combination of Luck’s Smirks and Excessive Violence

During a Q&A with Quancredible, “Black Clover” author Yki Tabata clarified Luck Voltia’s “Cheery Berserker” moniker. According to him, it derives from Luck’s performance in the fighting portion of his Magic Knights entrance exam, where he nearly killed someone.

That explains the “berzerker” element of the pseudonym, but what is the origin of the “cheery” piece? Well, one of Luck’s defining characteristics is his near-constant smile, regardless of the situation he finds himself in. Consequently, it stands to reason that he had a grin plastered across his face as he defeated his opponent within an inch of their life.

Luck has become a darling among “Black Clover” fans despite his honestly terrifying talents and excessively cheerful disposition. In fact, Reddit user u/Fennekin12062022 conducted a poll asking fans of the program what they thought about Luck, and the answers were overwhelmingly positive.

Of the almost 2,000 votes gathered, only 15 believe him to be terrible, 32 consider him to be poor, and 509 are undecided. Approximately 2,500 people believe he is competent, and 258 would pick him as their favorite character. The comments section beneath the poll also leans towards Luck.

Luck Volta, often known as “The Cheery Berzerker,” is a well-known yet imperfect character that has made an effect on the majority of “Black Clover” fans. Whether this impression is pleasant or negative definitely differs from person to person, but the vast majority have grown to appreciate him for whatever reason.