How to Catch Litten in Pokemon Go, and is Shiny Litten Available?


Pokemon Go

Pokémon Go is a free-to-play mobile game application developed by Niantic, Inc. for The Pokémon Company (contrary to popular belief, it is not a Nintendo app, despite Nintendo’s ownership of a third of both The Pokémon Company and Niantic). It launched in July 2016 in many areas as part of the Pokémon brand’s 20th-anniversary celebration, which included multiple video games, animated series, movies, and trading cards, among other media.

The gameplay of Pokémon Go is deceptively easy to grasp: it combines a smartphone’s GPS and camera to enable users to seek and capture Pokémon in real-world settings.

While Pokémon Go is not the first app to apply augmented reality (AR) technology, it is credited with popularizing AR technology, which allows it to depict in-game creatures in real-world settings. The incorporation of authentic historical locations, such as ‘PokéStops’ or ‘gyms’, where users can fight other Pokémon to claim the territory for one of three in-game teams, is another distinctive feature.

The majority of these gameplay mechanics are identical to those found in Nintendo’s 1996-released role-playing video games. As previously noted, the primary differences lie in how the app connects these capabilities to the real world, both through geographic locations and augmented reality. In essence, Pokémon Go fulfills the brand’s long-standing promise to allow fans to capture all Pokémon while engaging with the real world, as opposed to a virtual one.

About Litten

“Alola to New Adventure!” is an episode from the Pokemon Sun and Moon anime series in which Alola made its first appearance. Alola is Litten’s region. Litten Torracat Incineroar is this Pokémon’s evolution chain. The first level of Evolution is 17, while the second is 34.

Whenever it has even the least amount of free time, it uses its tongue to comb its fur. The loose hair that gathers in its stomach is used as fuel for its blazing moves. If you attempt to pet Litten before it has gained your trust, it will scratch you brutally with its sharp claws. Be careful.

Pokemon Go

Behavior of Litten

Litten behaves similarly to an actual cat. It is difficult to open since it appears icy and uncaring on the exterior. However, it starts to behave more like a cat, becoming more emotionally receptive and sociable as a result.

Strengths and Weaknesses of Litten

As Litten is a fire-type Pokémon, its type matches are easy to memorize. It is immune to attacks of the Bug, Steel, Fire, Grass, Ice, and Fairy types, taking just half its damage. It is vulnerable to earth, rock, and water moves, which deal double damage to it.

About Shiny Litten

Shiny Litten is a very uncommon recolored variant of Litten. Shiny Litten differs marginally from its normal form. Shiny Litten is distinguished only by its whitened black fur.

How Can I Capture Litten in the Game Pokemon Go?

Litten resembles a cat and has red and black stripes. It will be one of the various Gen 7 Pokemon revealed during the Welcome To Alola event. It is also known as the Fire Cat Pokemon. Litten can be captured in the wild as a 5-kilometer-distance egg. The event will last from March to June of 2022, providing players with sufficient time to find Litten in-game.

Pokemon Go

Litten’s most impressive techniques are Ember and Flame Thrower, which it employs to attack Pokémon in Gyms. Litten’s moves have the highest DPS and are generally considered to be the best movesets for all PvP situations.

In addition, as a fire-type Pokémon, it is susceptible to damage from the ground, water, and rock. However, it is one of the most effective moves against Fire, Grass, Ice, Steel, and Bugs.

Litten can evolve for up to three generations in Pokemon Go using Litten candies. Use 25 candies at levels 17 and 34 to evolve Litten into Torracat, then 100 candies to evolve Litten into Incinerator. (Litten >> Torracat >> Incinerator)

In Pokemon Go, capture Litten in the wild and feed it candy to evolve it into its most recent form.


Litten is an outstanding example of a potent fire starter. Its development is remarkable and incredibly beneficial in both casual and competitive settings. Litten is an excellent travel buddy as you embark on your Pokemon trip.