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How to Play PUBG on a Laptop or Computer Using an Emulator

If these words captivate you, you are a true gamer. While many websites have been banned from installing and playing Pubg, we’ve snuck in a few secrets. On your computer, you can now play your favorite game and unlock new adventures. Learn how to play the game on your device by reading on.

How to Play Pubg on a Laptop?

Pubg Lite enables you to play the game on your laptop free of charge. As it has loadable graphics, it can be run on a laptop with modest specifications.

  • Follow the link to visit the website for Pubg lite.
  • To download, tap the yellow download button.
  • You will reach the next page, where you must tap the button once more.
  • After completion, you may enter your credentials to log in. You can create a newbie account if you are a beginner.
  • Next, click the install button to save it to the local storage on your computer.

How to Play Pubg Emulator on Pc?

If you are tired of using your thumbs to control the gameplay, a laptop is the best option because it offers uunrivaledmouse and keyboard flexibility.

Tencent’s official pubg mobile emulator allows players to operate and play the game on a desktop or laptop computer. Also known as the Gameloop Pubg mobile emulator. The best aspect is that it does not require high-end hardware to play.

  • Click download the official version of the Tencent gaming buddy emulator.
  • After completion, you can run the software.
  • The system then requests that you download additional files, which should not take more than 10 to 15 minutes.
  • Once all files have been downloaded, enter your credentials that will be displayed for pubg stats.
  • Now you may initiate gameplay.

How to Play PUBG on a Laptop or Computer Using an Emulator

How to Play Pubg Mobile on Pc Without Emulator?

Mirroring allows you to play PubG Mobile on your PC without using an emulator.

  • Enable USB debugging on your device.
  • Install Apowersoft on your computer and download it from the Google Play Store on your mobile device.
  • Now connect the devices using a USB cable.
  • To begin screen mirroring, launch the game on the PC.
  • You can play the game after configuring the keymap.

How to Play Pubg on Chromebook With Keyboard and Mouse?

To do so, your Chromebook must support both the game and Play Store.

  • Launch the Play Store on your desktop.
  • Now type pubg and search for it.
  • Select the game from the list, then tap the install button.
  • Wait a few minutes until pubg has been installed on your Chromebook.
  • Once it appears in your app list, you can play it. It is accessible via keyboard and mouse.


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