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Try It Out What Is the Tiktok Human Feelings Quiz, and How Can I Take It?

A FEELING quiz has taken social media by storm. TikTokers are flooding the app with a myriad of interesting results.

What Is the Tiktok Human Emotion Quiz?

On social media, a quiz titled “what human emotion are you?” is currently going popular.

Users are taking the exam to see which distinct human emotion best describes them.

Included in the quiz questions are “pick a drink,” “select a random event from your life that suits you,” and “what would you want right now?”

Users are given outcomes ranging from sincere affection’ to ‘humility’ to ‘despondency’ after answering a total of 10 questions, each of which has four possible replies.

Human Quiz TikTok
Human Quiz TikTok

How Can I Take the Human Feeling Quiz?

The quiz is posted to Uquiz, a platform where users from across the world may develop and share quizzes with their online community.

To access the test, please click here.

However, as the quiz is in Russian, visitors must use a web browser to translate the page into English or their preferred language.

What Do People Have to Say About the Quiz?

TikTok and Twitter users amass tens of thousands of views and likes by posting quiz results.

Social media has contributed to the increased popularity of the quiz.

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