Top 30 Most Inspirational Anime Characters (Ranked)


Anime characters who are inspiring make you want to do better in life. Or at least make you do something with yourself.

To want to do something important is what it means to be inspired.

As a side effect, anime characters who are inspiring can also make you want to do something. Which has more to do with your “why.”

30) Maka Albarn 

Maka has been through a lot, but she has never lost sight of her goal. She has had problems and setbacks, but she doesn’t let them stop her. She sees every mistake as a chance to get better.

29) Kenshin Himura

Kenshin slowly learns to trust the people around him with the truth about himself and with some of the weight he carries from his days as a man-slayer. He learns to accept what happened. He knows that he, too, is a person and that if he died, his friends and allies would suffer a lot.

28) Kaori Miyazono

Kaori is strong-willed and helps the other characters. No matter how she feels, she puts on a smile in front of other people so that her friends won’t worry about her. She is strong enough to easily get over and move on from things that would be hard for other people.

27) Lucy Heartfilia (Fairy Tail)

Too many people don’t like Lucy Heartfilia, in my opinion. Some of it is over the top and not true.

She has compassion. A quality that doesn’t seem to be valued much in 2021, but is needed by everyone.

She is kind. The kind of person you can tell your life and your word to. A friend or partner for life.

Most of all, Lucy doesn’t give up, even though she has problems. And that’s why her character is so easy to care about on an emotional level.

26) Violet Evergarden

For her age, Violet Evergarden has been through a lot. She is forced to do things that she shouldn’t have to do.

Violet kills a lot of people when it is used as a weapon of war. But now that the war is over, she tries to move on.

The one thing she needs to figure out is what love really means. Someone important told Violet that he loves her, but she doesn’t understand what that means.

This helps me learn about myself on a whole new level. And in the end, she helps other people deal with their own hurt or trauma.

In the end, Violet turns out to be a very inspiring character who can teach us a lot.

25) Allen Walker

Allen Walker knows what it’s like to feel hurt and lose something. His loss makes him feel bad in his body.

Allen Walker’s body is cursed, just like the body of Edward Elric in FMA. His left arm and left eye turn into tools that help him get rid of demons.

It’s like karma or fate turned on its head.

Allen Walker, like Natsu Dragneel, is still happy and able to smile through all the BS even though he is cursed.

Friendship and his new family are the things he cares about the most.

24) Mio Akiyama

Another quiet person on this list is Mio Akiyama. She is shy, nervous, socially awkward, and hates being in a big group.

Still, she keeps making music with her school club and gets over her fears. With a little assistance.

The thing that gives her the courage to “get over it” is her love of music. And working hard is another good trait that can help.

She may not be the most active person, but she has a lot of power for the right reasons.

23) Kyoko Kirigiri 

Inspiring Anime Characters (4)

Kyoko Kirigiri is one of the most memorable characters in the anime Danganronpa.

She is funny, smart, and careful about what she does. She always gives things a lot of thought. Intelligently.

Logic, not feelings, is always the most important thing. And the fact that she can stay calm even when things are crazy is a lesson in and of itself.

22) Homura Akemi

introvert. One who has trouble making friends.

At some point, all of this will change. And she becomes cold, aloof, and hard to get close to. It’s how she keeps her feelings safe.

Because of these things, people don’t get her. Behind the wall she puts up is a kind person who wants to help.

She gives up her life for someone else and does everything she can to make things better.

Homura Akemi’s determination and persistence show how much she wants to succeed.

21) Koro Sensei

One of the best anime teachers you’ll ever see is Koro Sensei. A person who stands out because they are smart and know a lot.

His ways of teaching are different, but they are clear and get to the point.

He is willing to put himself in the shoes of a student if it will help them do well and get better.

All of this is done by a strong person who moves at Mach 23 speed.

Definitely a funny character with a weird look. But also one from which you can learn.

20) Atsuko Kagari

Atsuko Kagari is being trained to be a witch. A beginner who, unlike everyone else, doesn’t have any real skill in the craft.

Some people at her school pick on, tease, and look down on her because of it. And she uses that to help her do well.

She gets down sometimes and wants to give up. She sometimes thinks that the people who don’t like her are right and that there’s no point in trying.

But she still gets back up and keeps her mind on her goals. That makes Atsuko relatable.

19) Kazuma Satou

Since 2016, Kazuma Satou has become a character that anime fans look up to.

Why? Because he is a man who works for equal rights for men and women. And won’t put up with anyone who has two sets of rules.

He sees things as they are and doesn’t do mental tricks to get what he wants because of his gender.

He is not the most moral person, that’s for sure. But his philosophy is right and gives us hope.

In real life, the WOKE crowd fears him because he tells the truth and gets to the heart of the matter.

18) Mirajane Strauss 

When you think about it, Mirajane Strauss’s life is a lot like Naruto’s. She has blood from demons.

People started to treat her like a monster because of this. And make her, her sister, and her brother look bad.

Mirajane was picked on and hit with rocks, among other things, for something she didn’t do.

Even though that, she still manages to be kind. And tells other people about it, even though she doesn’t like being messed with.

17) Saitama (One Punch Man)

When you watch One Punch Man, it seems like Saitama is a sad person. But he has a side that gives people hope.

From Genos’s point of view, it’s easy to see this. He thinks of Saitama as a teacher and looks up to him.

Saitama used to be a businessman who was unhappy with his life, but now he works hard to get stronger. And he or she is not so proud that they want to take credit for everything.

He’s not like any of the other characters on this list, so you can’t compare him to them.

16) Mikoto Misaka

Mikoto Misaka is known as the Railgun of Tokiwadai Middle School.

She is one of the Espers in Academy City with the most power. One who has gotten to level 5.

People think she is proud because she goes to a well-known school. But she’s not as proud as she seems to be.

This makes her likeable. And everything she has is because of how hard she has worked. Even more so her level.

No excuses, and no being lazy. Mikoto Misaka is the kind of person who will go out and make things happen instead of crying about why they can’t.

15) Kakashi Hatake

Kakashi is a guy who is cool, calm, and in control. At least until things get bad enough that he needs to lose his cool.

He didn’t always act like this. Through hard times and harsh realities, life turned him into this person.

Instead of letting his pain and journey destroy him, Kakashi grew from them. Same as many others.

All of this makes Kakashi, the Sensei you see in Naruto, an inspiring character.

He’s easy to get along with and not the type to babysit.

14) Mugen 

Mugen doesn’t give a f*ck. Like Kyoko Sakura, he lives his life for himself. He is as strong as they come.

If he makes a hard choice, he follows through with it. If his life is in danger, he won’t think twice about fighting or begging.

In a word, Mugen is what a “man” looks like. He is totally responsible and won’t make any excuses for himself.

Mugen might not be the most cheerful person, like Levi, but there are things about him that are inspiring.

13) Levi Ackerman

Levi Ackerman could just as well be a main character from the beginning to the end of the series.

So many anime fans know who he is and even put him on a pedestal because of his work.

Why does he give you hope? His story, how hard he works, and how much fight he has.

“It’s not the dog in the fight, but the fight in the dog” is how he says it.

He may not be the most happy and upbeat person. But what makes him different is the way he acts.

12) Erza Scarlet

Erza Scarlet is one of the characters I like the most. She is one of the most interesting female characters ever.

She was a slave as a child. And still made it through the hard times of her childhood, which made her strong.

She uses armour as a figure of speech. Because she used to feel so weak, to make her feel “strong.”

Erza has morals and standards that most people could never live up to. She is responsible for herself and doesn’t make up excuses.

11) Naruto Uzumaki

Some people don’t care much about him, but others, especially Indian fans, love him to death.

He comes from a place where no one knows him. Most people made fun of him because he didn’t have any parents. He scared them.

Iruka Sensei is the only thing that saved Naruto from the darkness. And he uses that to make changes in the world of Shinobi.

The journey Naruto is on is raw and real. Even though he made some mistakes, his story is still a good one.

10) Isla (Plastic Memories)

Isla is a very funny person. She is funnier than she seems at first. Even more so when you know what the anime is about.

She is also a very sad person. And that makes her strong on the inside. She is so strong. And how she seems to carry the whole world on her back.

That’s what makes Isla so interesting to me. Not many people can handle that and still keep going.

9) Shirase Kobuchizawa 

Most people who want to be successful go through what Shirase Kobuchizawa does. Or something that most people think is impossible.

And she keeps going because of it. As a reason. Even motivation to keep going and follow her big dream.

This anime is made by a group, so it’s not just about one character. But Shirase is an important part of how everything fits together.

8) Goku 

Goku is a character who must be talked about. The most inspiring thing about him is the way he works and thinks.

He always finds a way to move on, and unlike Vegeta, he doesn’t just rely on himself.

Goku has less of an ego than most people, so he doesn’t mind asking others for help to grow and get stronger.

Goku is ready and willing to learn from other people.

Goku has always been like this, which is why he has become one of the most inspiring anime characters of all time.

7) Yuuki Konno 

Another person I really like is Yuuki Konno.

She is from the Rosario arc in the second season of SAO. One of the best storylines in the whole series.

Yuuki Konno has a secret illness that no one at first knows about. She smiles to cover it up when she is in the SAO world.

In the end, you find out that she has AIDS. And is stuck in a bed in a hospital with the latest technology. That’s all she does.

Virtual reality gives her a chance to live again and gives her hope. So, when she’s in the VR world, she just does whatever she wants without thinking twice.

Her courage and determination make her an example to follow.

6) Shoyo Hinata (Haikyuu!)

One of the show’s stars is Shoyo Hinata. The best part of the story. A Shonen character who is very typical, but not in a bad way.

When I say “cliché,” I’m talking about how full of life he is.

Shoyo isn’t as tall as some other athletes, but that doesn’t matter because he works hard to make up for it. Not just pure talent.

Once he starts to work on his skills and attitude, he becomes a major force in volleyball.

5) Maki Oze (Fire Force)

Maki Oze is an important character in Fire Force, but she is not the main one. And she does get a lot of attention in the show.

She is not only one of the strongest people in the 8th company, but she is also the most disciplined when it comes to training and getting fit.

She used to be in the military, which is a factor. But Maki’s ability to fight and use martial arts is an art in and of itself.

Seeing her in action is inspiring, especially if you know who she is and what she believes in.

4) Izuku Midoriya

Izuku Midoriya is a hero from the Shonen world who is from the “new school.” Or a character who is on his way to becoming a hero.

He starts out like every other kid, not sure of himself. People pick on him, treat him badly, show him no respect, and say he won’t amount to anything.

At every turn, Deku is put down, and his hopes and dreams are crushed. But things change for him when he meets his idol and gets a chance.

Deku is an inspiring or motivational character because of how hard he works, how he acts, and how he thinks in general.

3) Kamina (Gurren Lagann)

I don’t hear about Kamina from Gurren Lagann as much when people talk about “inspiration” these days.

He is the main character in the anime series Gurren Lagann, and he is the reason why the story takes a big turn.

He is also one of the reasons why he, Simone, and Yoko leave their underground life and go to the surface.

Kamina is someone who can look at the big picture and use that to move forward. Even if there are problems.

2) Vegeta (Dragon Ball Franchise)

Vegeta is one of my all-time favourite characters. And will always be. My first anime was DBZ.

At first, we can see that Vegeta is rough around the edges, but more so than most. He’s a savage.

This is what happens when one of the most evil and powerful colonists, Frieza, runs your life and controls you. V

Egeta was cut off from being a father.

Even though he had to deal with a lot of hard things and they changed him, he was able to change and become a better person.

Vegeta’s journey has a lot of lessons to teach us.

1) Kyoko Sakura

One of my favourite Madoka Magica characters has always been Kyoko Sakura. Probably the most motivational.

She’s the kind of person who makes a choice and then doesn’t complain if things go wrong.

Responsibility is important to Kyoko Sakura. She has a lot of it, as well as inner strength from a terrible past and freedom.

She just has some rough spots.