Iron Chef Quest for an Iron Legend Release Date: Who Is the Most Famous Iron Chef?


Iron Chef: Quest for an Iron Legend is the continuation of what has become the most venerable culinary program tradition. It will also take place in Kitchen Stadium, the origin of all cookery shows. When Iron Chef debuted in Japan, no one could have predicted the excitement it would spark among American viewers.

Now, the series is back with a brand-new group of chefs who have proven themselves in the television competition circuit. Every chef is prepared to defend Kitchen Stadium not only in one-on-one duels but also in a season-long elimination-style competition that will test the culinary expertise of cooks from all backgrounds.

The show will be rebooted by Netflix and given a new name: Iron Legend. With the latest announcement of the five Iron Chefs that the competitors must be prepared to face, the competition has undoubtedly heated up.

The show has reintroduced an outstanding roster of original Iron Chef stars from the original Japanese series, as well as recognized faces from Iron Chef: America. You may even recognize some individuals from various cooking shows who have been recruited to compete on the old food battlefield that is Kitchen Stadium.

Iron Chef: The Cast