Is Dakota Kai Dating? Uncovering the Mystery of Dakota Kai’s Love Life


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Is Dakota Kai Dating

Is Dakota Kai Dating? Dakota Kai is a professional wrestler who was born in New Zealand. Cheree Georgina Crowley is her actual name. She is now a member of WWE. Crowley made her debut in wrestling on December 15, 2007. Her first firm was named Impact Pro Wrestling and was situated in Auckland.

Previously, she used the Ring Name Evie, an homage to the Pokémon Eevee. Her main pleasure is gaming, and her favorite game is Pokemon; thus, she chose the name, Evie.

Long before she joined WWE and earned the ring name Dakota Kai, she was known as Dakota. She is currently more recognized by her stage name, Dakota Kai, than by her true name. In addition, she participated in various independent promotions in both New Zealand and Australia. After this, she gained entrance into American wrestling.

Who Is Dakota Kai?

Kai, whose true name is Cheree Crowley, was born in the New Zealand highlands of Auckland on May 6, 1988. Her mother Alailevao Crowley, who was born on the island of Upolu in Samoa, is the source of Dakota Kai’s Samoan heritage.

As a child, she was raised alongside her sister Cyrene and brother Earl Jr. As adolescents, the siblings frequently participate in athletic and cross-country events.

Despite her diminutive mass of 60 kilos and height of 5 feet 6 inches, the professional wrestler appeared formidable in track and field competitions (1.68m). Her excellent physical measurements facilitated her ability to leap and sprint.

The Queen of Kicks is currently one of the most popular NXT female divas in WWE, with fans eagerly awaiting her ring entrance.

Is Dakota Kai Dating

Dakota Kai’s Wrestling Career and Net Worth

In 2016, she joined WWE. Before that, she had already traveled to Japan in 2014 She received a new beginning in WWE when she was called Dakota Kai. She entered the Mae Young Classic for the first time. Unfortunately, she was eliminated by Kairi Sane in the quarterfinals of this match.

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In 2017, she began her NXT wrestling career. During the subsequent two years, she participated in both singles and tag matches. During this period, she also met Tegan Nox. They collectively established a team known as the Team Kicks.

After two years with Team Kick, she joined Team Ripley for the 2019 WarGames. She began her feud with her former buddy Tegan Nox at the same time. When Dakota Kai attacked her during a street fight at Takeover Portland, their conflict began. She overcame Tegan Nox with relative ease, establishing a rift between them.

Raquel Gonzalez was the result of her split from Nox. Due to their flawless synergy, the couple won numerous matches and contests.

In 2021, Kai and Gonzalez became victorious in the inaugural Women’s Dusty Rhodes Tag Team Classic. The couple remained a team for one year until 2022 when she turned against Raquel and they parted ways. This led to a rivalry that culminated in Gonzales’s victory over Kai at the War Games.

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In 2022, Dakota Kai’s estimated net worth is estimated to reach $3 million. Her primary source of income is wrestling, in addition to numerous other TV appearances. This 33-year-old wrestler currently resides in the United States, yet she frequently visits her native New Zealand.

Dakota Kai’s Partner

Despite her loud and exuberant nature, nothing is known about her romantic relationships. There were allegations of a romantic relationship between her and her business colleague Raquel Gonzales, but she refuted them by stating that they were merely business associates. Although there is no official proof, it is thought that she is a lesbian who favors female companions.

Dakota Kai has always been linked to wrestlers like her ex-best buddy Tegan Knox. Additionally, she is said to be dating Shayna Bazler and Shane Thorne. However, she has never confirmed these rumors. So far, she prefers to keep her personal life and on-screen character separate. She has frequently denied any dating allegations and has rarely discussed her romantic relationships.

Shayna Baszler, one of her alleged girlfriends, came out as bisexual in 2013 and is open about dating both men and women. Shayna was observed many times with Dakota. In 2019, the couple even met Shayna’s father.

This led admirers to speculate that they were dating. This, coupled with the fact that Baszler is out, caused everyone to believe that their connection is more than platonic. However, neither of them verified the reports, leaving fans uncertain about their relationship status. Whether or whether they have dated is a question that only they can answer.

She has never acknowledged her sexual orientation in public, despite having never been in a relationship with a male. If she chooses not to reveal it, that is her prerogative. This professional wrestler is quite private on such topics. She is under no obligation to divulge anything as well. She remains committed to her wrestling career.

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