Is Dove Cameron Dating a Girl? Latest Information!


who is dove cameron dating

Does Dove Cameron have a girlfriend? Despite Dove Cameron’s lack of dating history, seven years in a partnership is a considerable amount of time.

Dove Cameron is a woman that likes to be in long-term partnerships, judging by her past engagements. For the first time in several years, she may be unmarried. As of December 2020, it does not appear that Cameron has found a new boyfriend, as she revealed in a tweet that she and Doherty split in October.

Cameron appears to have a preference for co-stars, as both of her key relationships were initiated on set. Following her split with Thomas Doherty in 2020, the actress has recently discussed her personal life and sexual orientation.

Cameron claimed in a July 2020 interview with Paper magazine that despite her tendency to get enmeshed in relationships, she also values her personal space.

“I believe I’ve always struggled internally with being an independent person. “I am by no means a girlfriend by nature, but I am an extremely passionate romantic,” she commented. “And I believe that these two things constantly conflict with me.” Highly relatable Both of Cameron’s past relationships began on the Disney Channel, so keep reading for more information!

who is dove cameron dating

Since 2013, Ryan McCartan

After meeting in 2012 on the set of Liv and Maddie, Ryan McCartan and Cameron became an official relationship by July 2013, when the show debuted. After nearly three years of dating, Cameron and McCartan established the band The Girl and the Dreamcatcher and became engaged in April 2016.

Fans were stunned when McCartan announced that he and his fiancee were breaking off their engagement only six months later. According to his tweets, “Dove has decided this relationship isn’t what she wants, “We are still madly in love.” You must exhibit compassion since this is distressing.”

In July 2019, when Seventeen questioned him about the separation, he did not disclose it until then. In an interview, she stated, “It was my first on-screen and off-screen real relationship.” “Many of my first relationship’s lows and highs were kept private. Before my partner gently reminded me, I was under the impression that everything had to be perfect at all times.

In January 2020, McCartan’s accusations that Cameron cheated on him while they were engaged only served to further confuse matters. Cameron looked to be alluding to the accusations she had been accused of spreading when she retweeted an image with an uplifting quote that said, “It’s a good day to be alive.” When they can no longer control you, they will attempt to influence how others view you.

Even though you find it difficult to deal with the unfairness of the misinformation, eventually others will reach the same conclusion as you.” Representatives for McCartan and Cameron were asked for comment on the cheating claims, but neither responded.

who is dove cameron dating

2017-2020: Thomas Doherty

After his breakup with McCartan, Cameron spread rumors that he was dating Doherty. Cameron and Doherty began posting romantic images of one other on social media in December 2016, and when Cameron visited Doherty in London, the suspicions only intensified.

In February 2017, People magazine ran a cover story announcing that she was dating Cameron. “We are dating,” she announced. Because “everything is so much more real and romantic when it’s yours and private,” I’m sort of keeping it to myself, and we’re keeping it to ourselves.

Cameron and Doherty discussed the possibility of marriage for the first time in their nearly three years of dating. She told Entertainment Tonight in November 2019: “If I’m going to marry anyone, I believe it will be him.” Two months later, in December 2020, Cameron informed her fans that she and Doherty had ended their relationship.

In October, Twitter user Thomasadoherty posted that the couple had “decided to go their separate ways.” “This decision was difficult to make, but we still care about one other and intend to be friends. We really appreciate your patience and understanding during this time.” Doherty, for his part, has not yet commented on the separation.


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