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Jaclyn Hill Net Worth: Her Profession as a Youtuber


jaclyn hill net worth

Jaclyn Hill is an American digital content creator, influencer, makeup artist, entrepreneur, and social media personality from Mineral, Illinois. She first gained worldwide recognition with her self-titled YouTube channel.

As of April 2022, Hill’s number of subscribers has surpassed 5.68 million. She posts primarily about cosmetics and skincare. If you want to learn about Jaclyn’s Wiki, Biography, Net worth, Age, Height, Husband, Parents, Ethnicity, etc., continue to scroll down this page.

Early Years

Jaclyn Roxanne Hill was born in Mineral, Illinois, United States of America, on July 20, 1990. James Eilers, her father, is an evangelist, while Robin Eilers, her mother, is a homemaker. Jaclyn is the youngest of three siblings, including Nicholas Eilers and Rachel Eilers, both of whom are older. In 2012, her parents divorced.

Personal Life

Jon Hill was Jaclyn Hill’s husband. The pair married in August of 2009. However, on May 16, 2018, after nearly nine years of marriage, the pair split. Moving on, Hill began dating Jordan Torry. December 2021 marked the engagement of the couple.


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Jaclyn Hill began her professional life as a freelance cosmetics artist. Additionally, she worked for MAC Cosmetics. In 2011, she launched her self-titled YouTube channel, which became popular for its tutorials on celebrity makeup.

In 2015, Hill and the Australian cosmetics company BECCA released a highlighter titled “Champagne Pop.” Within 20 minutes of its release, the highlighter sold over 250,000 pieces.

She teamed with Morphe Cosmetics in 2015 to develop a palette of her favourite Morphe eye colours. A year later, she collaborated with Morphe to release a limited-edition, gem-encrusted beauty brush set under the marketing name “Jaclyn Hill x Morphe.”

According to sources, Hill’s agreements with BECCA and Morphe generated EMV sales of $10,7 million and $12,2 million, respectively.

In 2019, she introduced her own cosmetics line, “Jaclyn Cosmetics,” which featured descriptions and swatches of 20 neutral “20 Rich Lipstick” tones. Upon the product’s debut, there were multiple reports indicating that it had unpleasant skin effects. Hill apologised to her followers and the YouTube community.

She reintroduced her cosmetics line in 2021 with a Valentine’s Day mystery collection.

Her Profession as a Youtuber

She recalls possessing a talent for cosmetics since childhood. In 2011, at the age of 21, she debuted as a professional makeup artist. She chose YouTube, like many other successful YouTubers, to exhibit her talent in makeup and beauty recommendations. After publishing a few videos, she amassed over one million followers in less than a year.

After that, her YouTuber and makeup artist popularity gradually affected people worldwide.


Jaclyn Hill was educated at home during his formative years. After high school, she attended college in Sarasota, Florida, where she studied photography for one year before leaving out.

Awards and Nominations for Jaclyn

Jaclyn Hill has won numerous honours thus far. She got The Shorty Award for outstanding YouTube content. She earned the America Influencer Award as well. Hopefully, she will win further accolades in the future.

Jaclyn Hill’s Relationships, Husband & Boyfriend

Jaclyn is in a relationship with her social media personality boyfriend, Jordan Torrey a.k.a. Jordan Farnum.

They began dating for a considerable amount of time and look fantastic together. In addition, the two are frequently observed spending time together on various travels and vacations. According to reports, the couple became engaged in a lovely ceremony in December 2021.

Prior to beginning her relationship with Jordon, Jaclyn was married to her then-lover, drummer Jon Hill.

Their nuptials occurred in August 2009. Moreover, after nearly nine years of marriage, the former couple filed for divorce on May 16, 2018. They concluded their wedding on a joyful note by stating, “We created wonderful friends, not life partners.” Currently, she resides in Tampa, Florida.


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Profitability as an Entrepreneur

Jaclyn Hill began her career as an entrepreneur in 2015 through a collaboration with BECCA and the launching of the Champagne Pop highlighter. Following the release, beauty merchants sold up to 25,000 pieces in only 20 minutes, breaking the previous sales record.

Later, Estee Lauder acquired BECCA for $200 million. In 2018, Jaclyn Hill joined Morphe Cosmetics and produced palette eyeshadows, in addition to releasing her ‘Vault Collection’ As the Vault Collection was a limited edition product, it sold out extremely quickly.

In 2019, Jaclyn Hill announced the debut of her new cosmetics line, Jaclyn Cosmetics. It includes ‘So Rich Lipsticks’ by Nude Shades, which was published in the first week of debut. Her actual followers reacted positively to the news, however she was ridiculed for her notion of the perfect nude tint.

She released twenty nude-colored lipsticks on her website, and on the day of the introduction, the product was totally sold out. However, her lipstick was linked to moderate allergy responses and other odd symptoms.

In 2021, Jaclyn Hill released a Valentine’s Day-themed mystery collection. It was available in four distinct sets with varying prices.


Why did Jaclyn Hill’s appearance alter?

She revealed that she self-medicated with booze.

What illness does Jaclyn Hill suffer from?

She revealed that she had struggled with anxiety and sadness.

Why is Jaclyn Hill overweight?

Her excessive drinking caused her to gain weight.

Who is Jaclyn Hills’ former spouse?

Jonathan Hill

How did Jaclyn Hill become so wealthy?

She has owned her own cosmetics firm and has been a beauty expert and blogger for many years.

How much does Jaclyn Hill make?

As of 2022, her Net Worth is between 10 and 20 million US dollars.