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Josephine Langford Net Worth: What is Josephine Langford’s Annual Salary?

Josephine Langford is an Australian actress who has a net worth of $4 million US as of 2022. She got recognition with her portrayal as Tessa Young in the hit movie sequel a romantic series After. The actress went from nameless to one of the most prominent celebrities in Hollywood overnight.

Josephine received greater fame after portraying other characters such as Emma Webber on the horror web series Wolf Creek, Darcie Chapman in the serial Wish Upon, and more. The actress started her profession at an early age and has managed to earn a big fan base in the entertainment world.

She is also well recognized for being the young sister of famed actress Katherine Langford. So now we are going to analyze the whole net worth of Josephine Langford her salary, job, history, luxury lifestyle, and how she spends her money. Keep reading to find out many more interesting facts about the emerging celebrity.

Early Life

Josephine Langford was born in Perth, Australia on the 18th of August 1997; she is currently 24 years old. She and her sister Katherine Langford grew raised in Applecross, a Perth riverside neighborhood. Her father is the director of medical services for the Royal Flying Doctor Service Western Operations, while her mother is a pediatrician.

It is true that she came from a gifted family, and that she has been interested in performing since a very young age. She followed in her older sister Katherine’s footsteps by becoming an actress and musician. She began playing the violin, saxophone, and piano as she acquired an interest in music as she grew older.

Josephine composed and performed the song titled Shadows when she was 10 years old and competing in a music competition. Consequently, she was awarded “Song of the Year” She has composed two more songs since then, including “Lonely” (2007) and “Sea Shanty” (2008).


At the age of 13 in 2012, she began taking acting classes at Perth Film School. In 2013, Josephine debuted as an actress in a seven-minute Sex Ed short film. She later participated in other short films including When Separating (2013) and Gypsy Blood (2015). (2014). She starred in the independent film Pulse, which premiered at film festivals later in 2017.

Josephine made her acting debut in the supernatural horror film Wish Upon, starring alongside Joey King in the supporting role of Darcie Chapman. Josephine made her debut television appearance in 2017 as Emma Webber in the horror thriller Wolf Creek.

Her most well-known part is Tessa Young in the 2019 film After. Her success in this part was due to her superb performance. In 2019, she was nominated for the Teen Choice Award. Globally, the picture grossed more than $70 million worldwide.

The film was a tremendous hit, spawning the sequels After We Collided After We Fell and After Ever Happy. Josephine won the Just Jared Award for Favorite Young Actress of 2021 in 2021.
In addition, Josephine portrayed Clair in the 2019 web horror series Into the Dark. She portrayed Emma Cunningham in the Netflix comedy-drama film Moxie after that year.

Josephine Langford: Movies

Speaking of her career, Josephine began her acting career at age 15. She appears in the 2013 short films Sex Ed, When Separating, and Gypsy Blood (2014).

In 2017, Langford made her formal screen debut in the independent film Pulse. The video was shown at multiple film festivals. The Australian actress participated in another Wish Upon film the same year.

Alongside Joey King, the young actress plays the supporting role of Darcie Chapman in the American horror thriller. The year 2017 was monumental for Langford, as she made her broadcast debut on the television series Wolf Creek.

Similarly, since her debut, Josephine has starred in numerous films and television shows. Several significant productions featuring Langford’s work include After (2019), Into the Dark (2019), After We Collided (2020), and others.

Similarly, Langford was nominated for the 2019 Teen Choice Awards in the category of Choice Drama Movie Actress for her outstanding performance in the film “After.” She graciously received the honor.

After is an adaption of Anna Todd’s adult fanfiction novel of the same name. The movie directed by Jenny Gage was well-received by lovers of the novel. It did not, however, impress the critics and scored a low score.

Josephine Langford’s Net Worth:

The estimated net worth of Josephine Langford in 2022 is approximately USD 4 Million. In just a few years, she has achieved a great deal of success in her work. She achieved recognition at a young age and is one of the most attractive and amazing actresses in the entertainment world.

Josephine is only beginning her career, but it appears that she will soon be among the highest-paid stars in the Hollywood film industry. Her primary source of income is her acting career, as the vast majority of her performances have been enormous successes.

Her first popular film After exceeding predictions with a worldwide profit of nearly 70 million dollars, the 2020 sequel earned nearly 48 million dollars at the box office. Josephine is also highly active on social media, with over four million Instagram followers. Josephine Langford earns around $600,000 per year.


What is Josephine Langford’s age?

Josephine Langford was born in Perth, Australia on the 18th of August 1997; she is currently 24 years old.

What is Josephine Langford’s annual salary?

Josephine Langford earns around $600,000 per year.

How much does Josephine Langford cost?

The estimated net worth of Josephine Langford in 2022 is approximately USD 4 Million.

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