Juice WRLD Last Words: I Love You Guys More Than Life Itself!


What Were Juice Wrld Last Words

What Were Juice Wrld Last Words?: The shocking news of the extraordinary rapper’s untimely death was a devastating blow to the entire world, resulting in a tremendous reverberating shock of despair and agony.

His bereaved fiancee, mother, and friends, as well as a multitude of fans, are left with a mountain of unanswered questions. What were Juice WRLD’s final words was one of the most frequently asked questions that were unanswered.

Therefore, if you wish to learn more about it, simply read the article to discover the tragic end of this incredibly influential rapper.

Juice WRLD Cause Of Death

A month after Juice WRLD’s tragic death, an autopsy was conducted, and the cause of death was initially difficult to determine. When additional tests, such as those for cardiac pathology, neuropathy, and toxicology, were conducted, the cause of Juice WRLD’s tragic untimely death would be identified.

It was revealed to the entire world that the cause of death was an accidental overdose caused by oxycodone and codeine toxicity. The overdose of drugs proved to be the cause of Juice WRLD’s tragic demise, as everyone had predicted.

What Were Juice Wrld Last Words

On the 13th of December, his family and friends gathered at the Holy Temple Cathedral Church of God in Christ, where his open-casket funeral took place. His grieving mother, grandmother, and siblings paid him their respects and spoke passionately about him.

After the funeral, the remarkable rapper Juice WRLD was laid to rest in Homewood Memorial Gardens, attended by a large number of fellow rappers, including Ski Mask.

The pitiful condition of the rapper’s mother, Carmella Wallace, was quite disheartening to discover. She lost her son at a young age to addiction. The entire world was eagerly awaiting his exploration, but his untimely death caused him to miss out on everything he could have accomplished in life.

During that time, his grieving mother said, “Addiction knows no boundaries, and its effects extend beyond the individual battling it. We hope that the dialogue he started with his music and legacy will aid others in their battles, as this was his greatest wish. The legacy of Jarad’s love, joy, and emotional candour will endure.

The Last Words Of Juice WRLD Before Dying

This intriguing rapper’s untimely death was shrouded in intrigue and controversy. Numerous conspiracy theories surrounded Juice WRLD’s demise, with the most prevalent being that he had predicted his own demise. Numerous allegations were made against him, and in an effort to escape all of them, he attempted suicide.

We were only able to obtain a sliver of information regarding Juice WRLD’s final words, despite our arduous efforts, which were in vain. Juice WRLD’s final words were “I love you guys more than life itself.”

Fans of Juice WRLD from various regions adored and recognised his talents and cheered for him, and he was so magnanimous as to give all the love and reciprocate without fail.


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According to the paramedics’ report from the scene, Juice WRLD was incoherent prior to his death, so it is possible that these are not his actual or final words. So, when the news of Juice WRLD’s death spread, fans around the world were devastated and fell into a deafening silence of grief. Many of them asserted vehemently that he predicted his own demise and left ‘clues’ in his music.

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Moreover, the rapper tweeted just days prior to his tragic death.

“This life is yours, so if you want to do great things and change the world, don’t let anyone tell you SH*T, and you’ll be bigger than ‘juice WRLD will ever be, and he’s a legend.”

Following this tweet, he left another clue in his subsequent tweet, leaving his followers completely perplexed as to what he was attempting to convey to the world. He tweeted, “My objective is to become excessively famous, shine for a few years, and then fake my death.”

Juice WRLD’s Death Is Explained!

On December 8, 2019, just one week before his 21st birthday, Juice WRLD’s private Gulfstream jet was en route from Miami’s Van Nuys Airport to Chicago’s Midway International Airport. Therefore, law enforcement officers eagerly awaited the plane’s arrival in order to conduct a drug raid.

When the plane landed, the officers rushed inside immediately, and their wait was not in vain, as they discovered 70 pounds of marijuana, six bottles of codeine cough syrup, bullets, three handguns, and a high-capacity ammunition magazine.

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The management team of the rapper claimed that Juice WRLD took a large number of unknown pills and even Percocet pills to prevent the officers from discovering them while they were searching the plane. The rapper began to convulse around 3:00 a.m. after ingesting all of the pills and being rushed to the hospital.

In order to revive the rapper, officers administered Narcan, a drug used to reverse the effects of opioid overdose. However, he was pronounced dead before he could reach the nearby Oak Lawn Advocate Christ Medical Centre.

Juice WRLD’s Funeral

On December 13, friends and family of Juice WRLD gathered at the Holy Temple Cathedral Church of God in Christ in his home state of Illinois. His casket was open at his funeral, and his mother, grandmother, and siblings spoke about him.

Ski Mask the Slump God and Young Thug were among the mourners, and industry icon Drake, along with Chance The Rapper and Camila Cabello, tweeted about the tragic death. Juice WRLD was laid to rest in Homewood Memorial Gardens following the funeral.

Carmella Wallace, the mother of Juice WRLD, hopes that her son’s death will save another life by raising awareness about drug addiction. She states, “Addiction has no boundaries, and its effects extend beyond the individual battling it.” We hope that the conversations he started through his music and legacy will aid others in their battles, as this was his greatest wish.”

Carmella believes “Jarad’s legacy of love, joy, and emotional candour will endure” when speaking of her award-winning son’s legacy. Carmella established The Live Free 999 Fund to support underserved youth in their struggles with anxiety, depression, and addiction in memory of her son and to aid those in similar circumstances.

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