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Julia Haart Net Worth: Who is Julia’s Husband Silvio Scaglia?


julia haart net worth

Julia Hart is the CEO of the Elite World Group, the first talent agency in the world. She is wed to Silvio Scaglia, whose wealth exceeds $1 billion. Julia’s techniques earned her a reputation as an Orthodox Jewish practitioner and brought her widespread media notice. Julia Hart’s estimated net worth is $600 million. Here is information about Julia Haart’s total net worth, assets, salary, early life, and career.


Julia Haart was born in Moscow, Russia on April 11, 1971. She presently stars in the hit Netflix series “My Unorthodox Life” and rose to celebrity for her outspoken opinions on orthodox Jewish life and her decision to flee her conservative Haredi community in search of wealth, glamour, and fashion. At the beginning of her career, Julia expanded her shoe brand business. Julia told the reporters that investors backed and assisted her, but she was responsible for building the company’s network.

Later, when her shoe line became popular, Julia sold it for a sizable sum. Thereafter, Julia became the creative head of an Italian lingerie-focused fashion business, La Perla. In 2018, when Haart became a co-owner of Elite World Group, the company was worth $90 million; by 2021, it will be worth $1 billion. Co-ownership in the Elite World Group increased Julia’s net worth by $50,000.

Elite World Group is a talented media agency that represents 5,000 international actors, artists, and models. Kendall Jenner, Irina Shayk, and Iman are some of their A-list models. According to estimates, Julia Haart’s salary as CEO of EWG was $400,000 per month and $2 million per year.

Early Life

At the age of three, Julia moved to New York with her parents. The family of Julia settled in Monsey, New York. By the time Julia was 11 years old, she was growing up in a New York City Orthodox community. Their parents of Julia began to adhere to the community and religion, bringing the family to faith. In addition to Julia, her parents have seven other children who grew up with her.


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Julia completed her schooling at Brooklyn, New York’s Bais Yaakov Academy. Julia’s earliest interest was fashion design, for which she studied fashion publications. At the age of 18, Julia changed her name to Talia.

How much is Julia Haart Net Worth, and how did she build it?

In 2013, Julia created her shoe brand company, Julia Haart Inc, to produce a range of shoes that offer purchasers comfort and style. Heart and La Perla cooperated on accessory collections, and the company was so impressed with Julia’s work that in 2016 they hired her as creative director of the brand.

Heart created a “ready-to-wear collection” for La Perla, which was a tremendous hit. She met her husband while working for the corporation, which in 2013 acquired La Perla at auction. Later, when the couple married, Scaglia gave Julia the post of CEO of the EWG. At one point, their spouse of Julia faced tax evasion difficulties that could land him in prison and could lead to house jail for Scaglia’s misdeeds.

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In 2017, Julia Haart coordinated the La Perla Manor fashion show, which featured well-known models such as Kendall Jenner and Naomi Campbell. In addition, Julia would also design a dress for Kendall Jenner to wear at that year’s Met Gala. When Julia began working as CEO of Elite World Group, she performed effectively for the company.

Recently, Julia expanded into television, and in July 2021, she starred on Netflix’s “My Unorthodox Life.” The popular show chronicled Julia’s tenure as CEO of the EWG, a position for which she received criticism. Thus, in 2022, all of Julia Haart’s career trajectories as a fashion designer, CEO of EWG, and star of a Netflix show contributed to her net worth.

Who is Julia’s Husband Silvio Scaglia?

Julia is married to Silvio Scaglia, a 62-year-old co-owner of EWG.

Julia’s Projects Are Expected to Grow in the Upcoming Months

Julia Haart has disclosed that she intends to launch new fashion lines. She established e1972 two weeks before the global spread of CoViD-19. Clearly, Julia had to suspend it, and now Haart is preparing to relaunch the brand.

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Fans of My Unorthodox Life will learn about Julia’s next product line, which may be available online and in shops within the next few weeks. According to insiders, if Julia’s new product line is comparable to Kim Kardashian’s Skims, it might soon exceed $500 million.

julia haart net worth

So, How Much is Julia Haart Worth?

What is the value of Julia, including Julia’s books, employment, and penthouse, as part of Julia Haart’s New York assets? Approximately $600 million. Yes! You heard correctly; a confidential source has stated that Julia Haart’s net worth in 2022 will be $600 million. Every day, Julia’s bank account balance climbs due to her past achievements. Julia Haart is a wealthy businesswoman and television personality in the year 2022, as evidenced by her professional fortune of $600 million.

Julia Haart Personal Strengths and Productivity Habits

She attributes her rise to prominence and success to her dedication to pursuing her goals and seizing any chance that presents itself. Julia adds, “she is quite pleased that she met her husband while working for La Perla, but she also believes that her spouse Scaglia would have altered her career trajectory.” Nevertheless, the businesswoman has no further complaints about her life and is grateful for what she has earned to date.

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