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Keep Breathing Release Date: Why Would You Want to Watch Keep Breathing Movie?

Keep Breathing is a new survival drama on Netflix about a lawyer who is left in the wilderness after a plane crash.

The show, in which Melissa Barrera stars, is about a lawyer who is stuck on an island after her plane crashes.

About Keep Breathing

Keep Breathing is a survival thriller about a lawyer whose plane crashes and leaves her alone in the Canadian wilderness. Liv has to fight not only the elements but also her inner demons to stay alive during the experience.

The official Netflix synopsis says, “After her private plane crashes in the remote Canadian frontier, New York lawyer Liv is the only survivor. To stay alive, she must fight both the harsh Canadian wilderness and her past traumas.”

Cast Keep Breathing

Melissa Barrera plays Liv, the lawyer who is stuck on an island. Barrera is best known for her parts in the movies Vida, Scream, and the movie version of Lin Manuel Miranda’s musical In the Heights. She will next be seen in Scream 6.

Jeff Wilbusch plays Danny, who used to be Liv’s boyfriend. Wiebusch is best known for his part in The Little Drummer Girl, which was based on a book by John le Carré. He has also been in Unorthodox, Oslo, and Bad Banks.

Keep Breathing Release Date

On Thursday, July 28th, Keep Breathing will be on Netflix.

As is usual for Netflix releases, all six episodes will be available at once as a boxset.

Keep Breathing cast

In addition to Melissa Barrera, who plays the main character Liv, the series will also feature Jeff Wilbusch (Unorthodox), Austin Stowell (Catch-22, Bridge of Spies), and Juan Pablo Espinosa (Acapulco), Florencia Lozano (One Life to Live, Narcos). Maggie Kiley (Dr. Death, Dirty John) and Rebecca Rodriguez will be in charge of the show (Queen of the South, Doom Patrol). Kiley will be in charge of the first three episodes, and Rodriguez will be in charge of the last six episodes.

  • Melissa Barrera plays the main character and lone survivor Liv
  • Juan Pablo Espinosa plays Liv’s dad
  • Austin Stowell plays another plane passenger named Sam
  • Unclear who Jeff Wilbusch portrays
  • Florencia Lozano plays Liv’s mom

Trailer of Keep Breathing 

Director and Writer of Keep Breathing 

Martin Gero (Blindspot) and Brendan Gall (The Lovebirds) came up with the idea for the show. Gall wrote the teleplays for most of the episodes.

Iturri Sosa (Gotham) wrote the fourth episode. It was based on a story that, Gall and Sosa wrote to aggie Kiley (Dial a Prayer) are in charge of the first three episodes of Keep Breathing. Rebecca Rodriguez is responsible for the last three episodes (Snowpiercer, Doom Patrol).

Kiley is also one of the people in charge of making the show. Rodriguez is, interestingly, Robert Rodriguez’s sister.


How many episodes does Keep Breathing have?

Keep Breathing is a short series with only six episodes. About an hour passes between each episode.

Where did the movie Keep Breathing get made?

The movie Keep Breathing was filmed on location in Vancouver, Canada.

Is there a video for Keep Breathing?

Yes, there is! Right now, you can see it.

Why Would You Want to Watch a Keep Breathing Movie?

It’s worth a look if you like survivalist dramas like Lost, Yellowjackets, and the flashbacks on Arrow, but you’d rather watch something more realistic than those three.

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