Khun Chai Episode 17 Release Date: Where to Watch Khun Chai Episode 17 Online?


Khun Chai Episode 17

The release date for Khun Chai Episode 17 has arrived, and fans demand more information, so here are the most recent specifics. Before moving on to the Khun Chai Episode 17 Release Date and how to watch Khun Chai Episode 17, let’s review the premise of the show. Worawit Khuttiyothin is the director of the show.

This drama is meant to contain 17 episodes, however, only 16 have been released. Each episode is one hour and ten minutes long. On October 3, 2022, the opening episode of this drama, also known as To Sir, With Love, aired. This product is expected to conclude on November 28, 2022. The Master of The Five Dragon Guild is Jao Sua Song.

The family’s circumstances are dire. Yang was born to Jao Sua Song’s second wife, Jan, and he had a mistress named Bua. Li, his first wife, bore him a son named Thian. Although Thian is Song’s heir, only a select few are qualified to play Khun Chai. What would occur if feelings between Thian and Jiu developed?

Khun Chai Episodes Recap

Jiu is observed fleeing the older man’s residence and moving toward the area where Fu was held captive. He defeats the elder man and manages to escape with Fu. Both Jiu and Fu arrive in a jungle. His body was being consumed by the toxin in the meanwhile. When he realizes he cannot save him if Fu is in the area, he tells Fu to leave. He manages to flee the bush, but the poison renders him unconscious.

Thian arrives at the Nakhon Yaek Police Station armed with information regarding the death of Tong, a member of the Song family. He is aware that his mother is responsible for all the poison-related deaths. As long as her husband lives and holds the position of Chamber of Commerce president, Li promises to continue doing this.

Yang followed Thian as he walked to the police station without his knowledge. Yang begins grilling him regarding the circumstances that led to his arrest and subsequent appearance at the police station. When Thian remains silent, he insists on discussing the matter with the police officer. Fu approached them as he prepared to depart and begged for assistance.

Khun Chai Episode 17

As they observe Fu’s condition, they are both concerned and take him home. Fu informs them upon arrival at the residence that Jiu has passed away. Claims that the older, heinous man murdered him. The news upended Thian’s entire world. All of these lovely little moments begin to flit across his inner vision.

He misses Jiu, but she is not present to wipe away his tears. When the younger man’s servant arrives, he reports that Jiu is missing and his body has not been located. Old Man commands his man to contact Captain Hiroshi and borrow Japanese soldiers in order to locate Jiu. On the other hand, Li and Mrs. Jia are preparing a trap that will kill Master Ma.

Master Ma’s departure thwarts the plans of La and Mrs. Jia. After the episode, viewers can see Thian reading the note he received from Jiu. Eventually, he produces the poison and proclaims, “Today, everything will end.” What will transpire next?

When is the Khun Chai Episode 17 Release Date?

Episode 17 of Khun Chai will premiere on Monday, November 28, 2022. In Thailand, episode 17 of Khun Chai will air on GMM One at 8:30 a.m. EDT. International viewers can stream Khun Chai at 7 p.m. IST, 10.30 p.m. KST, 5.30 p.m. PT, and 12.30 a.m. AEDT on Mondays.

Who Stars in Khun Chai?

Film Thanapat Kawila plays Thian; Jam Rachata Hampanont plays Jiu; Tongtong Kitsakorn Kanogtorn plays Yang; Saksit Tangthong plays Song. Pock Piyathida Mittiraroch will also play the role of Li. Jan is portrayed by Panward Hemmanee in contrast. Milly Camilla Kittivat In the newest Thai television series, Khun Chai, Kirn portrays Phin.

Where To Watch Khun Chai Episode 17 Online?

The seventeenth episode of Khun Chai will air on GMM One at the time specified here for Thai audiences. At the listed times and dates, international viewers can stream the show via the Bilibili app. The Bilibili app is available for free download and use. Keep track of local times for viewing Khun Chai outside of Thailand. Happy streaming!