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kris krohn net worth: What Made Kris Krohn So Rich?

Kris Krohn is a multitalented man who is an expert in real estate, bestselling author, businessman, and YouTuber. Krohn began his career as a real estate investor before transitioning into the education industry to teach people how to amass riches. Kris Krohn has a net worth of $65 million in 2022.

Early Life

Kristoffer Andrew Krohn was born in Utah, United States on September 24, 1979. His parents are Klaus and Eileen Krohn. He has not disclosed whether he has siblings nor does he reveal the majority of his early life.

The native of Utah attended Eastlake High School in Redmond, Washington, graduating in 1998. Then, he attended Brigham Young University to earn a degree in Psychology and Human Development. This is unexpected given his current career. The majority of fans would have believed Kris majored in business.

After graduating from college, he was uncertain of his career goals. He eventually entered the real estate market and used the Home Equity Loan investment technique. The approach permits homeowners to borrow against the equity of their home. This has been successful over the past decade as a result of money printing and low-interest rates.

Personal Life

Kris met his wife, Kaleen Krohn, at Brigham Young University, when they were both students. They wed in 2007 and currently have four children. Currently, they both reside with their children in Orem, Utah.


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Career Beginnings

In the 1990s and early 2000s, he worked for numerous Utah-based real estate brokers after realizing his interest in property sales. Following that, he founded his businesses, Real Estate Investors Club and Strongbrook Group. In his mid-20s, he became a millionaire due to this decision.

His first two books, The Conscious and The Straight Path to Real Estate Wealth, were bestsellers and sold millions of copies in 2003. This strengthened Kris Krohn’s reputation as a recognized real estate agent.

Kris has coached clients in the acquisition, management, and protection of wealth through creative real estate investing. The primary purpose of Kris’s life is to share his knowledge online.

Online Ventures

In 2014, Kris Krohn established his YouTube channel around the time he became a motivational speaker and private mentor. In addition to real estate, he also creates content relevant to personal growth. Despite not being Tony Robbins, he is an outstanding speaker.

In 2017, he launched “Limitless,” a book that gives a road map for real estate investors seeking success. Kris has published five books, the first of which was launched in 2010.

The entrepreneur also developed a course on his website, Despite online inquiries, Kris is not a con artist. The information he imparts is legitimate and based on experience. Currently, he has 850,000 subscribers on YouTube, so he must be doing something right!

Spouse and Kids

He has been married to his wonderful wife Karen for many years. It is known that the couple met at Brigham Young University and later married. The couple has four children, two girls, and two boys, due to their union.

Because Kris chooses to keep his personal life private, there is no information accessible regarding his relationship.

Wealth and Revenues

Kris claims to own about 400 homes in the United States, some of which he acquired with no down payment. According to Social Blade, he receives approximately 30,000 views every day; assuming a CPM of $10, he earns approximately $9,000 per month from YouTube advertisements.

His revenue from Real Estate Investors Club and The Strongbrook Group is a significant contributor to his wealth. By 2010, Krohn was earning approximately $1 million from both of these businesses. Today, he is reported to be worth $65 million. Given the declining real estate market, this may have an impact on his fortune.


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What Made Kris Krohn So Rich?

Kris Krohn became wealthy through numerous real estate investments and internet stardom. The majority of his net worth is derived from his thriving firm, which is generating substantial earnings. His company, Stronbrook Group, is well-known throughout Utah, United States of America. His Group holds a large number of homes, lands, catastrophe protection companies, and contracting enterprises, among other assets.

Furthermore, his YouTube channel has earned him a considerable sum of money. The current amount of followers on his YouTube account is 736k. In addition, he has seized the opportunity to write books. He has published three of his novels and gained money from them.

What Is Kris Krohn’s Monthly Salary?

Kris Krohn receives a staggering monthly income of millions of dollars from his two companies and YouTube channel. He gets about $100,000 from his YouTube channel alone. Consequently, he has established himself as an online motivational speaker. However, his monthly earnings from published books and courses are not made public, according to reports. Kris Krohn’s monthly salary is substantially affected by his books and other systems.


What is Kris Krohn’s marital status?

Kris Khon is married and her wife’s name is Karen.

What is Kris’s address?

Kris Khon’s residence is in Orem, Utah.

Who is Kris Krohn?

Kron is an experienced YouTuber in addition to being a businessman, real estate investor, author, and public speaker. His movement Limitless is well-known. Limitless, Conscious Creator and The Straight Path to Real Estate Wealth are among his best-selling works.

How old is Kris Krohn?

By the year 2020, Krahn will be 43 years old, born on September 24, 1979, and a Libra.

What height is Kris Krohn?

Kronn has a height of roughly 5 feet 9 inches.

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