Ksi Girlfriend: Why Did Ksi Break Up With His Girlfriend?


ksi girlfriend

On the Sidemen Reddit show, KSI recently talked about his breakup with his girlfriend. The YouTuber casually mentioned his breakup in a chat with members of his YouTube group, Sidemen.

Early in November, the 28-year-old star, who had been in love and smitten up until recently, sparked breakup rumors with a cryptic Instagram post. The words “single and alone” were written on the now-deleted post.

Who Are Ksi’s Ex-girlfriends?

Despite the YouTuber’s best efforts to keep his romantic life private, fans eventually find out who he is dating. The celebrity made references to his recent split from the Sidemen members, but it is unclear who KSI dated in 2021.

We do, however, know a few things about his past relationships and ex-girlfriends. A lot is known about KSI’s relationship with Seana Cuthbert, an English internet personality who is said to have been his high school sweetheart. The ex-couple reportedly started dating in high school and ended their relationship in 2014.

In 2017, the celebrity appeared to be committed once more. This time, however, there was also a great deal of mystery surrounding his new love interest. According to a Metro article, Lois Sharpe might have appeared in the now-deleted KSI video “Mauritius With My Girlfriend.”

The social media star and model Nia Pickering were briefly linked to the YouTuber. They allegedly dated from 2018 to 2019. The alleged relationship was never, however, confirmed or denied.

ksi girlfriend

Star Opens Up About 2021 Relationship

Speaking with the Sidemen’s Vikram Singh Barn, TBJZL, Ethan Payne, and KSI, he mentioned having a hamster.

The YouTuber mentioned having a hamster while the co-hosts were discussing their pets. Then TBJZL, real name Tobit John Brown, makes a subliminal comment about how KSI lost custody of his hamster.

The co-hosts’ subtle references to the celebrity’s recent breakup with his ex-girlfriend were quickly picked up on by fans.

What is the Youtuber Up to These Days?

On Instagram, KSI is still very active. The YouTuber publishes sponsored content for companies like Adidas and XIX Vodka, a brand that was developed by the YouTube group Sidemen, of which he is a member.

Currently, he is focused on developing his music career. In July 2021, he released All Over The Place, his second studio album. He worked on the album with artists like 21 Savage, Future, Lil Durk, and others.

Why Did Ksi Break Up With His Girlfriend?

Not only that, but he also revealed that he had dumped his girlfriend, which put the “single and alone” message into perspective. He acknowledged, “I and my girlfriend aren’t together anymore.” It simply did not work out. No one is to blame; it just didn’t work out.

But it’s all right, he said. “It took place a while back. I made this decision while intoxicated, like a complete moron, so yeah. I’m not sure. What is, is what is. I knew the internet would go crazy because it’s out there in the world. KSI made it clear that he is doing fine and is with friends and family. He also thanked his followers for getting in touch with him after his deleted post went viral in his neighborhood.

Although there was a lot of speculation about KSI’s girlfriend’s identity, he has never revealed it publicly. Many believed that the YouTuber was dating Anne Marie, a musician who appeared in a few of his songs, including “Farm Animals” and “Little Bit of Fun.”

Despite their split, it doesn’t seem like KSI will reveal the secret any time soon, but in the wake of the unexpected news, fans seem grateful that their favorite influencer is doing well.