La Casa De Los Famosos Season 2 Review: What Is the Point of La Casa De Los Famosos?


la casa de los famosos season 2

“La Casa de Los Famosos” debuted on television on August 24, 2021, and ran through November 15, 2021. The first season of the reality show attracted 1.2 million viewers. The season consisted of 84 days of nonstop filming.

In addition, the reality show is unique for having online access to 24/7 monitoring, allowing fans to easily keep up with celebrity housemates. Continue reading to learn everything you need to know about the best reality show on Telemundo.

Where Can You Watch “La Casa de Los Famosos”?

“La Casa de Los Famosos” is a Telemundo production that is available on multiple networks. Spectrum TV, Bravo, E!, SYFY, Telemundo, and OXYGEN are among these networks. The popular Latino reality show is also available on streaming sites such as Roku, DIRECTV, AppleTV, and Hulu.

What Is “La Casa de Los Famosos” About?

“La Casa de Los Famosos” is a reality competition show in which 16 eccentric celebrities live under one house without access to the outside world to fight for weekly awards and a $200,000 grand prize.

The reality show was filmed for the Telemundo network in Mexico City, Mexico. La Casa de Los Famosos, also known as “The House of the Famous,” is Telemundo’s version of the reality television franchise “Celebrity Big Brother.” This is the fifth adaption of the popular reality television series “Big Brother.”

la casa de los famosos season 2

The series offers audiences a glimpse into the personalities and private lives of celebrities behind their public personas. The tension within the house is heightened by the fact that the housemates are a diverse group of Latino celebrities with varied backgrounds and personalities. Viewers are afforded a front-row ticket into the private lives of their favorite celebrities as 16 of them learn to manage life in a single location.

Without access to the outside world or mobile phones, the celebrity roommates form intricate alliances to be the last ones standing. The celebrities play each week to escape elimination since viewers have the authority to vote them off.

The entire series is filmed in a house equipped with more than 50 hidden cameras and 60 microphones for 24-hour surveillance. On Telemundo.com, eager viewers have access to unedited and uncensored live footage around the clock. Moreover, constant surveillance will prevent the celebrity contestants from concealing any affiliations, strategic intentions, or secrets from the audience.

La Casa De Los Famosos Season 2 Cast

  • Niurka Marcos,
  • Luis “Potro” Caballero,
  • Ivonne Montero,
  • Nacho Casano,
  • Natalia Alcocer,
  • Brenda Zambrano,
  • Zalvador Zerboni,
  • Juan Vidal,
  • Mayeli Alonso,
  • Laura Bozzo

What Is the Point of La Casa De Los Famosos?

Each season focuses on a group of celebrities living in a house without access to the outside world and competing for a $200,000 reward.