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Liz Cheney Net Worth: Where Did Liz Cheney Live?

Liz Cheney is an attorney and politician with a long history of involvement in American politics. Ms. Cheney was raised in a household with extensive political connections.

Her father is the former vice president Dick Cheney, who also represented Wyoming in the US House of Representatives. We recently discovered that Liz’s estimated net worth is $7 million, but how did she become so wealthy? We were curious about how she amassed her wealth, so we examined her personal and professional history for hints.

Early Years

She was born in 1966, making her 55 years old in the year 2021. Liz is the daughter of former Vice President Dick Cheney and his wife Lynne, who reared her in Madison, Wisconsin, along with her sister Mary.

According to Exact Net Worth, she graduated from high school and received a bachelor’s degree from Colorado College. She completed her study, earning a doctorate in law from the University of Chicago’s Law School. Her schooling prepared her to comprehend the law and its application in political and other contexts. Her life growing up in a politically connected family helped to prepare her for what would follow in her emerging political career.

Personal Life

Cheney amassed a fortune from the several high-ranking posts she held throughout her career, especially the $150,000-per-year government roles. She also inherited a substantial portion from her father, former Vice President Dick Cheney, who earned millions of dollars during his term.

Philip Perry, Cheney’s spouse, is also an attorney and has worked for several government agencies. His salary is comparable to that of Cheney. He held the position of associate general at both the Department of Justice and the Office of Management and Budget.

According to reports, Cheney and her husband have made substantial real estate investments that have substantially increased their worth. They acquired a Wisconsin residence for approximately $1.63 million. Grace Perry, Kate Perry, Philip Richard Perry, Elizabeth Perry, and Richard Perry are her children with husband Philip Perry.


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Liz did not immediately enter politics after her college graduation. In the late 1980s and early 1990s, she spent five years at the State Department before joining the U.S. Agency for International Development. She quit her position to become a consultant for Armitage Associates. In addition to other positions, she held the position of Deputy Assistant Secretary of State for Near Eastern Affairs while President Bush was in office.

Until she decided to run for the Wyoming Senate, she served as a legal advisor. She ran on the Republican ticket in 2014 but dropped her candidacy after a difficult year. In 2015, she ran for the Wyoming seat in the United States House of Representatives and won. In November of 2018, she was re-elected, recovering her position in 2020. She was ousted from her position as chair of the House Republican Conference owing to her criticism of President Donald Trump.


Cheney was inaugurated into office in 2017 and backed Trump’s presidential campaign and Endangered Species Act legislation as a co-sponsor. She was criticized by Alexandria Ocasio-Cortez for holding Mexico-U.S.Border immigrants as holding concentration camp victims. She consistently supported the Trump administration and was a Trump supporter.

Cheney declared after the attack on the Capitol that she would vote to impeach Trump for his complicity in the attack. Trump directed his rebels to eliminate Cheney because she abandoned the former president.

In addition, she was requested to resign from the Wyoming Republican House for voting in favor of Trump’s impeachment. She was no longer recognized as a member of the party in 2021, citing the fact that Cheney failed to present tangible proof for the previous president’s impeachment. Cheney was requested to participate in the House investigation into the attack on the Capitol.

Despite her contentious personality, Cheney has been awarded and recognized. She was included on the Forbes 50 over 50, a list of noteworthy leaders, inventors, entrepreneurs, and scientists older than 50. She was also included in Time’s 2021 list of the 100 most important people in the world.

Cheney was awarded the Profile Courage Award by the John F. Kennedy Library Foundation on April 22, 2022, for defending democracy.

Principal Deputy

In 2007, Cheney signed up for Fred Thompson’s Presidential Campaign for the 2008 elections. He subsequently dropped out and Cheney worked for Mitt Romney’s Presidential Campaign as a senior foreign policy advisor. In 2012, she was employed as a contributor to the Fox News channel and guest-starred in shows such as Fox News Sunday and Hannity.

In 2014, she declared she would run for the Senate from Wyoming as a Republican. Her campaign was questioned as she opposed same-sex marriage and dropped her campaign citing health difficulties. In 2015, Cheney once again explored standing for Wyoming’s House Seat. She was supported by the American Oil mogul Simon Kukes and was elected with 60 percent of the votes in her favor.

She was once again re-elected to the House in 2018 and acted as the Chair of the House Republican Conference. She was the third-ranking Republican in the chamber. She once again got elected to the House in 2020 with 69 percent of the ballots in her favor.

State Department

Richard Boucher created the position of Deputy Assistant Secretary of State for Near Eastern Affairs specifically for Cheney, according to sources quoted by the New York Times. The Sunday Times also said that Cheney’s appointment signified America’s commitment to Middle Eastern Reform.

She was granted authority and supervision over the Middle Eastern Partnership Initiative, which was intended to address the requirements of literacy, economic development, and political reform.

Cheney left the State Department position within a year to work for Bush-re-election Cheney’s campaign, where he engaged in the ‘W Stands for Women’ project targeting female voters. She returned to the State Department and was appointed Principal Deputy Assistant Secretary for Near Eastern Affairs and Coordinator for Broader Middle East and North Africa Initiatives.

In North Africa and the Middle East, she supported and emphasized democracy, economic opportunity, and education. She simultaneously led the Iran Syria Policy and Operations Group and established a unit within the Bureau of Near Eastern Affairs of the State Department.


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How did Liz Cheney Make Her Fortune?

2002 was the beginning of Liz Cheney’s professional career, per Wiki. She is intelligent and well-connected. In addition to her profession as an attorney, she had multiple positions in the federal government that paid approximately $150,000 per year. She has occupied numerous positions of prominence over the years.

She has worked nonstop for the majority of her adult life. She is married to Phillip Perry, who, like Liz, is an attorney. They offer huge earning potential when combined.

Additionally, Philip worked with federal entities. He held the position of associate general at both the Department of Justice and the Office of Management and Budget. In addition to his partnership at the Washington law firm Latham & Watkins, he held additional positions. Perry has also enjoyed a prosperous legal career.

Since 1993, the pair has been married, and they have five children. It is also important to note that her father Dick Cheney has an estimated net worth in the hundreds of millions of dollars. She was born into an affluent, well-connected family.

This made it easier for Liz to obtain her degree and enter her job debt-free, unlike the majority of recent college graduates. The family name also assisted her in gaining credibility when seeking high-level positions. Even though he had these advantages, Liz has earned her way and established her credibility.

The Decision

It is reasonable to suppose that both Liz Cheney and her husband Philip Perry hard to obtain their current riches. Both were high-ranking attorneys who had positions of prominence in the administration. It is still unclear how Liz amassed an estimated net worth of $7 million, but it is likely due to a few wise investments she and her husband made throughout their lives together.

During her time as a private consultant, Liz undoubtedly earned more than she did as a lawmaker. Both she and her spouse have accomplished legal professions and have worked together to increase their wealth. We have not discovered any other side employment or investments, however, it is likely that both of them have made investments that have helped to increase their wealth.

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