Lockwood & Co. Season 2: When Will Season 2 Be Release?


lockwood and co season 2

The most recent Netflix thriller, Lockwood & Co., is a ghost-hunter story with a twist. Based on Jonathan Stroud’s book series of the same name, the show follows three adolescent ghost hunters who battle dangerous spirits without adult supervision or monetary motivations.

The premiere of the first season of the series, consisting of eight episodes, occurred recently. Numerous fans who have binge-watched the show are now eagerly anticipating its second season. Is Lockwood & Co. renewed for a second season? Find out by reading on.

Lockwood & Co. Season 2: Renewal Status

At the time of writing, Lockwood & Co. has not been officially renewed for a second season. Netflix typically takes a few weeks to announce the renewal of a show after analyzing its viewership numbers, ratings, and budget. Therefore, it is unknown whether the streaming service will order a second season of the series.

In favor of the show is the fact that there is still a great deal of source material to be covered. There are five volumes in the book series by Jonathan Stroud, but only the first two have been covered on the show. In order to conclude the story, a subsequent season will be necessary.

Showrunner and director Joe Cornish also expressed interest in creating a second season of Lockwood & Co., stating, “You know, the books get better and better, the world is explored in a very unexpected and exciting way, and there are some incredible set pieces and twists and new directions to come.”

“We fervently hope that viewers enjoy the show and that we can continue telling the story that Jonathan Stroud has so brilliantly penned,” he said.

The show was announced in December 2021, with production commencing in July 2021 and its premiere occurring on January 27, 2023.

If the trend continues and the renewal is announced within the next few weeks, the second season of the show will likely air in late 2024 or early 2025. Therefore, we will have to wait nearly two years for the show’s return.

Lockwood & Co. Season 2

Lockwood & Co. Season 2 Expected Storyline

If the second season is approved, it will continue to be based on the book series plot. Regarding the potential second season, Cornish added, “We would continue with the books.”

The conclusion of the first season left some unanswered questions. The exact fate of Lockwood’s parents has not yet been revealed; this will likely be addressed in the upcoming season.

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Lockwood’s mysterious room, which was kept locked throughout the eight episodes until the series finale, will also be an important plot point.

The room door was flung open by the end of the season, but we will have to wait until the following season to find out what was hidden inside.

Lockwood & Co. Season 2 Cast

If a second season is produced, it is anticipated that the main cast will reprise their roles. Ruby Stokes portrays Lucy Carlyle, Cameron Chapman portrays Anthony Lockwood, Ali Hadji-Heshmati portrays George Karim, and Ivanno Jeremiah plays Inspector Barnes.

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Morven Christie portrays Penelope Fittes, Jemma Moore plays Annabel Ward, Jack Bandeira plays Quill Kipps, Hayley Konadu plays Flo Bones, Rhianna Dorris plays Kat Godwin, Paddy Holland plays Bobby Vernon, and Rico Vina plays Ned Shaw.

Is There a Trailer for Lockwood & Co.?

Season 2 of Lockwood and Co has no trailer, but we won’t leave you empty-handed. You can view the trailer for season 1 above.

Where Can I Watch Lockwood & Co. Season 2?

Watch Lockwood & Co. on Netflix.

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