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Macron fired for vowing to make the unvaccinated miserable

French President Emmanuel Macron on Wednesday leveled harsh criticism, especially from his political opponents, after he bluntly argued that the government should worsen the lives of those who had not been vaccinated.

“I really want to make those who are not vaccinated angry,” he said. Macron said Interview with Le Parisien’s Readers Group, A newspaper. “So we’re going to continue to do that until the end.”

Mr. Macron sought to capitalize on the frustration in France with those who had not been vaccinated. But some critics feared that his outspoken tone would unnecessarily annoy anti-vaccine activists, while doing little to convince those reluctant to vaccinate.

“Those who refuse the corona virus vaccine are part of the minority,” he said. Macron said. Three-quarters of France’s 67 million people Fully vaccinated, But approximately five million French people did not even get a shot.

“I’m not going to put them in jail,” he said. “I’m not going to force-vaccinate them.”

Instead, the government is pushing a bill through parliament that would tighten the eligibility for France’s health pass, which would not allow people to get one with negative tests. Boss provides access to restaurants, cafes, museums and other public places.

Once the bill is approved, only evidence of vaccination – or, in some cases, evidence of recovery from Covit-19 – will be accepted, which will prevent those who have not been vaccinated from large parts of French social life.

France has seen the number of new confirmed cases almost every day over the past week – more than 270,000 on Tuesday alone – and hospital admissions are steadily increasing. But unlike some of its European neighbors, France has refused to impose restrictions such as curfews or locks to control infection rates.

He said his government’s strategy was to embarrass the lives of unvaccinated French people. Macron continues to clarify. But his comments, published on the newspaper’s website late on Tuesday, indicate that despite the rapid rise of the Omigron variant of the corona virus, he marked it for the first time in a very bitter way. Violates France’s social treaty on Govt.

These comments soon caused a stir in parliament, with the government interrupting a session in which lawmakers were debating the vaccine bill. The reaction of his political opposition was rapid.

Christian Jacob, leader of the right-wing Republican Party, told lawmakers that comments were inappropriate for a French president. “I do not support the bill, which aims to provoke the French,” he said.

The far-right leader, Mr. in the upcoming election. Marine Le Pen, one of Macron’s main opponents, has been accused of “waging war” on those who have not been vaccinated.

“Even if one does not share their will, they have not violated any of the laws of our country,” he told reporters in Parliament late on Tuesday. Macron has made a political and moral mistake. “He continues his policy of secession and opposes the French against each other,” he said.

Mr. Macron’s comments come amid a heated political climate – less than four months before the presidential election – and after he was sworn in a recent interview. Learned from mistakes During his tenure, when One of his lines was constantly criticized Rejection and unrelated.

Enemies of the President Have maneuvered in Parliament Delay the passage of the vaccine bill, and his supporters have said they will Death threats Shame on them for supporting the law. There was a legislator’s home garage Target fire and hostile graffiti Last month.

Member of the European Parliament, Mr. Macron’s close ally, Stéphane Séjourné, supported the president’s comments. Argue on Twitter Those who are not vaccinated are the ones who harass the French by imposing heavy burdens on hospitals, exhausting health workers and “forcing the rest of the population to take control”.

“So yes, we should make them angry in return,” he said.

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