Magnesium Iron Silicate Hydroxide: The Most Recent TikTok Fad Includes Some Rather Perplexing Scientific Terms


There are unquestionably areas of TikTok where nerdy, science-oriented content is abundant. However, one of the most recent trends on the platform is the use of scientific terminology, which is typically reserved for the nerdiest parts of the internet. The trend is a joke involving the term magnesium iron silicate hydroxide, and many are curious as to why it is so popular on TikTok.

Magnesium Iron Silicate Hydroxide is What?

Videos of users asking their partners if they are magnesium iron silicate hydroxide have recently dominated TikTok. Typically, this question leaves their partner perplexed, as few individuals are familiar with the term. When you look up the more common name for magnesium iron silicate hydroxide, the joke’s meaning becomes clear.

It turns out that the mineral’s common name is Cummingtonite, which is a truly hilarious name. Once you realize the mineral’s other name, the question becomes a humorous double entendre that is only accessible to those who are familiar with the meme or have the intelligence to look it up. The joke belongs to a long tradition of pun-related TikTok humor that has become popular on the platform.

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The Most Recent Tiktok Trend is Magnesium Iron Silicate Hydroxide

Although the magnesium iron silicate hydroxide jokes may seem unique, similar jokes have trended on TikTok numerous times in the past. The Candice jokes utilized a similar concept, which consisted of asking those unfamiliar with the trend if they had heard about what happened to Candice. When the other person asked who Candice is, the first responds, “Candice doesn’t fit in your mouth!”

It’s not the most sophisticated style of a joke in the world, but different users were able to dress it up in amusing ways that made it enjoyable for people who may have to see

n dozens of versions of it. Some versions of this trend even cut off the video before the punchline, so users who had never seen it before were unaware of how the joke concluded.

There Are Numerous Jokes on Tiktok That Are Intended for Diehard Users

Many trends on TikTok evolve in this manner, making it challenging to join a trend after it has passed through several stages. However, one of the most enjoyable aspects of watching videos on TikTok is observing how individual users adapt a trend to fit their personality or personal brand. One trend can be customized in countless ways, making it unique to each user’s taste.

This is what allows simple and frequently offensive jokes to spread so rapidly on the platform. It is the differences between the various versions of the joke’s delivery that have allowed it to endure through a variety of life stages. There’s no telling how the magnesium iron silicate hydroxide joke will evolve as it continues to trend on Twitter.