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Maitland Ward Net Worth: How Did Maitland Ward Become Famous?


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Maitland Ward Net Worth

American actress Maitland Ward has a net worth of $4 million. She played Jessica Forrester on “The Bold and the Beautiful” from 1994 to 1996, but she is perhaps best known for her role as Rachel McGuire on the television series Boy Meets World from 1998 to 2000.

She portrayed Eleanor in “Interlocked: Thrilled to Death” in 1998 and Brittany Wilson in “White Chicks” in 2004. Additionally, Ward has appeared in episodes of USA High, Home Improvement, Boston Public, Out of Practice, and Rules of Engagement.

In 1995, she earned a Young Artist Award for The Bold and the Beautiful’s Best Performance by a Youth Actress in a Daytime Series.

Maitland achieved success outside of acting by donning seductive costumes for Cosplay at conventions and social media gatherings. She was the most popular provider of po*nographic material on the social payment site Patreon in 2018.

Maitland began acting in adult films in 2019. Since at least 2013, she had been sharing naked and topless images on social media, amassing nearly 2 million Instagram followers. In her debut year as a performer, she received two Adult Video News Award nominations. Maitland informed The Daily Beast in December 2019 that she occasionally earns $60,000 per month using the direct pay platform OnlyFans.


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Early Years

On February 3, 1977, Ward was born in Long Beach, California. Regarding her parents, family, and childhood, little is known. However, she had an early interest in the arts and entertainment. In middle school, she began to audition for roles in films, television, and commercials, eventually obtaining her first job on “The Bold and the Beautiful” in high school.


16-year-old Ward earned the role of Jessica Forrester on “The Bold and the Beautiful” in 1994 when she was still in high school. Until 1996, she remained on the show for two years. She later appeared as a guest star on “USA High” and the seventh season of “Home Improvement” on ABC. In the 1997 television film “Killing Mr. Griffin,” she co-starred alongside Jay Thomas and Mario Lopez.

She was cast as Rachel McGuire in the sixth season of “Boy Meets World” in 1998. She was a prominent cast member who remained with the show until its conclusion in 2000. She then starred alongside Brian Dennehy, Matthew Lillard, and Sean Astin in the independent film “Dish Dogs.” She appears alongside Shawn and Marlon Wayans in the 2004 comedy film “White Chicks.” She then decided to retire from the acting industry.

However, Ward did not fully vanish from public view. She started cosplaying and made appearances at various comic book conventions. She has appeared as Princess Leia in her iconic slave bikini from the “Star Wars” trilogy, as well as Jessica 6 from “Logan’s Run” and Red Sonja from the Marvel universe. Since then, she has made public appearances wearing only body paint.

Personal Life

Ward married real estate agent Terry Baxter in October 2006. A few years prior, the couple had met on set. The couple moved from California to New York after their wedding. Before enrolling at New York University to study writing and screenwriting, Ward had completed some college-level coursework at a university in California.

Adult Career

In 2013, Ward began posting naked or scantily-clad photos of herself on social media, which helped her gain a large following on Snapchat and Instagram. In April 2016, she uploaded photographs of her naked body that had been painted by Luciano Paesani for the “Living Art” exhibition in Los Angeles.

Because she received so much great response for this type of work, she ultimately chose to enter the po*nographic industry. In 2019, she revealed on Instagram that she would star in the po*nographic film “Drive.” Some celebrity periodicals, such as “In Touch Weekly,” made note of Ward’s career transition due to its magnitude.

In May 2019, Ward secured a contract with Society 15, an adult talent agency. She explained that another adult actress and adult film director, Kayden Kross, had approached her about doing adult work, and she was immediately interested. The internet release of “Drive” occurred in September of that year. Since then, she has appeared in further explicit situations.

When asked about the career change, Ward stated that she does not believe there is a stigma associated with being a por*star and that she sees her decision as a shrewd business move. She has also expressed her delight at the prospect of new admirers discovering her through a new body of work.

About The Book

This unique celebrity memoir provides an inspiring, se*-positive, behind-the-scenes look at both Hollywood and the po*n industry. Fans of Pleasure Activism and How to Make Love Like a Po*n Star will love this book.

Maitland Ward began her acting career as a teen when she was cast in The Bold and the Beautiful, but she did not have her first taste of success until she joined the later seasons of the sitcom Boy Meets World.

As the lovable, seductive (but not too se*y) college student Rachel McGuire, Ward quickly became typecast as the good girl next door and was consistently denied darker, more fascinating roles. She soon established herself as one of the most esteemed actresses in the po*n industry, necessitating a career shift that compelled her to turn away from the Disney realm.


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Now, Ward exposes the highs and lows of her intriguing career, including intimate anecdotes from her time on one of the most popular shows of the 1990s, in a book that is anything from ordinary. By presenting Hollywood and triple-X stardom in an entirely new light, she presents a novel and provocative viewpoint on the se* industry. Rated X is a smart and provocative look at a former Disney princess who discovered her fairy tale in po*n and, ultimately, triumphs.

How Did Maitland Ward Become Famous?

Even though Maitland’s name and face may appear to be everywhere now, this was not always the case. At the age of 16, she made her acting debut as Jessica Forrester on The Bold and the Beautiful from 1994 to 1996.

Maitland subsequently landed guest roles on shows such as USA High and Home Improvement, in addition to the 1997 television film Killing Mr. Griffin.

In 1998, Maitland’s Boy Meets World character Rachel McGuire was added to the mix, becoming her most well-known conventional acting role. In addition, she appeared in films including Dish Dogs and White Chicks.

However, after a few years of cosplaying at various comic conventions, Maitland made her most well-known transition to date: creating po*nographic content.

According to Mel Magazine, Maitland began uploading suggestive photographs on Instagram and Snapchat around mid-2013, which prompted her following to grow on both sites. In 2016, she released photographs of herself entirely coated in body paint for the “Living Art” show by Luciano Paesani.

Drive, her first official po*nographic film, was released in 2019.

Since then, Maitland’s popularity as an adult actress has increased significantly. According to the New York Post, Maitland’s po*nography profession is more lucrative than her usual acting one.

“When people say, ‘She had no choice but to turn to po*n,’ I laugh because this is a good thing and I’m making more now,” she quipped to the tabloid, disclosing that in her finest month of 2018 she earned $62,000 through OnlyFans. What a large amount of money!