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Manhunt Season 3 Release Date: Will Manhunt Return for Season 3?

Manhunt Season 3 Release Date:  Last week, ITV’s Manhunt started its second season with Martin Clunes as the real-life detective Colin Sutton. The show again drew people in with another version of Sutton’s memoirs.

In series two, Sutton went after South East London’s Night Stalker, Delroy Grant, who was a serial rapist who preyed on elderly women living alone from 1992 until he was finally caught in 2009.

After airing on ITV for four nights in a row, the exciting detective drama came to an end, leaving many viewers wondering when Martin Clunes as Sutton would be back on TV again.

Even though ITV hasn’t said when we can expect Manhunt to come back, the real Colin Sutton says there’s still a lot more to look into. Read on to find out what we know so far about season three of Manhunt.

Will Manhunt Return for Season 3?

ITV hasn’t said if Manhunt is coming back for a second season yet, but Colin Sutton, whose memoirs were the basis for the show, said earlier this year that he was in talks about a possible second season.

When asked if there were more of his cases that could be turned into TV shows, Sutton replied: “It’s possible. I wasn’t sure about this one after we did the first one. We’ve thought about it and talked about it, so I think we have to say that it’s possible.”

manhunt season 3

Ed Whitmore, who writes for the show, said that he was “100%” willing to write a third series, and he added, “Absolutely. As Colin said, we are talking about this possibility right now.”

Manhunt Season 3 Release Date Rumours

Since a third season of the true-crime detective show Manhunt hasn’t been announced yet, there isn’t an official date for when it will come back. But we can make a good guess about when season three will come out.

The first season of Manhunt aired in January 2019. However, the second season wasn’t ordered until November 2020, and we didn’t see it until September 2021, just under a year later.

Even though it took over two years for Manhunt to come back for series two, we can hope that COVID-19 was part of the reason for the long wait and that series three will come out a lot sooner than 2023.

Manhunt Season 3 Cast

The manhunt wouldn’t be the same without Colin Sutton, the detective whose life and work inspired the show. If the show comes back, Martin Clunes will almost certainly be in charge of the cast again.

Claudie Blakley is likely to come back as Louise, Colin’s wife, and Stephen Wight, who played Detective Constable Clive Grace in both seasons one and two, could be back for series three.

As for the rest of the cast, new actors will likely join the drama for series three, which will probably be about a new case that Colin Sutton is working on. So keep an eye out for any news!

Manhunt Season 3 Plot

If Martin Clunes comes back for another season of Manhunt, it’s likely to be about a new case of Sutton’s. It’s hard to say what season three will be about, though.

In the first season, Sutton looked into the murder of Amélie Delagrange, which led him to find the people who killed Marsha McDonnell and Milly Dowler. In the second season, he went after serial rapist Delroy Grant.

Since both of ITV’s series are based on real cases that detective Colin Sutton worked on, the third will almost certainly also be based on a real case.

On ITVHub, you can watch the first and second seasons of Manhunt. Want to know what to watch tonight? Check out our TV Guide. Visit our Drama hub to find out what’s going on.

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