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Megyn Kelly Net Worth: How Much Does Megyn Kelly Make Every Year?

As of 2022, Megyn Kelly is a journalist, news anchor, political commentator, and attorney from Champaign, Illinois with a net worth of $45 million US. She is one of the most important figures in the entertainment sector, as well as a popular TV host and political pundit.

She was a well-known Fox channel personality before joining NBC. Even though her popularity ratings took a hit after she transferred to a different network, her impact as a brilliant news anchor cannot be questioned. Megyn Kelly is well known for being one of the most exceptional journalists at Fox News, where she became the host of numerous successful talk shows throughout her career.

Time magazine ranked Kelly as one of the world’s 100 most important people in 2014. During her tenure at NBC, her prominence was marred by scandal, prompting Megyn to leave the network and focus primarily on her social media sites, such as YouTube and Instagram. In this article, we will examine Megyn Kelly’s total net worth, including her salary, income sources, career, biography, and luxurious lifestyle.

Early Life

Megyn Marie Kelly was born in Champaign, Illinois, on November 18, 1970, and was raised in Syracuse by a Catholic family. Her mother, Linda, is a stay-at-home mother, while her father, Edward Kelly, taught at the State University of New York at Albany.

She has Irish ancestry through her father, and Italian and German ancestry through her mother. When Kelly was 9 years old, her family relocated to Delmar, New York, a suburb of Albany.


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She attended Tecumseh Elementary School in DeWitt before moving with her family to the new location. After graduating from Bethlehem Central High School, she pursued a bachelor’s degree in political science at Syracuse University, from which she graduated in 1992.

She subsequently enrolled at the Albany Law School, where she served as editor of the Law College journal Albany Law Review. She was 15 years old when her father passed away from a heart attack. In addition, she began working as an associate at a prominent Chicago law firm after earning her Juris Doctor from the university. She then had the opportunity to work for the worldwide law firm Jones Day for over nine years.

Personal Life

Megyn Kelly has been married twice; her first marriage was to anesthesiologist Daniel Kendall in 2001. However, the pair separated in 2006 after nearly five years of dating.

Then, Kelly began dating Douglas Brunt, the CEO of the cybersecurity company Authentium. The couple wed in 2008, and they have three children: sons Edward Yates Brunt, Thatcher Bray Brunt, and Yardley Evans Brunt. Douglas is a full-time author who has written numerous novels.

Career Beginning

When Kelly relocated to Washington, DC, she landed her first work in the broadcasting sector as a General Assignment Reporter for WJLA-TV. She covered various local and notable events for this channel, including the Supreme Court hearings for Justice Samuel Alito Jr. and Chief Justice John G. Roberts and the 2004 presidential election.

Her success at WJLA-TV gave her the confidence to approach prominent News Channels. Kelly reached out to CNN but was rebuffed, a decision that CNN president Jonathan Klein is rumored to regret.

Salary Details

During her tenure at Fox Network, Megyn Kelly’s annual income peaked at $8 million, according to public records. At the time, she was one of the most prominent Fox News anchors.

After she left Fox and joined NBC News, Kelly’s salary was upped from $8 million to $23 million per year. She signed a three-year contract with NBC at a staggering $69 million. According to some sources, her annual compensation at NBC was between $15 million and $20 million.


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NBC Career

On January 3, 2016, it was revealed that Megyn Kelly will be joining NBC from Fox News. Rupert Murdoch, the head of Fox, reportedly considered paying Megyn Kelly $20 million per year to help her preserve the station. Nevertheless, Kelly decided to move to NBC. Her agreement with Fox was brilliant, after which she began hosting shows on NBC.

Kelly rose to prominence on this new channel after conducting interviews with prominent figures like Vladimir Putin and others. It was stated that Kelly had departed Fox for a triple job at NBC, which included hosting “Megyn Kelly Today.” In addition, she hosted the interview-based series Sunday Night With Megyn Kelly.
However, this program did not obtain the ratings she desired. Some critics went on to claim that she was attempting to imitate Kelly Ripa, a renowned daytime talk show personality, rather than being herself as she had been at Fox News. When Kelly premiered on September 25, 2017, the audience began to decline over time.

In contrast to her daytime program, Live With Kelly & Ryan on ABC attracted 3 million people in the same time slot. Kelly defended herself by stating that the show was only six months old and need at least a year to establish a solid foundation. Kelly’s desire to spend more time with her family and children was one of the reasons she quit Fox News.

Fox offered her a night slot or an evening slot, but she opted for the morning show on NBC instead. As previously stated, Fox reportedly offered Megyn Kelly a salary of $20 million per year or $100 million for four years, which she rejected.

As a result of making controversial statements in 2018, she was forced to quit NBC, and her time on the network was brief.

Fox News

Despite this, she received an offer from Fox News, and there was no turning back. Kelly began contributing to a legal piece for Special Report with Brit Hume, the program on which she made her debut. In addition to appearing on The O’Reilly Factor and On the Record with Greta Van Susteren, she was a frequent guest panelist on shows such as The O’Reilly Factor and On the Record.
In 2010, Megyn Kelly became a co-host of America’s Newsroom alongside Bill Hemmer. In February of that year, Kelly anchored America Live, a two-hour afternoon talk show. The program’s audience began to climb by twenty percent, and Kelly’s approach to journalism made her a household brand. Her reportage of the 2012 US Presidential Election drew significant attention.

In 2013, Kelly chose to return and began anchoring the new chat show The Kelly File, which became one of the most popular shows on the Fox network and also won the highest ratings for that network.

Megyn Kelly’s Net Worth

According to sources, Megyn Kelly is still one of the highest-paid news anchors in the world, with annual compensation of $23 million at NBC. Kelly is tied by a $69 million, three-year contract, and her net worth has climbed substantially over the past few years.

“Settle for More,” Megyn’s autobiography, was released on November 15, 2016. In this book, she discusses her career in the media as well as her relationships with prominent leaders and powerful people, including Donald Trump.

She also writes about being propositioned and exploited by Roger Ailes, the CEO of Fox News, in the workplace. To publish this book, Kelly Megyn negotiated a $10 million contract with the publishing business HarperCollins. The anticipated Megyn Kelly Net Worth in 2022 is approximately $45 million, making her one of the wealthiest news anchors.

During the 2016 Presidential Elections, she endorsed candidates Donald Trump and Hillary Clinton in political advertisements.


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How much is Megyn Kelly worth?

The current net worth of Megyn Kelly is 45 million dollars.

How much does Megyn Kelly make every year?

The annual compensation of Megyn Kelly is $23 million.

How old is Megyn Kelly?

Megyn Marie Kelly was born in Champaign, Illinois on November 18, 1970; she is 51 years old.

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