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Members of Congress contacted the Jan. 6 rioters, Rep. Says Thompson


“Now, ‘help’ means different things,” he said. Some people took pictures with the people who came to the ‘Stop stealing’ rally. Some were allowed to come and attend their offices and other things during the entire rally week. So, there is some participation. We have no real knowledge of how people tour. We’ve heard a lot, but we’re still honest with you, House Management and others reviewing many of the films presented by the team.

Thompson said some members of Congress had provided information to his committee and would like to hear from group representatives Scott Perry (R-Pa.) And Jim Jordan (R-Ohio) about their activities. It remains to be seen whether his team will sabotage them or not.

The Mississippi Democrats said they would try to find out more about President Donald Trump’s time at the White House, and he will issue a public statement urging an end to the attacks on the Capitol.

“It’s about 187 minutes,” he told Totti. “We have now determined that he was in the White House and that many tried to contact him through his chief of staff.

Thompson added: “The president was told, ‘You have to tell your people directly to go home and leave the capital.’ So it took more than 187 minutes to publish that simple statement. There’s something wrong with that.”