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Popular American Youtuber: Mikey Murphy Net Worth 2023!


Mickey Murphy’s real name is Michael Joseph Murphy. He is a notable Vlogger and YouTuber. His vlogs and challenge series are on his popular YouTube channel, Mikel’s Average. As part of a school assignment, Mikey and Liam, his friend, launched a YouTube channel called The Original Fiction TV. 

Since Mickey loved taking photographs and making films, he found fulfillment in his work. In addition, he often appears in his series Royal Caribbean, where he hosts various events. So, now let us discuss the life and net worth of Mickey Murphy.

Mickey was born on May 12, 1998, in New Jersey, United States, and is 24 years old as of 2023. Mikey’s zodiac sign is Taurus. Beyond that, we only have detailed information about Mickey’s early life. 

Mikey Murphy Family

Mickey is the son of Monica ( mother) and Michael( father ), born on May 12, 1998, in New Jersey. Both his parents work in a school for children with special needs. His father works as an occupational therapist and his mother is a nurse.

Also, his sister Sydney is two years younger than him. Mikey follows Christianity and he was born in a Christian family and currently, he is living in New Jersey with his family.

Mikey Murphy Relationship Status

Mikey dated another popular YouTuber named Griffin Arnlund. In September 2015 they started dating and broke up in the fourth quarter of 2016.

Mikey Murphy

He started dating Olivia Rouray, a popular YouTuber in the new year. Moreover, on June 13, 2016, he was seen at the Beverly Hilton Hotel in Beverly Hill, California for the 7th Annual Thirst Gala.

Mikey Murphy Career Growth

Mickey Murphy to prominence as a notable YouTuber, Vlogger. He created the channel as a school assignment but received so many negative reactions from a large number of people and his same equal standard that he decided to stop attending classes altogether. This fact never stopped him from working towards becoming a famous YouTuber and actor.

In one of the videos, he admits that he is enjoying chatting on his channel. Then, at the Playlist Live event, he met Luke Korn, who also has a YouTube channel called UncleKornicob, and the two collaborated on videos ranging from challenges to pranks. 

Mikey has been signed by talent agency Big Frame Then he has relocated to Los Angeles Creative Artists Agency, where he works with Jonah Green. His channel now has over 1.6 million subscribers. 

Mikey Murphy

He successfully accommodates a wide range of audience ages in his writings. Mikey has gone from sharing the mundane moments of his life in amateurish vlogs online to creating visually striking and inventive videos in his non-traditional camera placements.

Among the clients he has worked with the fast food chain Burger King and the candy company M&M. A tribute album of their favorite songs, titled From the stories we tell, was released by YouTube stars Mikey and Luke Korn on iTunes.  

In March 2013, He created his YouTube channel is MikeIsAverage, and one of his first videos was titled “What I Do When I’m Home Alone!“. And his Education details are not available at present when we know about his details. We will update our site so Please check back soon for updates. 

Mikey Murphy Social Appearance

Mickey Murphy is active on multiple social media platforms. You can mark Mikey Murphy on the following portals: Twitter, YouTube, and Instagram.


Mickey Murphy is a most popular Instagram star who gained a lot of fame by posting pictures with inspirational captions and reels on his Instagram account he is very popular on Instagram (the world’s most popular photo and video sharing social media platform) and he is famous for his great performance on Instagram.

He has over 50,000 Vine followers and more than 570,000 followers on his Instagram Handle @itsmikeymurphy. Let’s talk about the average likes of his Instagram post, then his likes come between 20 to 40k and sometimes more and sometimes less.

Mikey Murphy


As you know Mickey Murphy is also a famous YouTuber then he started his YouTube journey on March 18th, 2013, and on this day he published his first video although he joined YouTube on 8th March 2013.

He has been on YouTube for almost 8 years and mostly he uploads videos on YouTube more than vlogs. And at this time there are more than 1.7M Subscribers on his YouTube channel.

Let’s talk about the average views of his YouTube videos, he has been on YouTube for almost 8 years and his views vary between 200-400 K and sometimes more or less.

On YouTube channels he has more than 14M views on the most popular videos and the title of the video is “ANDY” – SHORT FILM ” guys here you can watch this video which has crossed 14 million views.

His fans and followers follow different social media accounts mentioned below. 

  • Twitter – @MikeyMurphy ( 323 K Followers)
  • Tik Tok – @itsmikeymurphy ( 80 K Fans)
  • Instagram – @itsmikeymurphy ( 570 K Followers)
  • YouTube –  Michael Murphy ( 1.7 M Subscribers)

Mikey Murphy’s Net Worth

Mikey Murphy’s wealth totally depends on his income source and he has so many sources of income but one of the main ones is social media and he has earned a Large amount from his association with social media handles.

The market value of his assets determines his net worth. The same is true with money; The entire financial worth of Mickey is equal to his net worth. Rumors about his wealth also attract your attention or interest of you as you have heard a lot about him. Mickey is estimated to be worth around $1.25 million.

Mikey Murphy

Apart from this, if he does any private business for earning, then his net worth is not included in this. And we have tried to extract the estimated data of their net worth with the help of the internet by totally turning over their social media handles, so it is not confirmed that this data is correct.

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