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mira rajput wiki

Mira Rajput Kapoor (born September 7, 1994; 27 years old) is a prominent Indian model, media personality, social media influencer, Wellness advocate, investor, celebrity partner, and YouTuber. After marrying the renowned Indian actor and social media celebrity Shahid Kapoor, she rose to prominence in the country.

The couple decided to marry despite their 14-year age difference. Please note that Rajput chose to pursue her own profession and became a model. In addition, her health and athleticism are exceptional.

Mira Rajput’s Biography

Mira Rajput Kapoor Wiki – On September 7th of every year, Mira enjoys celebrating her birthday with her family. She prefers not to divulge a great deal about herself on her social media accounts. According to the accounts, her parents gave birth to her in Delhi, India in 1994. She is 27 years old (as of 2021). After her marriage, she changed her name to Mira Kapoor and now uses the name ‘Mira Rajput Kapoor’

According to the accounts, she and her siblings attended a local school for their education. She continued her education at Vasant Valley School, New Delhi. She completed her bachelor’s degree at Lady Shri Ram College for Women in New Delhi, according to reports.

Mira Rajput’s Profession & Career

The wife of Shahid Kapoor is a multitalented woman. According to her social media profiles, she is a fashion model, Wellness fanatic, Investor, and Ayurveda enthusiast. She only consumes nutritious foods for the sake of her skin and beauty. As a model, she has collaborated with numerous fashion magazines and brands. In addition to this, she is a YouTuber.

Her verified channel has two hundred thousand subscribers and eighteen million views (till August 2022). Her channel featured trip vlogs, self-care regimens, cosmetics, shopping, and numerous more films. Mira never opted to follow in her husband’s footsteps and enter the film industry. Shahid Kapoor always encouraged her to pursue her career.

mira rajput wiki

Mira Rajput Parents

Mira Rajput Kapoor is the youngest kid in her family, according to her biodata. We learned from skimming through her social media accounts that she is a family-oriented daughter who enjoys sharing information about her family on social media. Please be advised that her father’s name is Vikramaditya Rajput and he is registered with the Ministry of Corporate Affairs. He is working hard to provide for his family.

Mira Rajput and her dad Vikramaditya Rajput

Her mother’s name is Bela Rajput, and she is a housewife who takes care of the household. Regarding her siblings, she has only two sisters. Priya Rajput Tulshan and Noorjehan Rajput Wadhwani are her two sisters. In addition, she is an ardent follower of Hinduism and an Indian citizen. Multiple accounts indicate that she belongs to the Khatri caste.

Mira Rajput Kapoor is accompanied by her mother Bela Rajput and sisters Priya Rajput Tulshan and Noorjehan Rajput Wadhwani.

Mira Rajput Kapoor’s Husband

Mira Kapoor is an attractive and talented young lady. After extensive research on social media and the Internet, we discovered that she was dating Aditya Lal. The couple broke up after a few months of dating. After meeting at a family occasion, Mira and Shahid Kapoor fell in love with one another. With the approval of their families, they chose to get married in 2015.

They invited only immediate family members and close friends to their wedding. Shahid Kapoor is, as is common knowledge, a renowned Indian actor. Additionally, he is a very supportive spouse. The couple has been living together happily for seven years and desires to be together forever. They also publish their adorable and beautiful photographs on their social media accounts.

Mira Rajput Net Worth, Lifestyle, and Income Sources

The well-known social media influencer is living a lavish lifestyle with her spouse and family. Let me advise you that she and her family are residing in a luxurious mansion. In addition, she owns branded automobiles, furniture, decorative pieces, a mobile phone, and numerous laptops. She has a high fashion quotient and exclusively wears designer clothing.

Additionally, she has shared her lifestyle hacks on social media. Regarding her sources of income, she is compensated for modelling, fashion, YouTube, commercials, brand ads, and endorsements, among others. Some online sites indicate that Mira Rajput Kapoor’s net worth is between INR 7-8 Crores (approx.).


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9 Lesser Known Facts About Mira Rajput Kapoor

  • In May of 2022, Rajput tried skydiving in Dubai.
  • She always posts her latest nail designs on social media.
  • Mira uses Ayurvedic face masks to maintain healthy skin.
  • She practices yoga and works out daily to maintain her health.
  • The prominent social media personality likes expressing views about motherhood through her IG profile.
  • She prepares nutritious meals for the household.
  • The wife of Shahid Kapoor is an enthusiastic traveler who has visited several notable destinations.
  • She sells things on her social media.
    On the back of her shoulder, Mira Rajput Kapoor desired a little Lotus tattoo.


Mira Kapoor stated on Koffee with Karan that she opposes nepotism. She was later featured on the cover of Vogue magazine because she is Shahid Kapoor’s wife. She was criticized by Internet users for her hypocritical standards.


What is the identity of Mira Rajput Kapoor?

Mira is an Indian model, partner of a celebrity, and social media personality.

What is Mira Rajput’s age?

27 years of age (as of 2021).

What age was Mira Rajput when she married?

20 years.

What is Mira Rajput’s date of birth?

7 September.

What does Mira Rajput Kapoor do for a living?

Rajput is a professional model. In addition, she is a wellness advocate and YouTuber.

How much is Mira Rajput worth?

7-8 Crores INR (approx.).