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Molly Ringwald Net Worth: What Is Molly Ringwald Doing Up to These Days?


molly ringwald net worth

Molly Ringwald Net Worth- Molly Ringwald Molly Ringwald, an American actress, has an estimated net worth of $11 million. Molly Ringwald is most remembered for her roles in the famous teen films of the 1980s, including “Sixteen Candles,” “The Breakfast Club,” and “Pretty in Pink.” Before this, she has known for her appearance in the NBC sitcom The Facts of Life. Other works by Ringwald include “The Pick-up Artist,” “For Keeps,” and “Teaching Mrs. Tingle,” as well as “Riverdale” on television.

Early Life and Beginnings of Career

Molly Ringwald was born in Roseville, California in 1968 to Adele, a caterer, and Robert, a blind jazz pianist. She has two younger sisters, Beth and Kelly, and an older brother who died before she was born. Ringwald began her acting career as the Dormouse in a theatre rendition of “Alice in Wonderland” when she was five years old. She attended the Lycée Français de Los Angeles later on.

In 1978, at the age of ten, Ringwald was chosen to appear in a Los Angeles production of “Annie.” The next year, she appeared in an episode of “Diff’rent Strokes” and then joined the cast of its spin-off, “The Facts of Life.” In both shows, she portrayed Molly Parker, a vivacious Eastland Girls School feminist student. Ringwald performed as the lead vocalist on two Disney albums in 1980: “Yankee Doodle Mickey” and “Disney’s Merry Christmas Carols.”


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Private Life

Ringwald married French author Valéry Lameignère in Bordeaux, France, in 1999. In 2002, the couple divorced. Later, in 2007, Ringwald wed the American-Greek author and editor Panio Gianopoulos; they have a daughter and boy-girl twins.

The Brat Pack and Early Film Achievement

After making her big-screen debut in “Tempest” and “Spacehunter: Adventures in the Forbidden Zone,” Ringwald’s breakthrough performance came in the 1984 coming-of-age comedy “Sixteen Candles” by John Hughes. Ringwald earned the Young Artist Award for Best Young Actress in a Motion Picture for her portrayal of Samantha Baker, a 16-year-old whose family forgets her birthday.

After this accomplishment, she was dubbed a member of the “Brat Pack,” a group of teen performers from the 1980s that included Anthony Michael Hall, Emilio Estevez, Judd Nelson, and Ally Sheedy. John Hughes’s “The Breakfast Club” was Ringwald’s second major hit with the Brat Pack.

In the 1985 picture, the actress portrays Claire Standish, an arrogant affluent girl who is punished for skipping school to go shopping. The next year, Ringwald starred in “Pretty in Pink,” directed by Howard Deutch and written by John Hughes.

Ringwald, desiring more mature roles after “Pretty in Pink,” starred in three films in 1987: “P.K. and the Kid,” the Jean-Luc Godard adaptation of Shakespeare’s “King Lear,” and “The Pick-up Artist,” costarring Robert Downey Jr. The next year, she starred in “For Keeps,” her last teen film, and “Fresh Horses” with fellow “Pretty in Pink” actor Andrew McCarthy.


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Additional Film Career

Ringwald reportedly declined the female lead roles in “Pretty Woman” and “Ghost” in the early 1990s. She starred in the 1990 romantic comedies “Strike it Rich” with Robert Lindsay and John Gielgud and “Betsy’s Wedding” with Alan Alda, Ally Sheedy, Madeline Kahn, and Joe Pesci.

Ringwald, who is fluent in French, went to Paris in the mid-1990s and appeared in several French films. Katie Holmes and Helen Mirren co-starred in the dark comedy “Teaching Mrs. Tingle,” which also featured the sensual thriller “Malicious” and the horror-comedy “Office Killer” throughout the 2000s.

Ringwald appeared in the ensemble restaurant-themed film “In the Weeds” and the Australian slasher film “Cut” to kick off the 2000s. In 2001, she appeared in the western “Cowboy Up” and the parody “Not Another Teen Movie.”

In the 2010s, she appeared in films such as “Jem and the Holograms,” “Bad Night,” “King Cobra,” “SPF-18,” “All These Small Moments,” and “The Kissing Booth,” in which she portrayed the protagonist’s mother. She reprised this role in the film’s subsequent sequels.

Television Profession

After her tenure on “The Facts of Life,” Ringwald appeared in several television films. These included “Packing It In”, “Surviving: A Family in Crisis”, “Women & Men: Stories of Seduction”, and “Something to Live for: The Alison Gertz Story”. In 1994, Ringwald had one of her most prominent appearances on television as Frannie Goldsmith in

“The Stand,” a miniseries based on the eponymous Stephen King novel. The next year, she had another starring role on the ABC comedy series “Townies.” AMC’s “Remember WENN,” the television feature “Twice Upon a Time,” and episodes of “The $treet,” “The Outer Limits,” and “Medium” followed.

After starring in “The Wives He Forgot” and “Molly: An American Girl on the Home Front,” Ringwald joined the cast of “The Secret Life of the American Teenager” on the ABC Family network in 2008. Later, she starred in the Canadian television series “Raising Expectations.”

In 2017, Ringwald began recurring on The CW’s “Riverdale” as the mother of protagonist Archie Andrews. Other television credits include “Tales of the City” on Netflix and the horror anthology “Creepshow” on Shudder.


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Theatrical Profession

On stage, Ringwald has appeared in “How I Learned to Drive,” “tick, tick… BOOM!” and the long-running Broadway revival of “Cabaret,” in which she starred as Sally Bowles. Ringwald began performing in “Enchanted April” in 2003 but departed early owing to her pregnancy. The next year, she performed in “Modern Orthodox” on Broadway with Craig Bierko and Jason Biggs.

What Is Molly Ringwald Doing Up to These Days?

Ringwald continues to perform but has changed his focus to television series roles. She has been on ABC Family’s The Secret Life of the American Teenager and The CW’s Riverdale.

Why Did Molly Ringwald Decide to Stop Acting in Films?

The 53-year-old actor decided to leave Hollywood following a painful experience. During an audition, she was sexually exploited, forcing her to ponder her future in Hollywood.

Married Life of Molly Ringwald

The French novelist Valéry Lameignère wed Ringwald in Bordeaux on July 28, 1999; they divorced in 2002.

In 2007, she married the Greek-American author and editor Panio Gianopoulos. The couple has two children: a 2003-born daughter and 2009-born fraternal boy-and-girl twins.

A major plot element in The Secret Life of the American Teenager was pregnancy. Who Do You Believe You Are? The seventh season episode told her story.


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Molly Ringwald’s Body Dimensions

She is 5 feet 8 inches tall and 62 kg in weight. Her hair is red, and her eyes have a shade of pale brown. The dimensions of her body are 36-28-37 inches. Her bra size is 34B, and her shoe and dress sizes are 8.5 and 10, respectively.

Net Worth of Molly Ringwald

In 2022, Molly Ringwald has a net worth of $12 million, according to multiple sources. Although she has a well-known reputation as the author of two well-known books, her principal source of income is performing. In addition to the popularity that comes with being a household name, she has amassed a fortune from her novel writing.

Early in her career, Molly Ringwald gained prominence as an actor, writer, and singer. Consequently, she became one of the world’s wealthiest individuals and a potent symbol of women’s empowerment.