10 Most Played Mobile Games In The World That You Should Play Too!


Mobile gaming is currently the most popular trend. Several mobile games, including Subway Surfers and Free Fire, are among the most popular in the world. Since 2020, however, we have witnessed the rise and fall of a number of these titles. India has been the epicenter of PUBG Mobile and Garena FF.

Since their ban due to the ongoing India-China tension, however, the situation has taken a dramatic turn. Numerous games, including Ludo King, Among Us, and others, rose to prominence and gained immense popularity.

In the end, everything boils down to those numbers. From the number of global downloads to the number of daily active players, we will consider everything. This is the best way to determine which mobile games are currently the most popular in the world. Now is the time to examine the list!

Mobile Games To Check Out – Honourable Mentions

1. PUBG Mobile

Downloads: 1.3 Billion

Daily Active Players: 30 Million

Region Most Played In China & South Korea

The mere mention of PUBG Mobile evokes a multitude of memories. This game changed everything. PUBG Mobile was the game that made battle royales so internationally popular. Particularly handheld battle royale games.

People still prefer battle royale games over anything else. It is precisely for this reason that the entire gaming community anticipates upcoming battle royale titles such as Call of Duty Warzone Mobile.

Importantly, this game launched the careers of countless talented gamers worldwide. Because of games like this, mobile gaming began to be given equal weight in the eSports world. Due to PUBG Mobile, India has become one of the leading nations on the international eSports stage.

This is precisely why there was a major riot in India when the game was banned. Unfortunately, BGMI’s Indian counterpart suffered the same fate. Hopefully, Indian players will soon witness BGMI’s return.

10 Most Played Mobile Games In The World

2. Candy Crush Saga

Downloads: Over 3.4 Billion

Daily Active Players: Roughly 10 Million

Region Most Played In the United States

Candy Crush Saga requires no introduction whatsoever. Another title that has existed for a decade is this one. What was that? People who began playing the game back then have begun completing it after all these years. This is how addicting the game can become.

Moreover, do not be fooled by this gem fest’s simple user interface. As the game progresses, the sheer difficulty it presents will make you want to uninstall and reinstall it. We cannot get enough Candy Crush Saga, and neither can you!

10 Most Played Mobile Games In The World

3. Ludo King

Downloads: Over 800 Million

Daily Active Players: Approximately 10 Million

Region Most Played In India

During difficult times, when everyone was forced to remain at home, Ludo King rose to prominence. Yes, we are discussing the COVID-19 pandemic that struck in 2020. Already two years have passed, huh? The game was a major lifesaver for spending quality time with friends.

In the same year, the number of Ludo King players skyrocketed from 15 million to a staggering 60 million. As life becomes increasingly hectic once more, perhaps there are fewer players currently. However, the game is still a staple of the mobile gaming community in 2022, with millions of players enjoying it daily.

10 Most Played Mobile Games In The World

4. Pokemon Go

Downloads: Over 1 Billion

Active Players: Around 8 Million

Region Most Played In the United States

Remember when Pokemon Go essentially broke the internet with news of multiple accidents and parental concerns? As a result of the game’s underlying concept, there were a few significant issues. Nevertheless, as the first of its kind at the time, it deservedly made headlines.

The game continues to be one of the most popular mobile games in the United States. The sheer number of players in the region makes it one of the most popular games in the world. You now grasp the concept.

There are numerous explanations for this. The United States has historically been the epicenter of all major Pokemon Go contests and live events. So much is occurring in the United States for the game.

If only the same could be done for other regions, wished the developers. Then, you will likely no longer encounter abandoned and haunted Pokemon Go Gyms in your area.

5. Clash of Clans

Downloads: Around 700 Million

Active Players: 1.87 Million

Region Most Played In the United States

Clash of Clans has been available for as long as we can recall. It is without a doubt one of the games that revolutionized modern mobile strategy gaming. Since its inception in 2012, the game has been extremely popular.

Certainly, the number of players has decreased over the years, but SuperCell continues to make significant modifications to the game. If you previously played Clash of Clans, you will be shocked if you return to the game.

You will likely be overwhelmed and forced to quit the game. Perhaps that is the issue. The content has become far too complicated for returning players seeking a sense of nostalgia. Despite this, the game is still incredible and one of the most popular mobile games in the world for several reasons.

Most Played Mobile Games In The World

1. Garena Free Fire

Downloads: Over 1 Billion

Daily Active Players: Around 150 Million

Region Most Played In: Indonesia and Brazil

When playing a mobile game, especially a battle royale, lags are undesirable. You don’t want to experience horrible frame drops or excessively high system requirements. These problems are prevalent among players using entry-level or mid-range devices.

The fact that Garena Free Fire did not require you to have a flagship smartphone is what makes it so remarkable. It is easily playable on a gaming mobile phone costing less than Rs. 15,000 In addition, the game does not require super-precise aiming, as the aiming is easier than in games such as Call of Duty Mobile and BGMI.

2. Roblox

Downloads: Nearly 383 Million

Daily Active Players: Roughly 56.7 Million

Region Most Played In the United States and Canada

Roblox is comparable to Minecraft for children aged 5 to 12 years old. Both adolescents and adults play it. It is, however, the most popular among children, and for good reason. Roblox is a game that enables the creation of additional games. You can create and publish games for other players.

This automatically permits a child’s creativity to flourish. In addition, this is an excellent game for parents to play with their children on an unusual day off to spend quality time together. Roblox is incredibly entertaining, and we won’t lie: we were addicted for a time. You should also try it!

3. Subway Surfers

Downloads: Over 3 Billion

Daily Active Users: 32 million

Region Most Played In India

As soon as you saw Subway Surfers pop up, you’ve probably already heard the theme song in your head. Don’t worry, everything is fine. We also hear it! This is such an excellent game. After Temple Run, this was the game that was on the phones of every person, gamer or not.

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This is not intended for hard-core gamers. It is intended for you to spend countless hours trying to beat your friends’ leaderboard scores. Because this game is always enjoyable, it is one of the most popular mobile games in the world.

It is commendable that the developers continue to release updates and new playable locations. This makes the game appear different each time it is played. Kiloo and SYBO deserve praise for bestowing us with this simple masterpiece.

4. Stumble Guys

Downloads: 265 Million

Region Most Played In 30 Million

Most Popular Country: UK

If you’ve played Fall Guys on PC, you’ll enjoy Stumble Guys immensely. Essentially, it is the same, but on a mobile phone. With enhanced mobile-optimized graphics and a massive 30-player lobby, this game can provide all the entertainment you require.

Join a Discord channel, add friends, and then play this game. We guarantee that you will likely share some of the funniest moments in history. Recently, the game has exploded in popularity in the United Kingdom and the United States.

It appears that this is only the beginning of the Stumble Guys’ success. It is no surprise that this is one of the most popular mobile games in the world, as it was only released a year ago.

5. Among Us

Downloads: 530 Million

Daily Active Players: Around 15 Million

Region Most Played In the United States

Among Us is a notoriously popular game that utilizes fundamental psychological principles. Thus, it can become extremely toxic very quickly. We have had a sufficient amount of experience. Let’s not discuss that. However, this is not your average mobile game. Let’s first establish that.

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The game’s darkness is somewhat concealed by the game’s funky, upbeat visuals. And this is precisely what makes it such a fun and popular game to this day. Another game that broke the internet during the COVID-19 crisis is this one. However, the game’s player base never diminished significantly. It remains one of the most popular mobile games worldwide!


Whether you are a casual or a serious gamer, you will find something of interest here. There is a reason why these are some of the most popular mobile games in the world.

The respective developers have spent years perfecting the gameplay and content of these games. Subway Surfers continues to add new locations for players to explore.

Garena Free Fire and PUBG Mobile continue to provide their players with new content on a monthly and weekly basis, respectively. Mobile gaming cannot be stopped.

Mobile games will continue to dominate, and this list will be updated with each significant development in the industry. Therefore, stay tuned!

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