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Most Popular Game Characters: Who is the Most Famous Game Character?


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Since the beginning, video games have changed a lot as a medium. They combine playing with a story in a way that other forms of media can’t even begin to understand.

Because of this, video games have a natural tendency to make characters that are iconic and easy to remember. Stories like movies and TV shows have to find a way for the audience to connect with the main characters.

Video games, on the other hand, can make these amazing characters feel like part of the audience because the audience has to play as them.

1) Mario (Super Mario Bros.)

Image Source: Nintendo

If you like video games, you don’t have to be a fan to know who is the best. The story of how Mario went from being an unnamed character in Donkey Kong to being the face of an entire industry is very interesting.

Even more astounding is the fact that his supporting cast is sufficient to fill a full squad. In addition to the games in which Mario is the protagonist, he has also created a variety of sports and party games. It is unknown how much longer Mario has to live, but if Nintendo has its way, he will live forever.

2) Sonic The Hedgehog

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In the early stages of the console wars, two characters stood out above all others. A particular plumber symbolized Nintendo, whereas a swift hedgehog represented Sega. Clearly, the victor of that duel was not Sonic, but it doesn’t mean he doesn’t deserve the number two spot.

Unlike Mario and other characters, Sonic’s appeal extends beyond the games in which he appears. He has been in multiple successful animated series and a film franchise that shows no signs of slowing down. Also, while new games are always being released, it does not appear like Sonic’s best years are behind him.

3) Pikachu (Pokémon)

Image Source:

Pikachu’s prominence as the face of the Pokémon series has more to do with the anime than with the video game. At this time, though, the two brands have melded so seamlessly that they have become a single, unstoppable entity.

In an universe with time-traveling aliens and huge bird gods, it is odd that the most popular character is an adorable electric mouse. Pikachu’s popularity is further evidenced by the fact that Pokémon has become so popular in various mediums, not just video games.

4) Link (The Legend of Zelda)

Image Source:

The Legend of Zelda franchise should not be as successful as it is by all indications. Link’s image as a video game character has endured the test of time despite the fact that the games are long and quest-based, which can be fairly monotonous.

This is likely due to the fact that many gamers are also fantasy fanatics. The Legend of Zelda has done an incredible job of reviving this feeling with each installment.

As a character, Link’s name has not gained as much popularity as his image, which is perhaps why it is so amusing when he is frequently mistaken for the series’ namesake.

5) Pac-Man

Pac-Man and Ms. Pac-Man attained a popularity for two key reasons, in addition to being a very early arcade game that became wildly famous. First, their relatively simplistic appearance made them appealing, but their gameplay also contributed to their popularity.

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Pac-Man games were straightforward to comprehend and perform. They were yellow circles that consumed dots and fled from spirits. In a world where video games have a tendency to be overly complex, simplifying things to appeal to both adults and children was a winning strategy.

6) Mega Man

Image Source:

Mega Man is one of the rare games to faithfully adhere to a winning formula. The series continues to thrive by embracing traditional aesthetics, stages, and boss battles, as well as some of the most known difficulty curves in video games.

This is in addition to the fact that Mega Man as a character has expanded into various mediums. Even non-gamers are familiar with Mega Man due to comics and animated television series that have pushed the character well beyond the realm of video games.

7) Doom Guy/The Slayer (Doom)

Doom was yet another video game that altered the industry. Even more astounding is that it did it with a mainly quiet protagonist who had any personality, save for his uncanny ability to rip and shred the legions of hell.

The cover art of Doom was essential in marketing the concept of a stoic and courageous soldier battling demons on another planet. Over the years, the Doom franchise has evolved, shifted, and extended, but the picture of its protagonist confronting a horde of creatures has not.

8) Scorpion (Mortal Kombat)

Image Source:

Mortal Kombat initially generated quite a stir in popular culture. Few people had seen a game so brutal before, and the principal ninjas of the genre, Scorpion and Sub-Zero, led the series.

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It is disputed who of the two came to embody Mortal Kombat better, although Scorpion has a little edge over his frigid opponent. His white eyes and “come over here” catchphrase have resonated with fans for decades, making him one of the franchise’s most popular characters to date.

9) The Master Chief (Halo)

Image Source:

Master Chief, like Solid Snake, is also a soldier. However, he lives in an entire science fiction realm, which allows him to be the badass that he is. Master Chief was the only survivor of an entire alien force in the original Halo game, which captivated Halo players from the very beginning.

Considering how much Halo has evolved over the years, it’s not surprising that Master Chief’s simplistic yet iconic look resonates so strongly. In addition, Halo’s release coincided with the emergence of internet gaming and esports.

All of these factors conspired to create the perfect storm that led to Master Chief’s tremendous popularity.

10) Solid Snake (Metal Gear Solid)

Image Source:

Like the majority of video game characters who debuted on previous consoles, Solid Snake had to wait until his graphics improved to stand out. When he did, he came to define a generation of stealth video games that continues to dominate its category.

In contrast to numerous fantasy games with weird and bizarre characters, Solid Snake excelled by simply being a soldier. However, the world of Metal Gear Solid was filled with fantasy and the supernatural, so the idea that this basic soldier can not only survive but thrive in such a wild and insane setting makes him a dream for video game gamers.

Who is the Most Famous Game Character?

Mario is by far the most famous character ever made for a video game. Mario is the only character that has spawned so many successful spin-offs, like Mario Kart, Yoshi, and Mario Party. Without Mario, the video game business would not be the same as it is now.

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