Top 10 Most Watched Games on Twitch!


Most Watched Games on TwitchNow that 2022 is over, we can look at the final numbers for the most-watched games on Twitch for the whole year. We have a list of the games that ruled the year, from Valorant’s continued growth to the continued popularity of GTA, League of Legends, and Fortnite.

In 2022, Twitch was led by a small number of very popular games, just like in years past. With billions of hours of watching time, giants in esports, general gaming, and entertainment all kept fans interested once again.

Whether you’re a regular Twitch viewer or just a casual fan of competitive events, you almost certainly watched a few streams from a variety of categories this year. But which games have lasted and kept people’s attention over the past year?

1:- League of Legends

The last game on the list is Riot’s famous MOBA League of Legends, which had a crazy year. With 1,499,478,263 hours watched on Twitch in 2022, it served as the single most-seen title on the platform throughout the year, climbing from its third-place finish in 2021 to take the crown.

Most Watched Games on Twitch

2:- Grand Theft Auto V

Since role-playing games were still as popular as ever in 2022, GTA 5 continued to be the most-watched game on Twitch. For another year in a row, it was the second most-watched game on the streaming platform. Over the past year, fans watched a total of 1,336,292,674 hours of GTA 5 content on Twitch.

Most Watched Games on Twitch

3:- Valorant

Riot’s tactical shooter beat out the other FPS games again in 2022 to become the third most-watched game on Twitch. It was one of only three games watched for more than a billion hours in the past year, with a total of 1,106,987,262 hours.

Most Watched Games on Twitch

4:- Counter-Strike: Global Offensive

2022 was another year in which CSGO was very popular. Over the past year, the classic shooter was once again a big hit on Twitch. With 673,892,116 hours of watch time, it was the fourth most popular game on the platform.

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Most Watched Games on Twitch

5:- Apex Legends

At the halfway point is Apex Legends. In 2022, Respawn’s own Battle Royale game reached new heights and became the most popular of its kind on Twitch. With 631,929,500 hours watched, it was better than its competitors over the past year.

Most Watched Games on Twitch

6:- Fortnite

Another Battle Royale makes the list since Fortnite was still a very popular game to watch in 2022. Even though it dropped from fourth place in 2021 to fifth place in 2022, fans still watched the game for a total of 585,300,670 hours.


7:- Minecraft

Even though it has been out for more than a decade, Minecraft is still a huge deal in the streaming industry. It was the seventh most watched game on Twitch in 2022, with a total of 521,336,157 hours watched.

Most Watched Games on Twitch

8:- Dota 2

Dota 2 was again a huge thing on Twitch in 2022, with almost the same number of viewers as the year before. It was the eighth most-watched game on the platform last year, with 507,078,594 hours watched.

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Most Watched Games on Twitch

9:- Call of Duty: Warzone

Call of Duty’s battle royale still made it into the top 10 in 2022, mostly because Warzone 2 and its new Al Mazrah map came out. However, the total watch time has dropped to less than half of what it was in 2021 when the game was in seventh place. Over the past year, fans of Call of Duty watched a total of 398,747,729 Warzone streams on Twitch.

Most Watched Games on Twitch

10:- World of Warcraft

This year, Blizzard’s popular MMO World of Warcraft made it into the top 10 for the first time. The Dragonflight expansion, which added new content to the original game, helped the game reach a whopping 343,876,361 hours watched on Twitch.

Most Watched Games on Twitch

That’s all there is to say about the most-watched games on Twitch in 2022. Are there any names that you didn’t expect? Did you expect any games that didn’t make the cut?

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