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Norman Reedus’s Net Worth: Norman Reedus Gets Honored With a Star


norman reedus net worth

Recently, the American actor and model Norman Reedus reached a significant career milestone. A star was awarded to him on the Hollywood Walk of Fame. Recently, the Walking Dead star was joined by his adored mother and wife, Daina Kruger. It is a certainty that his family and friends cherished the occasion. Continue scrolling to learn more about Norman Reedus, his wealth, etc.

Norman Reedus’s Net Worth And Salary

As of 2022, the American actor Norman Reedus, best known for his role on the hit AMC television series “The Walking Dead,” has a net worth of $25 million. Reedus was reportedly paid a staggering $650,000 per episode, which is no laughing matter.

Reedus is in fact one of the wealthy celebrities present today. His popular reality television show “Ride With Norman Reedus” has also contributed significantly to his net worth.

Since his breakthrough role as Daryl Dixon aired, people have adored him. Although he is not among the top five stars, many consider Norman Reedus to be the most talented. And now, as he has become the talk of the town due to his “Walk of Fame” honors, there has been a great deal of interest in Norman Reedus’ wealth. Therefore, we have collected the information.

Reedus is also skilled at painting, sculpture, video games, and photography, in addition to acting. These activities have had a significant impact on his wealth. First and foremost, there are The Boondock Saints, Mimic, Ride with Norman Reedus, and The Walking Dead.

Reedus, a man of many talents, is also a renowned model who has modeled for various aristocratic fashion houses, including the famed Prada. In addition to having appeared in a number of music videos, his artwork is displayed in a number of art galleries.

norman reedus net worth

Norman Reedus Early Life

On January 6, 1969, Norman Redus was born in Hollywood, Florida. He has English, Scottish, Irish, and Italian ancestry. When he was younger, he attended Bethany College in Kansas for one semester. Reedus was formerly employed by a Harley-Davidson dealership in Venice, California.

He was a prolific painter, sculptor, photographer, and video artist while residing there.

The play “Maps for Drowners” was Norman Reedus’ acting debut. It was performed at the Tiffany Theater on Sunset Boulevard. During a party in Los Angeles, he received an offer to play a specific role in the play.

Normal Reedu Career

Reedus is renowned for his role in the wildly popular AMC horror series “The Walking Dead,” which is known to anyone who is not living under a rock. Other films and television shows, such as “Red Canyon,” in which he starred alongside Giovanni Rodriguez, the original and sequels of “The Boondock Saints,” his role as Jeremy in “Mimic,” and his cameo in “Charmed,” have also contributed to his enduring reputation.

“Hello, Herman” is one of Norman Reedus’s most successful films. The film was eventually made available across the nation.

The modeling tycoon has collaborated with renowned brands such as Levi’s, Lexus, Prada, Alessandro Dell’ Acqua, Durban, and Morgenthal Frederics. Reedus has also joined in a campaign that urged cosmetics manufacturers to avoid using animals. In addition to acting and modeling, he has appeared in numerous music videos, including Radiohead’s Fake Plastic and Keith Richards’ Wicked.

Reedus collaborated with Lady Gaga in her music video titled “Judas” and Hilary Duff for his song “Gypsy Woman” after gaining prominence as an actor. Art galleries in Berlin, Frankfurt, and New York display a selection of Norman’s artworks.

Reedus released a book in 2013. Even in the midst of the chaos, he has not abandoned his passion for video games and photography.

Norman Reedus’s Personal Life

Reedus was in a committed relationship with supermodel Helena Christensen from 1998 to 2003. In spite of rumors to the contrary, the couple did not tie the knot. However, they have a 1999-born son together. They have successfully maintained a healthy co-parenting arrangement.

In Germany in February 2005, Reedus was involved in an accident that resulted in a head injury. The accident was so tragic that he needed four screws to reconstruct his nose. Moreover, titanium was used to reconstruct his left eye socket.

In 2016, Norman Reedus wed Diane Kruger, whom he met while filming Sky in 2015. Shortly thereafter, the two were spotted dating, and in November 2018, Reedus and Kruger welcomed a daughter, Reedus’ second child and Kruger’s first.

Norman Reedus Gets Honored With A Star

Reedus was awarded a star on the Hollywood Walk of Fame on November 8, 2022. On the special occasion, he was joined by his wife, Diane, his mother, and his son Mingus Reedus, whom he had with his ex-wife Helena Christensen.

The plaque of Norman Reedus was placed right next to the star of George A. Romero, who was renowned for directing such popular horror films as Dawn of the Dead (1978) and Night of the Living Dead (1968). Norman wore a black suit with wide-legged pants to the event.

He nailed the ensemble with a striped necktie and black shoes. His son Mingus, who appeared noticeably taller than his father, wore a similar outfit.

norman reedus net worth

Norman Reedus Salary

In 2017, he was paid $650,000 per episode of The Walking Dead. In 2019, his salary per episode had increased to $1 million.

AMC ordered the series “Ride with Norman Reedus” in 2015. The show is a travel series in which Reedus and various guests ride motorcycles across the United States. They investigate the local biker culture in various cities and locations. The show has aired for four seasons as of April 2020 and was renewed for a fifth season in December 2019.

Other Projects

Reedus has had a prosperous career as a model, having modeled for Prada, Alessandro Dell’Acqua, Durban, Levi’s, Lexus, and Morgenthal Fredrics. During the mid-1990s, he also appeared in numerous music videos, such as “Wicked As It Seems” by Keith Richards, “Violently Happy” by Bjork, “Flat Top” by Goo Goo Dolls, “Strange Currencies” by R.E.M., and “Fake Plastic Trees” by Radiohead.

He has continued to appear in music videos, including “Judas” by Lady Gaga, “Gypsy Woman” by Hilary Duff, and “No Cities to Love” by Sleater-Kinney, since becoming a successful actor.

In 2013, Reedus also published the photography book The Sun’s Coming Up… Like a Big Bald Head. He also operates the film production business Bigbaldhead, situated in New York.

Norman Reedus Real Estate

Reportedly, Reedus has acquired a number of mansions in the United States. In 2013, he spent $3.8 million on a penthouse in New York City. Two years later, he purchased a home in upstate New York for an additional $3 million. Following his marriage to Diane, they purchased a townhouse in the West Village of New York City for $11.75.

In early 2020, the couple purchased a new home in the Hollywood Hills of Los Angeles for $8.5 million.