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Ohio State vs. Utah Score: Live, College Football Scores, Rose Bowl 2022 Updates, Highlights

No. 11 Utah Rose Bowl No. 6 Ohio State is leading at 38-31, which is wild and entertaining in a way that any individual – fair or otherwise – can expect. Both teams went into the second quarter as they traded hackers, which departed from the first quarter.

With Utah leading 14-0 and the state of Ohio looking like it wants to be anywhere else, it seemed like we were going for a surprise blow. Suddenly the energy changed.

Ohio State took the risk in the fourth and 1st by throwing deep, and CJ Strut teamed up with Marvin Harrison Jr. for a 25-yard touchdown run, setting the stage for an insane second quarter. Yuts responded with another long touchdown drive and went up by two points, then came three touchdowns in 30 seconds. After Strat Jackson beat Smith-Najikba to a 50-yard touchdown pass, Utah’s Britain Cowie returned to the kickoff 97 yards for a touchdown. Seconds later, Strott struck out Smith-Njigba again for another long score.

If that wasn’t enough, Utah QB Game Rising turned a broken game into a 62-yard touchdown run, lifting Utes 35-21 in a dangerous fourth and 1 end. Then, the strangest thing of all happened: no one scored in the final 6 minutes of the first half.

The Yuts outscored the Buckeyes 10-3, but were still one touchdown behind by the start of the fourth quarter. Keep it locked here throughout the Rose Bowl game as it updates scores, analysis and highlights from the CBS Sports kickoff to the final whistle.

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