Because of Tiktok, You Will Need to Wash Your Eyes if You Search for “Old Grannies.”


old grannies

TikTok trends are typically humorous, dancing, or cheerful. Unfortunately, not all of them have the same attraction, and “Old Grannies” is particularly unsettling. Someone, for whatever reason, felt it would be amusing to persuade others to search the term online and is likely giggling at their reactions.

If you Google “old grandmothers,” avoid the Images page at all costs. There you will find X-rated material involving elder women. This has piqued the interest of TikTok users, and many of them are creating films to warn others about the dangers that lie ahead. However, others have created memes around it. Here are the top examples.

When the Entire Trend Catches You by Surprise.

Let’s make it abundantly clear that no one is being judged for appreciating older ladies. But when such graphic stuff is unexpected, it can be difficult to process. You cannot go back in time, so you will have to make do with wishing you could stop feeling your emotions You

Purchase Toothpaste for Your Eyes?

Because you would undoubtedly require some after searching for “Old Grannies” online. This SpongeBob meme gives you the tools you’ll need for the job, including a double-headed toothbrush and toothpaste with two holes for ease and efficiency.

You Must Now Wipe Your Eyes

If you searched for “Old Grannies,” you may wish to immediately cleanse your eyes. However, it would likely be more effective to remove them and at least rinse them under water.

This Couples Court Screenshot Never Gets Old.

During this legendary episode of Couples Court, the lady depicted lied about having an affair with her partner. This is the expression she made when the court was provided with irrefutable evidence of her extramarital actions. The shock and fear must be equivalent to the feeling of seeing naked older women by surprise.

When You Don’t Want to Be Permanently Traumatised Alone.

Not everyone is attempting to prevent others from viewing X-rated material. In fact, many individuals attempt to persuade or deceive individuals into Googling these photos so they don’t have to deal with it alone.

This is the Consequence of Not Listening.

This individual’s cousin advised them not to Google “Old Grannies.” What did they do anyway? Occasionally, you must bear the repercussions of your conduct.

If Only Time Travel Were Possible!

We’ve already explained that time travel is impossible after committing this error, regardless of how badly you want to try it after viewing those photos. But perhaps we can quickly join the Doctor Who realm and adopt some of its technologies.

Homer Simpson Had the Correct Thought.

Who needs to see when you’ve already experienced the TikTok phenomenon? Homer Simpson may have had the correct idea when he poured bleach into his eyes in this episode, and he could have done it again if he had looked up “Old Grannies.”

Someone call 9-1-1

When you feel compelled to call the police as a result, you know the situation is dire. Unexpectedly seeing X-rated material is essentially a crime against your eyes, so it makes sense.

When you feel compelled to call the police in response to a situation, you know it’s dire. It seems logical that unanticipated exposure to X-rated material is essentially a crime against the sight.