Justen Davila


Justen Davila is the published author of a poetry collection in 2016, working on his second; including The Writers Room. He lives in Central Florida with “the wife,” & “the dog,” and he frequently muses about his affection for Orlando Magic Basketball. His upcoming release, Human Minds Spark Fires, is the second book in his poetry collection series.

Twitter: @Jay_thewriter
Email: Justen@Thezonebb.com


Elise Clyburn


A “basketball fanatic” in her own words, Elise Clyburn brings not only a wealth of knowledge but excitement when it come to basketball. She played 4 years of college basketball and coaches 5 years at the collegiate level. Elise understands the different levels of being a player, coach, fan and the behind the scenes that goes into basketball. Elise now brings her unique background of the sport and will now deep dive into the ins and outs of Orlando Magic basketball.

Twitter: @360theCulture
Email: EliseC@Thezonebb.com