Is There Going to Be a Seventh Season of Outlander? When Does It Happen?


Outlander Season 7

Through its #TakeTheLead initiative, Starz is dedicated to investing in unapologetically bold premium storytelling that amplifies diverse perspectives and shines a spotlight on women in front of and behind the camera. Christina Davis, President of Original Programming for Starz, made the announcement.

“The blockbuster television series ‘Outlander’ represents everything about our program, including a strong female lead character and an incredible team of storytellers,” said the initiative’s founder. The exploits of Claire and Jamie in America during the Revolution, as well as additional time travel, are anticipated to be included in the upcoming season.”

“We are overjoyed that Starz has granted us the opportunity to continue the epic ‘Outlander’ journey,” Roberts expressed delight.

Season 7 Will Include 16 Episodes

As a result of the epidemic, Outlander’s sixth season was cut to five episodes. Fans, on the other hand, should not be concerned. In order to make up for this “Droughtlander” episode, Starz has planned an extended season seven that would have sixteen episodes.

“We are looking forward to getting into the editing room and working on bringing the viewers one step closer to reconnecting with the family back on Fraser’s Ridge,” said Matthew B. Roberts, the showrunner of Outlander.

Filming in 2021 posed an extraordinary set of problems, prompting us to make the choice to shorten the season in order to provide fans with the most lively and energetic season possible as quickly as feasible,” the studio said. Dinna fash, we will then film an extended season seven with 16 episodes next year as life begins to return to routine,” says the producer.

In an interview with Entertainment Tonight, executive producer Maril Davis went so far as to describe the upcoming season as “supersized.”

Outlander Season 7

Production Will Commence as Soon as Possible

According to Deadline, “production on the seventh season of Outlander will begin shortly.” Additionally, according to the newspaper, fans might witness the launch of the seventh season excepted on  “04 Nov 2022.

In an interview with Watch What Happens Live on March 10, actor Sam Heughan said that the show’s seventh season is “about to go back and film.”

Season 7 Will Be Based on the Novel Echo in the Bone

There will be “a thrilling story to tell for another season,” he added.

The following is an excerpt from Diana Gabaldon’s website, where she describes the plot:

American, British and Canadian cities are included in the story’s plot. A picture of a caltrop on the book’s cover matches the book’s overall form: a tome.

As a child’s toy, it has sharp points that the Romans used to fend off large elephants, and the Highway Patrol uses them to halt fleeing criminals in automobiles today. Jamie and Claire, Roger and Brianna (and their families), Lord John and William, and Young Ian all collide in the American Revolutionary War nexus, and all of them have sharp edges. This book has four main plot lines:

Outlander Season 7 Cast

Among those returning to their roles are Caitriona Balfe, Sam Heughan, Sophie Skelton, and Richard Rankin (Brianna Randall and Roger Wakefield, respectively).

Balfe Wants to Direct the Programme

Although it is unclear whether or not this would be achievable in season seven. This is something I’ve said on the podcast that I’d want to try out. Vanity Fair said that she felt her message was falling on deaf ears.

Outlander Season 7

Her words continued, “It would’ve been the ideal opportunity for me in a really safe environment.” “I’m quite friendly with all of our camera crew, and they’re always talking about what lens they’re using and what frame they’re shooting in, and they’re always willing to provide me with as much information as I need.” It’s a pity, but it’s beyond my control.”

Outlander Season 7 Release Date

For the time being, there is no official launch date for Outlander season 7. After being cut down to just eight episodes for the sixth season, showrunner Matthew B. Roberts has stated that season seven would be “supersized” in order to make up for any time that was missed during season 6.

As Roberts stated in a statement last year, “filming in 2021 has provided an unusual set of problems.” Because of these difficulties, “we made the choice to abbreviate the season in order to deliver to the fans the most vivid and energetic season as quickly as possible… Next, we’ll film an extended season seven with 16 episodes the following year, when life begins to return to normal.”

Season 7 of Outlander will begin filming this year in Scotland, with a launch date of November 4, 2022, tentatively set for the show.

Season 7 of Outlander Is Already in the Works

Maril Davis, the executive producer of the series, commented about the series’ future ambitions during the Television Critics Association press tour in January 2019.

According to Davis, “we’ll keep manufacturing this until Claire and Jamie are a hundred years old.” “To be quite honest, we will. There are still a lot of books left to read. As for us, we’re willing to continue if Starz and Sony agree, and if the actors agree, we’ll keep going.”

Additionally, Starz CEO Jeffrey Hirsch mentioned the prospect of separation of the network. “We believe there is a lot of potential in the ‘Outlander’ world for narrative extensions, spinoffs, and sequels,” said the production team. “It’s something we’re continuing to discuss with our Sony partners,” he added.

The possibility of a spinoff series that follows Lord John Grey and is based on Diana Gabaldon’s novellas about the character has been suggested in previous years by fans. Hirsch, on the other hand, was purposely evasive when questioned about the possibility of a Lord John television series.

“We continue to have regular discussions regarding the development of the storyline surrounding Outlander. It’s something we’re aware of, to be honest “he said to EW. “We want to continue to provide that audience with the tales that we believe are the most compelling.”

Ronald Moore, the show’s creator, stated in early 2021 that he was “quite positive” about the show’s seventh season. The actor, who just signed a new deal with Disney, said that “conversations [were] beginning on both season seven and a spinoff,” according to Moore in an interview about his new agreement.

“On both of those fronts, I believe we will receive encouraging news soon, and I am therefore confident about the outcome of the situation. I agree that it would have been nice to have it happen sooner rather than later, but everything occurs for a reason and in its own time. I believe that both of those things are likely to occur, and I am hoping that we will be able to say something about them before too long.”