Ozark Season 4 Part 2 on Netflix: Is Ben Coming Back for Ozark Season 4 Part 2?


ozark season 4 part 2

Ozark’s final episodes premiere in less than a week, and naturally, fans of the crime drama are already speculating on how it will conclude. The award-winning show has delivered numerous twists and turns throughout the seasons, and we’re confident that season 4 part 2 will not disappoint. We’re anticipating a big final seven episodes for Ruth Langmore (Julia Garner), who has a big target on her back. But what about the rest of the cast? What kind of shocks might we anticipate from them?

However, astute fans believe they’ve uncovered a significant surprise for Ozark season 4 part 2, with many guessing about the reappearance of Wendy Byrde’s (Laura Linney) brother Ben Davis (Tom Pelphrey). Of course, the issue remains as to how that is conceivable given his assassination in season 3. We even see Ben’s ashes in season 4 part 2, however, they could be from someone else.

The Cast of Ozark Poses at the Season 4 Part 2 Premiere.

The reason people believe Ben will return is because the actor who portrays him was spotted at the Ozark season 4 part 2 premiere this week, posing on the red carpet alongside his co-stars. Though this does not prove anything, users on Twitter noticed it could be a hint as to his whereabouts. Below are a few images from the big night!

Fans have been sharing and reacting to the premiere photographs on Twitter, with one user saying, “tom Pelphrey at the Ozark premiere clear the searches ben alive,” and another responding to our tweet with, “Ben is ALIVE??? I hope so!!! #Ozark.” Fans on Facebook are also speculating about the possibilities.

Ozark Season 4 Part 2 Cast

Numerous known figures will return in season 4 part 2, while some… will not. Sheriff John Nix (Robert C. Treveiler), Frank Cosgrove Sr. (John Bedford Lloyd), Darlene Snell (Lisa Emery), and Wyatt Langmore all perished in Part 1. (Charlie Tahan).

In terms of survivors, the majority of the major players remain on the board. Jason Bateman will reprise his role as Marty Byrde, Laura Linney will reprise her role as Wendy Byrde, and their children Charlotte and Jonah will also return, played by Sofia Hublitz and Skylar Gaertner, respectively.

Tensions between Julia Garner’s Ruth Langmore and the Byrdes are at an all-time high following her cousin Wyatt’s death, and she still has a significant role to play in her vendetta against the cartel. Despite their history, she may consider Joseph Sikora’s Frank Cosgrove Jr. as an ally, and we’re sure to see him again.

Special Agent Maya Miller of Jessica Frances Dukes appears to have some unfinished business as well, following the arrest of Felix Solis’ Omar Navarro.

Regarding the cartel members, Navarro is currently incarcerated, while his nephew Javier Elizonndro (Alfonso Herrera) is in control of the entire operation and has even negotiated a deal with the FBI. Bruno Bichir’s priest, who played Navarro, also survived the season. Herrera and Solis are both series regulars in Season 4, while Bichir has a recurring role, which means they’ll all be back for Part 2.

As for the remainder of this season’s newcomers, series regular Adam Rothenberg’s private investigator Mel Sattam appears to have pieced together the connection between the cartel and the Byrdes – and reached out to Maya – so he is also expected to return. C.C. Castillo joined the season 4 cast in a recurring role, and Sheriff Nix is not returning, which means Sheriff Leigh Guerrero will likely be around for the foreseeable future. The same can be said for Katrina Lenk, who also appears in recurring roles. She portrays Clare Shaw, a member of the cartel who is now an integral component of their operation.

Additionally, Damian Young has been cast as a series regular for season 4, which means we’ll see more Jim Rattelsdorf. He may or may not continue at Byrde’s side, as he does not appear to be at ease with his proximity to the cartel.

We have not yet seen Veronica Falcón in her role as Camilla, Navarro’s sister and Javi’s mother. She is one of two new recurrent guest stars added to the season 4 cast, so look for her in part 2. Ali Stroker, the other guest star, appeared briefly after part 1. She portrays Charles-Ann, a long-time friend of Ruth’s mother, and so will likely assist Ruth in part 2.

Ruth will also appear in a sequence alongside rapper Killer Mike, who will make a guest appearance in season 4. He’ll meet Ruth “at her lowest point,” according to Billboard, which broke the news.

Ozark Season 4 Plot

While plot specifics are few at the moment, it’s easy to guess about what might happen in Ozark season 4 part 2. For one reason, Ruth is almost certain to do something radical in the aftermath of Wyatt’s death, putting her squarely in Javi’s crosshairs.

According to the official season 4 storyline summary, “the new season will conclude the Byrde family’s journey from suburban Chicago to their criminal operation in the Ozarks.”

Additionally, there is an official logline (h/t Collider): “Marty and Wendy defeat Helen and ascend to the pinnacle of Navarro’s empire. They discover another way out of the Ozarks, but certain previous sins refuse to die, and the most terrifying dangers come in the form of blood.”

Additionally, Jason Bateman has provided a brief preview of what to expect: “A colossal season implies colossal troubles for the Byrdes. I’m looking forward to concluding with a bang(s).”

Additionally, he claimed that he is aware of the series’ conclusion, telling Indie Wire: “I am aware of how things will conclude… I was intrigued by the huge topic that [Chris Mundy, showrunner] can address: Are they going to get away with it or will they face consequences? What message is he conveying to the audience about the Byrdes’ actions – or lack thereof?”

He continued: “We had some excellent discussions on that, and he has some excellent suggestions. Specifically, what occurs after the last episode: I am aware, and it is fantastic.”

Ozark’s showrunner, Chris Mundy, stated to Entertainment Weekly about a hypothetical fourth season at the time: “If we are fortunate enough to get a fourth season, I believe it will be about whether Ruth is truly capable of creating something of her own that she desires and is sustainable, or if she desires something else. And I believe it will come down to whether the Byrdes can convert their greatest error into this enormous advantage, and how much karma will catch up with them if they do.”

Part 1 left a slew of loose ends for part 2 to tie up. The most intriguing cliffhanger is what Ruth Langmore will do next. We may expect the two to quarrel after storming out of the Byrde mansion with the information that Javi Elizonndro murdered her relative. Can Ruth survive a showdown with a cartel boss backed by the FBI? However, there is Frank Cosgrove Jr. to consider, who may come to her aid if the two put their differences aside. Ruth was also candid with him about Darlene Snell’s involvement in his father’s murder, which may have pushed Frank even farther into her corner.

“The intensity increases,” Garner told ET Online. “It becomes rather intense. The conclusion of the season [4], the first half, was only the beginning of the intensity that would culminate in that conclusion.”

Concerning Byrdes, the family is disintegrating. Wendy is still reeling after Ben’s death, and Jonah has turned fully against her in the aftermath, remaining loyal to Ruth. He also has no intention of joining the family in Chicago – but that may be irrelevant, given the likelihood of a severe vehicle accident. The flash-forward was never addressed in part 1, implying that it will occur in the future. For the time being, who lives and who dies is a complete mystery.

The cartel will continue to be a serious issue as well. Javi is not a fan of the Byrdes, but his arrangement with the FBI may have pacified him. That could change if Ruth intervenes, and with his mother, Camilla poised to enter the conflict, Javi’s next move is unknown. Additionally, while Navarro may be in jail, he is likely still enraged with Marty and Wendy for breaking their commitment to release him.

Then there’s Mel Sattam, a private investigator who has made contact with Maya Miller — how that develops is anyone’s guess.

Ozark Season 4 Part 2 Trailer

The full-length trailer for Ozark’s fourth season, part two, is now out. Ruth shooting Javi Elizonndro twice in the chest is undoubtedly the most talked-about incident. Is the freshly anointed criminal leader truly dead – and would this be revealed in a trailer? This may be a deception, a dream scenario, or perhaps Javi survives his injuries.

However, for the remainder of the video, it appears as though he is truly dead, and Marty Byrde travels to Mexico in an attempt to restore order. Additionally, we observe the onset of another significant crisis in the Byrdes’ marriage. When Marty expresses sympathy for Ruth, pointing out that her family is no longer alive as a result of their meeting, Wendy responds, “Why do you choose everyone else over your family?”

A teaser trailer was also released before the first trailer. We see Navarro in jail, Javi beaming with happiness, our first glimpse of Veronica Falcón as Navarro’s sister (and Javi’s mother), Camilla… and Ruth pondering a pistol.

Is Ben Coming Back for Ozark Season 4 Part 2?

However, despite his attendance at the premiere, it is highly doubtful that Pelphrey’s character will return for the final season. In 2020, there were whispers that he will return, although I’d classify it as a hopeful hypothesis. With everything else going on for the Byrdes, there’s no need to resuscitate him, and it would undoubtedly influence Ruth’s tale in ways I’m not anticipating. While several series frequently bring back deceased characters, Ozark is not one of them. Ben could make an appearance in a flashback, but we don’t expect the episode to reveal his survival.

Ozark Season 4 Showrunner and Directors

Chris Mundy returns as showrunner for Ozark season 4, and while star Jason Bateman had previously helmed the show’s first two episodes, this will not be possible for Ozark’s swan song.

Due to the pandemic, Bateman stepped out from the director’s chair. He told IndieWire: “As is customary, I was going to direct the first two episodes, but as we looked over the protocols, the guidelines, and all the complications associated with COVID, [and] the producer side of me convinced me that having one of the actors direct the first two is simply not responsible, given that we’re still working on getting our perimeter secure… Because if one of the actors becomes ill, we are all required to return home for several weeks. If one of the crew members becomes ill – while I preserve their wages during their quarantine – we can recruit a substitute. As a result, [directing] the first two [episodes] did not seem prudent.”

Laura Linney will make her directorial debut in the second half of season 4, Deadline reports. She directs episode 11, which is the fourth installment of the second batch.

Ozark Season 4 Part 2 How Many Episodes

seven episodes. All seven episodes of “Ozark” Season 4, Part 2 premiere Friday, April 29 on Netflix.